10 tips for the perfect blowjob

As nice as it is to feel the partners in it - a little variety in bed is always good! Oral sex is much more than just a prelude. Properly applied, it means love, lust and pure lifestyle! As conveyed to us the partner during cunnilingus on the desire summit, we can bring him to climax at blowjobs. And if you approach it right, makes oral sex also two fun!

The premise: You really feel like it. Who blows only one his friend, because he is committed that can not well "perform", Then rather leave. Finally, we can all decide whether we want to or not - guilty is there absolutely out of place!

If you decide on a fellatio - here come the best tips.

1. Find a good position for the blowjob

Make yourself comfortable in oral sex, because under certain circumstances the fun may take some time: to him, under him, next to him ... First true. You can you move between his legs, but also ask him to place over you on all fours. Sometimes it's nice when he sits during oral sex in a chair or on the bed, her knees before him. So you can blow unhindered. If you do in a position of back or neck pain, Bring variation in the matter - and places him or you just different. He will certainly not mind!

2. Look into his eyes, Small!

Most men turns her on it when her friend them at blowjob looks into his eyes. They also like it when you give them the feeling that she has fun in the matter - and it not only makes the sake partner. And that should, as I said, to be the top priority: Only do what you want to really do. Otherwise, the end no fun in the matter has.

3. The right tongue acrobatics

The question is: Should we very much suck, really blow or just gently suck? The answer is: Every man likes it differently. is a good idea, it simply times to ask for his needs. You're his girlfriend, so just do not be shy! He can demonstrate to you the desired intensity for example, on your fingers. Get creative: Works along in between, for example, only with your tongue and ride on the bottom edge of his Penisses, then the top, then down again ...

4. Remove the hand to

To use only the mouth for sucking, is not only exhausting, but also rarely effective. Take your hand to help by her index finger and thumb and all the fingers formed into a ring and thereby extending your mouth. Looks like this as a kind of megaphone! In between, you can hand in half pirouettes movement back and forth turn. also caresses from time to time, the inside of his thigh.

One of the most important tips: Changes in oral sex your movements from time to time - so that he does not know what happens next. When blowing it is similar to cunnilingus: variety is exciting - and the surprises ultra hot!

5. Avoid gag reflex

When you develop through the ups and downs of a gag reflex, makes between simply by hand or on changes the angle, in which the penis enters your mouth.

By the way: That the girlfriend can take the partner's penis completely in the mouth, is a porn fantasy. In reality, that can hardly a woman. So do not worry if you do not riff! This is not a prerequisite for this is that he gets an orgasm. Does that with which you feel comfortable you. Then it will be fun to him.

6. Do not forget the testicles while blowjob!

In the heat of the moment we forget his balls happy times. They can give him as much pleasure - if you do it right! While one hand is on its shaft, you can caress gently testicles with the other. You can at the The area between the anus and testicles start and then you grope slowly. Men like it when her licking her eggs or take in the mouth. Thereby easily drive along with the tongue at the bottom!

7. Do not swallow spasm

He comes to the climax - and then? Whether you want to swallow his sperm is up to yourself. Some women does not do anything out of sperm, the other is the choking. Although some men stand out: Force should ye for nothing - not your partner's sake! Those who still want to try it: to spit the cum in the handkerchief is also completely okay! Just a pack next to the bed set! It is also fine if you do not want to have in your mouth his sperm. This has nothing to do with love, but simply with how tasty sensitive you are.

8. The ice cube trick

Take an ice cube in your mouth or drinking a hot drink before you spoiled him. Some men are both hot and cold - and are therefore easier to climax.

9. Good blowjob Vibes

If you have his penis in the mouth, catch on, to hum softly. What does that bring? so it creates a vibration! May sound funny only once, but can be as good vibration, we know from our sex toys! ��

10. Drawing on!

Granted, now comes a somewhat unusual trick - but he is quite effective: Binds a pantyhose or a band around his penis and always prefers during blowing a piece of solid - but only as long as it is comfortable for him. By the pressure of his sexual pleasure and intensity can increase the orgasm.

By the way, is every year on March 14 "schnitzel & Blowjob Day" , short Schniblo. Where the hell that came from? Since probably thought even a clever man: If the women celebrate their beloved Valentine's Day on February 14, then we get our "schnitzel & Blowjob Day", Nice try, dear gentlemen! But when we blow you one, we prefer to decide spontaneously ...

Bubbles is a matter of luck? Many men want more sensitivity of women.

Bubbles is a matter of luck? Many men want more sensitivity of women.

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The Expert Interview: "Blowjobs? most women can not"

Jana Förster

Sex expert, columnist, author (among others "Fuck Me Now And Love Me Later").

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They have come to complain: men complain in the book "Let's Talk About Sex!" the fact that many women are unfortunately so did not have it when blowing. Well so what! We author Jana Förster asked what the men has there probably ridden. Meanwhile, we are waiting for the seven follow-up volumes that tell us where men need as everywhere assistance during sex ...

BRIGITTE: Woman foresters, they have interviewed men who claim that many women do not know how a good blowjob working. Can this really be? Jana FörsterI confess: I myself was very surprised. In fact, many women seem unfortunately to overestimate their fellatio qualities pretty. Men feel on this point often "processed"Because women think that it's easy to audition "this includes", Do not do it out of self-interest.

Which Men's statement has particularly surprised? The basic tenor of the responses was surprising: namely, that on average, only ten to twenty percent of women command a good blowjob. But men is concerned, just "In-out game" not to refer to the whole as successful. In most cases, it only runs the same way. It is not that hard to increase their own pleasure and that of the man. A man has been pretty well to the point. He said: "Blast as you women want to be licked."

We can generalize preferences when male fellatio at all? Yes, on this point already. I have heard of all the men, that they then have particularly enjoyed it when the woman had fun. When passion, desire and pleasure could be felt on both sides. Then men feel desire. You want to feel that the woman herself also like to like it and it does not only for his sake. Because the technique is not so important like here is the secret.

"The most important tip is fun!"

Why are men ever so much on blowjobs? It's about power and dominance. Almost every man finds it extremely hot when a woman kneeling in front of him and him "operated", He feels sought after and powerful, especially when it looks him in the eyes and can see him when they spoiled him. In addition, a blowjob is the feeling of sexual intercourse (as part of foreplay) the next. And it is very varied for a man: it is warm, the tongue, lips and ideally hands be many different stimuli. More even than during sexual intercourse itself.

What is the ultimate blowjob tip for you? Oh, there are some. The most important tip is fun! Women should enjoy at blowjobs that they have the desire of the man in the hand and between the lips. You should play with it and take advantage of the sense of power to have his orgasm in hand. This will also get a woman excellent feelings of pleasure and great fun.

Is it a little more closely ...? Usually the woman has when blowing one hand free, the course can be used to fondle himself. One can perfectly play with the tongue when blowing, try out different pressure intensities with the lips, tongue and hands. And: Do not forget the testicles! They are very sensitive and for many men the caressing is an absolute pleasure-kick. Another note to the finale: The swallowing of semen is for men only great if the woman really want it themselves and standing on it. she swallows it only for his sake or even strangles it, it does gymnastics men from perfect. In this case: Please leave be!

Be honest: What about you when blowing so everything through your mind? Perhaps you these thoughts come so familiar ... ��

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