Crumb cake – recipes like Oma

This pastry Sunday coffee is a pleasure: In the yeast dough are delicious Williams Christ pear, butter crumble and icing.

Crumb cake - a popular guest at every coffee table

The secret of the perfect crumb cake: of course, the sprinkles! Classically they are made of butter, flour and sugar in a 1: 2: 1. Sometimes the Streuselteig but also refined with other ingredients, flavored with almonds about, with cocoa or marzipan, or with cinnamon or vanilla.

So you can guarantee the perfect Streusel

is hotly debated whether crumb cake tastes best with coarse granules or fine sprinkles. Matter of taste, we say - and tell you how both succeed: For coarse crumble the butter cold and give in denominations of flour and sugar and process the dough with dough hook. Those who prefer sprinkled his crumb cake with fine sprinkles, used melted butter for the crumble and mix the dough with an electric mixer.

Whether coarse or fine, the dough should not be stirred for too long, otherwise the sprinkles are hard. After stirring gradually abbröseln some dough with your hands and spread on the crumb cake. Rough sprinkles can also be easily prepared by pressing the Streuselteig through a coarse sieve, such as the basket of a deep fryer. And who likes his extra crispy crumb cake that crumbles daubs during baking with cold water.

By the way: Crumb yeast dough can you also freeze well. If necessary, simply thaw and about 10 minutes push the crumb cake at 150 degrees in the oven.