New Year’s crafts. Snowman made of paper for 30 minutes. Master class with step-by-step photo

An integral part of the winter and New Year is a snowman. This cheerful snowman always brings joy to children. My daughter and I decided to do it in a fairly simple way.

To make a snowman, we need:

• Three sheets of white A4 paper

• Plain Color Paper

• Corrugated paper in red

• Wadding

• PVA glue

• Scissors

Snowman from paper master class.

New Year's crafts. Snowman made of paper

We take the first sheet of white paper, roll into a roll, glue. The second sheet of paper is cut so that it was 5 cm already. Collapsed into a roll, glued together.

New Year's crafts. Snowman made of paper

New Year's crafts. Snowman made of paper

The third sheet should already be the first by 10 cm (respectively, by 5 cm already the second). We also turn it off and glue together on the same principle. We glue to each other three rolls so that the bottom is the widest, then - the middle, the top - the narrowest. You can already recognize the snowman.

Now take a sheet of brown colored paper, turn it into a tube about 1 cm in diameter, glue it together. These are the hands of a snowman, glue them to the top of the middle roll. From the orange paper, turn off the cone (nose) and glue it to the middle of the top roll. Cut and glue the snowman's eyes and mouth.

New Year's crafts. Snowman made of paper

It remains the most fun - to dress a snowman. We will make clothes of red corrugated paper and cotton wool. From the strip 2 cm wide we make a scarf, just wrapping a strip around the snowman's head. Cut out the mittens (each of the two parts), glue along the contour, make edging of cotton wool, put on the hands of the snowman.

New Year's crafts. Snowman made of paper

In order to make a cap, turn the rectangle from a rectangle, tie it from the top and bend the bottom edge, decorate it with cotton wool, glue it to the head of the snowman (the upper roll). We decorate with snowflakes, we glue the inscription "Happy New Year!". Snowman made of paper Ready! We did it in just 30 minutes. Good luck in your work!

New Year's crafts. Snowman made of paper

New Year's crafts. Snowman made of paper

Author: Lobanova Olga and Novikova Margarita

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