Freshly salted cucumber with garlic: The most delicious recipes

It is very difficult to find a person who does not like  lightly salted cucumber with garlic. This dish successfully combines the aroma and spicy salty cucumber and pleasant coolness and fresh taste. 
There are two main ways to prepare them: cold and hot, but the variety of recipes is countless, right up to the fact that there is an opportunity to get this amazing snack even from salad long-fruited varieties, This means that the delicacy will be available to us in winter, The only fruits grown in the greenhouse. Green can be stocked in the summer, just by drying the umbrellas of dill and a sheet of horseradish. 
A fresh dill and other greens, as well as the root of horseradish, it is easy to find on the shelves in the winter. The spicy taste of lightly salted cucumbers will remind us of the summer.

Freshly salted cucumber with garlic: The most delicious recipes

Lightly salted cucumber with garlic

Here, for example, for a day you can cook lightly salted cucumbers with garlic and greens using ordinary carbonated drinking water. Of course, therapeutic highly mineralized water in this case is not good. All that we need per kilogram of gherkins is: 
  • carbonated water one liter bottle
  • garlic one head
  • bunch of green dill
  • salt large or marine 60-70 g
Freshly salted cucumber with garlic: The most delicious recipes
The cooking process is very simple, the main thing is that the cucumbers are of good quality: fresh, elastic with small seeds, not overgrown. We wash them carefully, we cut off the tails on both sides. We put in a bowl or other suitable dishes (for example, a container) fruits mixed with chopped dill and peeled garlic cloves, cut in half. Dissolve the salt in the mineral water and pour the solution into the dishes with the mixture. 
The pickle should cover the fruit completely. We cover the container with a lid and send it to the refrigerator for a day. In a day we can enjoy the taste of the dish.
Prepare lightly salted cucumber with garlic fast and without problems you can become a popular way of pickling in a conventional food plastic bag. 
As you can see, even dishes are not needed here. Cucumbers fit any, even rather large - they are simply cut into pieces of arbitrary size. Suitable and long-bodied, if only they were fresh and elastic. Of course, first of all, we will wash the cucumbers well. If the fruits are small - enough to cut off the tips. For a kilogram of prepared fruits, take:
  • a tablespoon with a slide of a large salt (not Extra and not iodized),
  • a few cloves of garlic, cut in an arbitrary way into pieces, 
  • as well as seasoning seasonings: dill, a sheet of currant in the summer, and in winter the pea of ​​black pepper, which can be crushed with a knife to better give flavor, 
  • a couple of laurel leaves or dried greens.
 Freshly salted cucumber with garlic: The most delicious recipes
All of the above put in the package. If it is not too tight, like those designed for packing food in supermarkets, you can take two and insert them one into the other. We tie the neck with a knot and shake the contents well, after that we send the package for a day or even overnight to the fridge, and in the morning we can already eat freshly prepared cucumbers. The taste is wonderful, because they are actually cooked in their own juice.
Moroki with such a recipe is much less than with pickling cucumbers for the winter, but you must also take time to conserve the time to enjoy delicious snacks and salads in the winter. 
 Freshly salted cucumber with garlic: The most delicious recipes

Lightly salted cucumber with garlic and greens

Culinary art does not stand still, but old recipes that have been tested for years are especially appreciated, because, as a rule, they always give an excellent result when they are strictly followed. Let it go lightly salted cucumber with garlic will be ready at a cold way of pickling not in one day, but in three, but their taste will certainly please you. Required products:
  • small cucumbers 650g
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic
  • horseradish couple of leaves and a piece of root
  • fennel of a pair of stems with umbrellas
  • bitter pepper to taste
Freshly salted cucumber with garlic: The most delicious recipes
For pouring on 1 liter of water, take a large salt in the amount of two tablespoons with a small slide. Fruits and greens are washed, we remove the root of the horse radish from the skin, you can cut it into slices. We clean and cut the plates with garlic. There is no doubt that the way of preparation and the composition of ingredients resembles the recipe for pickling for the winter, only in one difference, lightly salted cucumbers will be ready faster and they can be eaten in summer. 
Cucumbers immerse in cold water for a couple of hours for greater crunchiness. Spread in a jar or pan in layers alternately greens with spices and cucumbers. The topmost layer should be horseradish leaves. Boil the water with salt and let the brine cool. Cold pouring poured into a container with cucumbers and leave for 3 days. It is worthwhile to substitute a bowl or a bowl under the container, if it is filled to the top, because during fermentation, the brine can pour over the top. After three days, the cucumbers should be placed in the refrigerator and you can eat them. A small nuance: the amount of salt can vary depending on the size of the fruit. For small, you can take a half spoons. But if you decide to speed up the process and fill the hot brine, then it's fashionable to take on average size not two spoons, but a little less. Having done it once, you will understand how to adjust the recipe to your liking.

Freshly salted cucumber with garlic: The most delicious recipes

Lightly salted cucumber with garlic fast

But to do lightly salted cucumber with garlic and herbs, cooking The process will take a minimum of time. Although some may argue that with the use of acid this will be a pickled product, but if time is short, then this recipe has a right to exist. Per kilogram of cucumbers we will need:
  • large salt one tablespoon dining room
  • sugar tea spoon
  • vegetable unrefined oil one tablespoon dining room
  • vinegar ordinary 9% one tablespoon dining room
  • bitter pepper to taste
  • garlic at the rate of one tooth per cucumber
  • dill greenery a few twigs
Freshly salted cucumber with garlic: The most delicious recipes

Small fruits are used entirely, slightly cutting off the tips. The larger ones will be cut lengthwise or crosswise into quarters or a few plump circles. Prepared cucumbers put in a bag. Take care that he is clean and whole, and it is better to take two to secure, by inserting them one into another. On cucumbers we pour salt, sugar, pour out acetic acid and vegetable oil. Take it to your liking. You can use sunflower or olive, and you can take a less traditional redhead, in general, the one that you like. On top put the shredded greens and finely chopped garlic. After letting out the air, tie up the sachet and mix all the contents. After 10-15 minutes, an excellent snack is ready.
Another thing, cucumbers for the winter, for conservation which must necessarily prepare glass jars, sterilize them and boil iron lids. 

