& Quot; Gefдllt me ​​& quot; Comment on Facebook lцschen

How to make my positive opinion in "Facebook" under "Gefдllt me" lцschen? That I spoke Facebook "gefдllt me" clicked and mцchte this again did rьckgдngig. Is that possible?

Thank you in advance.

Lb. GrьЯe disease

"not Gefдllt me" click!

You click on your profile on the gray cross right NEBn the ge-like th.

This will only work if it was her own contribution ...

Quote by NaturalThis will only work if it was her own contribution ...No, it's in everything (Ex. Nutella, photo of a friend ...). It's not about the Lцschen a foreign post.

I weiЯ, but what Michael wrote related to the Lцschen.


So you can also un-liken.

OK, I do not wuЯte!

Thank closed for your comment. But I find this "unlike" not at all.
The situation is: I accidentally at another person "Gefдllt me" clicked what I did not want ьberhaupt. These "statement" I like mцchte lцschen again.

I only see" Post, photo, link, video ..." or. "For Home, Profile, Friends",
I am not fit to Facebook.

Thanks again closed for your help.

lb. GrьЯe