Warne strongly against hyaluronidase (Hylase) enzyme treatment

Hello my dears,

gina38 encouraged me to verцffentlichen my experiences here so that others do not fall into the same trap hyaluronidase.

I have before me about 1 1/2 years s.g. can inject under informed about the upper lip with Hyaluronsдure (Juvederm) Raucherfдltchen.
The Dьsseldorfer plastic doctor has, however, injected too much.
It looked as if I was still hдtte the tamponade by the dentist in the mouth ... and so I did not want to leave the ...
So I came a few weeks spдter from a friend to another doctor who injected me then the enzyme Hylase (hyaluronidase).
His experience in this area were probably so daЯ also really auflцst only turned syringe Hyaluronsдure with low dosage.
Great, I thought ... that's the Lцsung!
And as quickly and easily then was also tatsдchlich the PERFECT result.
It looked great !!! Not a single Fдltchen visible and the upper lip seemed totally natьrlich.
So I had gewьnscht me from the beginning, I was thrilled !!!

Til today...
1 1/2 years spдter the remaining Hyaluronsдure (Juverderm) has probably completely aufgelцst and it shows the terrible end result.
My upper lip is totally wrinkled, deep furrows and small dents. The skin has become very dьnn and soft.

I can only WARN EVERY urgently let you in no way squirt Hylase as an antidote!

Although it appears in the short term a great Lцsung, but only in the short term ... now I can watch me halfway again "in order" can bring.

Although I weiЯ not know exactly how, but I very much hope daЯ I'll find something acceptable ...
but I am also very grateful closed for more suggestions flowers reproducing ...:

Thank closed for your interesting but sad report. Gina and I were always against it here, if women wanted to inject this enzyme because Ьberdosierung; However, despite warnings often WITHOUT success.

I'm hoping that through your post (because unfortunately firsthand experience), this flaky "then I let me stop Hyaloronidase splash" done.

LG and all the best

Lдsst you incorporate EF or HS in the fatless by HD regions you now?

Hi Bobbie,

so far I have not let it mend.
I do not dare to treatment with EF. While it hдlt schцn long, is also a great thing if all goes well but the risks are still grцЯer ...
I wьrde me as "burned child" now decide definitely closed for the risk-дrmste method and that is already a Hya.
However, I do not know exactly how I now have a good "under splashes" to find, because for me muЯ quite an "Kцnner" ran, because the conditions are just not ideal. The fabric is now very soft and wrinkled ...
This makes me very sad ...
If someone has a good experience in NRW, I am therefore wьrde huge informed about a tip or happy message!
Until then, I wait further and do not look like in the mirror ..

Love GrьЯe
Happy Sister

hello happy sister,
I'm sorry, what happened to you and I hope that you find a good specialist who can correct again. I drьck you fingers crossed.

Hello happy sister,

I'm very sorry closed for you that you muЯtest experience something like that.
Since I do not understand much of it on the whole, I weiЯ Although no specific advice, but had the idea if it is not mцglich the skin with laser beams "revive"?
The lasers will still touted especially in Fдltchen informed about the upper lip when kцnnte as consult a specialist for advice?
That the skin quasi again "a chance" gets to build new, I mean.

If this is nonsense, sorry, but maybe it's worth Ьberlegung.

love GruЯ

Good morning everyone,

I find that you can not leave so here.
That does not or only slightly cross-linked hyaluronic acid builds up
Natьrlich from within a year by itself. The
So treatment hдtte repeated after 6-12 months
mьssen be to keep that result. The
A single administration of hyaluronidase with their
very short-term effect is really not to blame!

Here are a few posts below about the "short-term effect" of hyaluronidase / Vitrase / Hylase with your consequences that can mean a long-term damage also Kцrpereigener Hyaluronsдure:

So is dry, dьnner skin, dents in the tissue, the skin effect seie aged by 10 years etc spoken, and from the fact that many Дrzte are against the use of the product in general ..

Who mцchte not believe these postings, may turn out to fish informed about Google manigfaltiges wailing informed about the consequences of Hyaluronidasegebrauch yourself ...

Filler / Hyurandase Disaster - New Jersey - hyaluronidase review - Real Self

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The Sun as a small underscore my experience on the subject.

Love GrьЯe,

Dear Mesodoktor,

to understand we all wobvon speak, you inject just a little of hyaluronidase / Vitrase / Hylase at a unauffдlligen point into the tissue. then watch verдndert like your tissues.

If you watch how your skin over nдchsten months dry, sensitive, leathery, дlter looking, merkwьrdig berьhrungsempfindlich, inelastic, is labbe engined, and forms a dent in the fabric, you know what they are talking so much here from personal experience: experience then on own Kцrper the effect how your Kцrpereigene Hyaluronsдure is attacked by hyaluronidase. thus learn a deeper Verstдndnis why many Дrzte informed about hyaluronidase speak as a devil.

And then kцnnen a say from personal experience persцnlicher kцrperlicher, and much better understand women who have this experience under the eyes, lips, or face muЯten ...

This is my opinion on the subject 🙂

Love GrьЯe,

I have to Unterspritzungefдhr the eyebrows on one side an eye ring цdem.
This has become even more striking within a couple weeks 🙁
How long it may take until gone?
Can I say something to someone?
LG Beacky

Show that you get lymphatic drainage of the face to get rid of the Цdem ... Also works by Ganzkцrperlymphdrainage with these Massageanzьgen cellulite 🙂 But must be repeated until the Цdem is gone ...

Love Grьsse,