Freshly salted cucumber with garlic: The most delicious recipes

Recipe for lightly salted cucumbers with garlic

If you want to try out a new and unusual recipe for lightly salted cucumbers with garlic, then be sure to take note of the cooking option, which is called "Korean". Such a recipe in the summer will be an excellent snack for the dining table, cucumber slices are crunchy, aromatic and spicy, so they will be enjoyed with pleasure by all members of your family. 
  • half a kilo of fresh cucumber
  • two spoons of soy sauce
  • a couple of large cloves of garlic
  • to taste chili pepper
  • a spoonful of salt with a slide
  • a spoonful of sugar without a roller coaster
  • a tablespoon of sesame seeds
  • three spoons vegetable oil
  • to taste natural vinegar (wine)
Freshly salted cucumber with garlic: The most delicious recipes
In Korean lightly salted cucumbers in a bag of garlic can be prepared, you can use an ordinary glass jar or even a plastic container where you can put all the ingredients and seal the lid tightly. 
Let's start with our main vegetable: the fruits must be thoroughly rinsed, so that there are no particles of dirt left on the skin. By the way, it is necessary to tear the cucumbers from the bushes just before the beginning of the salting so that they are fresh and crispy. Each fruit should be cut into four parts along, and then again across, resulting in eight pieces. 
Prepared vegetable slices should be folded into a large bowl and sprinkled with salt, thoroughly mixed with hands, achieving an even distribution of salt. In this form, vegetables should be left for 20 minutes to secrete the juice. When 20 minutes have passed, this juice must be drained, and instead of it, send to the vegetable slices the amount of soy sauce and vinegar indicated in the recipe, and you can supplement the recipe with chopped pepper or "hellish" home ajika (only one spoonful will be enough). Then we send the shredded garlic, passed through garlic, to the bowl. 

Freshly salted cucumber with garlic: The most delicious recipes
But for the next step we will need a frying pan: in it on high heat it is necessary to warm up the vegetable oil, and then to the oil to send the sesame seeds. Literally in a couple of seconds the sesame seeds will turn rosy, and the oil must be poured hot in the form of vegetables in a bowl. 
It remains only to mix our cucumber slices, so that the spices and sauce are evenly distributed, and put the salad for half an hour in the fridge. Already today you can try such an unsurpassed snack. 
In Korean, you can prepare sharp pickled cucumbers for the winter, but before sealing the salad in glass jars it is necessary to put the seals on sterilization. And one more caution: for such a recipe "in Korean" you can not use a ready-made mixture of spices for carrots, because it contains turmeric. If you add turmeric to turmeric, the pulp will turn yellow, and such a snack can not be called appetizing. 
You can simply submit to the table salted cucumber, recipe with garlic can also be used for making fresh summer salads and snacks. And the simplest option is to finely chop the ray, mix it with cucumber slices and butter with sunflower oil. 

Freshly salted cucumber with garlic: The most delicious recipes

Lightly salted cucumber with garlic and dill

If you can prepare a tasty assortment for the winter, then no one disturbs you and in the summer indulge yourself with a fragrant lightly salted snack of instant cooking. Lightly salted cucumbers with garlic and dill fast with tomatoes - a real find for the hostesses, and if you try this recipe, then immediately fall in love with it. In addition to the already mentioned ingredients, you can vary the snack and other vegetables - sweet and hot pepper, onion. 
  • kilos of small dense tomatoes
  • half a kilo of small cucumbers
  • a couple of sweet pepper pods
  • one pod of burning chili
  • two tablespoons of salt
  • one of granulated sugar
  • bunch of fresh dill
  • one and a half heads of garlic
  • if desired, mustard seeds, sweet pepper and bay leaves
Freshly salted cucumber with garlic: The most delicious recipes
Lightly salted cucumber with garlic and dill we will cook in the package, so you should definitely buy pure polyethylene, necessarily dense, for storing food. 
Vegetables selected for the preparation of a lightly salted assortment must be thoroughly washed with running water, and then left in a colander or put on a clean kitchen towel to remove any excess liquid. If you have chosen large cucumbers, then they must be cut across in half, and necessarily cut off the tips. In small tomatoes (recommended to choose the sort of "Cream", the most suitable for pickling), it is necessary to cut off the tops, so that the fruit quickly salted out. Pods of sweet pepper must be cut into four parts and cleaned of seeds, and chili pods cut into slices. 

Freshly salted cucumber with garlic: The most delicious recipes
All the prepared vegetables should be folded into a bag, shifting the layers with whole dill sprigs, and also send to the package the selected spices - mustard seeds or fragrant pepper. Directly in the package you need to pour out the sugar and salt. As you can see, in this version of salting we do not need to separately prepare brine, and vegetables will be salted in their own juice, so that they will get even more delicious and aromatic. 
You can try the ready-made snack "Assorti" after a day, and you can store ready-made lightly salted vegetables for several weeks in the refrigerator. 

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