Miele SpьMa (old) makes the water run in Gerдusch

Good Morning all,

what kцnnte that be?

The Spьlmaschine is 21 years old.
When the water Spьlvorgang schieЯt pure when it is because highly pure noise, a loud-ДДДДHHHHNNNNN Gerдusch (about 20 sec)

We have cleaned everything, what's going to clean up. The rotating arms kцnnen move freely, it sits nothing. Kцnnte there be a certain pump? How much does what? Is it worth that?

The Spьlergebnis is fine! We think drьber according to ignore the Gerдusch not presenting any risk of "Abrauchens " is she anyway lдuft "under the supervision",

What do you wьrdet do? call clear customer service. -Aaaber in some of what is broken (which one?) Is the cost u.U. too high closed for the old Schдtzchen that you kцnnt - perhaps save. The repairs are then determined definitely out, grrrrr.

Request for Ratschlдge!



Hello Margali,

hцrt дhhhhhh reads like FlieЯ- and Zulaufgerдusche of water !? Perhaps it would help if your unscrewing the inlet hose again and the little small sieve cleans: It gather informed about the years dirt and stones from the network and / or sometimes the shutoff valve or angle valve half a turn to and turn back on.

Otherwise, as long as the Spьl result of your Minna true, I wьrde the Gerдusch ignore - but hold only under supervision.

A craftsman will you closed for the on / departure >calculate 60Ђ and then recommend a new purchase, because in this elderly age of 21 () probably are no longer any spare parts ...

Many Grьsse from Bavaria


Well, first Go Back GrьЯe from sunny Kohlenpott!

Thank closed for your answer, we will have to work ...

Quote by rennsemmebecause in this elderly age of 21 () probably are no longer any spare parts ...Rather, I believe that it just even after such a long time closed for Miele Gerдte still gives the E-parts! We have pretty much every Gerдt Miele (well, who are also here in the Nдhe and we know one or the other nьtzlichen employees) and so far we have each broken part if getting SpьMa or vacuum cleaner replaced.

Whether groЯe repairs worth: do not know. It really is always a question of energy / water consumption, processing time etc.

I wьrde in your place, Margali, sometimes directly from Miele Your portray problem.

I wish you success!

So ... 21 years are closed for a SpьMa already an incredible age !! My went to the eternal Jagdgrьnde few days ago after six years because the repair was no longer profitable (was one of Bosch).

That's why I .. wьrde the Gerдusch ignore, rejoice in the machine, they maintain good ... but slowly ever think of the sad farewell ....

In Spьmas there is of me unerklдrlichen Grьnden a maze through which the water must. A plastic block with fine Kanдlen which become clogged before. Those things sit very hidden, you have to take the Spьma apart to get at it. And they are expensive, because with each machine differently.

MAYBE rьhrt the Gerдusch therefore?

Do you use such a machine cleaner regelmдiЯg? also help the kцnnte MAYBE.


Do you use such a machine cleaner regelmдiЯg? also help the kцnnte MAYBE.



Tonight I verkasematuckeln Gдste to Gдnsekeulen. Friend X to the times anhцren and then I'll talk to him by the subject (with your comments, thank you very much).

So far, they lдuft (cross fingers)