The composition of beads “Ladies are walking in the park.” Master class with step-by-step photo

I decided to do a gift to mom, he is called: "Ladies are walking in the park."

We take a board, grease with PVA glue and glue woolen threads - we get grass.

a composition from beads

The fountain made of large beads and pasted it with decorative stones. I glue the lawn and begin to install flowerbeds, too, from beads.

a composition from beads

I prepare lantern pillars, trees from bunches, figures of people, a dog, a bench. All this is collected from a large bead, beads and wire. The work itself is not difficult, but it takes a long time to manufacture all the elements.

a composition from beads

Borders lay out a decorative aquarium stone, we slip the path with PVA glue and sprinkle with flour. We prepare all the finished details of the composition on the previously prepared lawn.

a composition from beads
a composition from beads

Here's what I got park in the style of "Retro" in the technique of beading.

Author: Olyzko Julia, 5th grade student

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