Hello, our dear visitors! We open our next contest! 

 We invite everyone to participate! 

Our contest is called "Dogki yourself: competition with prizes"!  
You need to send any work on needlework, suitable for this topic. And, you have a good opportunity, immediately after publication you will be able to get a certificate.

Competition rules: 

1) Timeline: 01.11. 2017 until 15.03.2018

2) To participate in the competition, work performed in any technique on all topics is allowed.

2.1) The theme should include photos of the work process and a description of its creation, other interesting details. Already published works are not removed from the site and are completely transferred to the administration with preservation of authorship. 
Requirements for competitive works: 

1. Works must be done by yourself. Works allowed in mixed technique are allowed. 
2. Must be at least 5 work photos.
3. Photos of poor quality for the competition are not accepted. Well, I'm sorry, still want to see your work better.
The size of the photo is from 1000 pixels in width, preferably originals. Photos are all sent to the mail separately from the text. You do not need to insert them into Vordov documents)
4. Please do not sign photos by their names, nicknames, etc. 
5. It is allowed to use information from books, magazines, the Internet, and our site, but copying of photographic materials and texts is not allowed. Photographs and descriptions must be carried out by you and not published on other Internet resources. This condition is mandatory for all participants, and its compliance will be strictly controlled. Non-unique works will not participate in the competition! After you send us a job, it remains on the site and can not be changed or deleted.
 6. The age of participants is not limited. If there are a lot of competitive works, we will only be happy!
7. The participation of several people is welcomed.
8. All entries are preliminarily moderated and can be corrected at the discretion of the site administration, but without impairing the quality of the work.
9. Work on the mail sent this way: the text in the Word and then specify - where and what photo, pictures attach to the letter.
10. We place special demands on collective work. Collective work should be voluminous, meaningful and reflecting the participation of all participants. It should be attached photos of crafts of each participant, but at the same time crafts must be not the same, but different. Therefore, if the work is simple or of the same type, it is better to include as an author or one teacher, or one child (otherwise, your collective work for the competition will not be accepted)
11. The competition will take place with at least 20 participants

The order of the competition:

1. The competition is International.
 2. Materials for the competition are accepted by e-mail [email protected] In the subject line of the letter, please indicate: "Dogs with their own hands 2018"
2. All works that meet the conditions of the competition will be published on the site Everyone can express their opinion in the comments to the work.

How to apply for a job:

1. The text description of the work is made in the Word editor.
First, the title of the work should be written. The data of the authors are indicated: a child and a teacher who helps in making crafts. The age of the child must be specified. If this is a teacher's master class, then only the teacher's data.
Next is a detailed textual description of the work itself (master class).
When describing, you can use poems, riddles, interesting stories or stories, taking into account the themes of your master class.
Creative approach in the description of the master class is welcomed.
Not accepted as a master class Presentations and master classes, designed in a tabular form.
2. Your work should contain:
- a detailed textual step-by-step description of the crafting process (all the stages of the manufacture of the hand-made are to be described and shown in the photo, all necessary templates are described, all necessary materials and tools are described) at least 1500 characters or 1 page of the Word!
- photos (at least 5 pieces, if the work is complex, voluminous, then the number of photos should be more than 15 pieces), step by step demonstrating the entire process of manufacturing the work. In addition, it is necessary to provide 2-3 photos of the finished work from different sides (without the participation of children).
3. Photo requirements:
- Photo size: not less than 1000 px. on width (it is better to send originals);
- The photos should be of good quality (photos should be sharp and bright);
- Photographs should not contain any watermarks or signatures.
Just want to warn you that you should not intentionally increase the number of photos, for example, show how you cut the elements with scissors, or hide the salted dough in the refrigerator, etc. The level of your work should be such that you can show all the main stages at least seven a photo. If the work is simple, then it is possible in one master class to show the production of several crafts (appliqués, postcards ....), made in one technique or one topic.

What should be the master class?

1. Accurate. The photo should only show the process of making the work, no foreign objects, garbage, the surrounding interior ... should not be. Hand show should be used only in extreme cases, while making sure that your hands and hands (nails) of your pupils are clean.
2. The entire manufacturing process should be addressed to the reader and visible in the photo close-up.
3. All photos must be of good quality.
4. The master class should be such that readers can repeat it without problems. That is, there should be enough theoretical description and photographic material in it.
5. In the master class for applications made of paper, plasticine, fabric, templates must be offered, and in such a way that they could be printed.
6. If the work is simple, do not artificially increase the number of photos. Offer readers a process of performing several works (crafts, applications ...) in one master class.
7. Show how you can use your finished work (hand-made).
8. Be sure to offer and show photos of the finished work in different angles. Show a large hand-crafted item from different sides.
9. In the text description of the work, be sure to specify the goal, objectives, purpose and implement them with the help of your master class.
10. The materials sent on the site can not be published anywhere else!
The organizers of the competition reserve the right to reject the work in case the submitted materials do not meet the stated requirements or are of unsatisfactory quality. 

 At the end of the contest, 3 best works will be selected, which will receive prizes from us:

1 place -1000 rub
2 place - 700 rubles
3rd place - 500 rubles
The whole amount can be paid on the PO, WebMoney or phone number)

The winners will be selected by the jury of the site, and announced on March 25))

Yours faithfully, Ekaterina

The participants

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