Spinach: Delicious Recipes very green

The crisp fresh salad is loaded with baby spinach and chickpeas. There is also hearty skewers of chicken breast and merguez.

Cook spinach - Here's correct

To cook spinach, first fold the spinach leaves along. Now the handle can be removed easily. Wash the spinach leaves and drain.

Bring salted water to a boil and blanch the spinach 30 seconds. If you scare the spinach immediately in ice water, the leaves remain green beautiful. Then squeeze the spinach well and fry in butter.

I especially liked spinach, if you spice it after cooking with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

be as strong as Popeye with spinach

What we ate as children, not all spinach galore - no wonder they had indeed promised us that we would be it strong as Popeye. That stems from the many iron, it was then called. Bush way, the sleek sailor healthy green poured behind the bandage before he turned his nemesis and his beloved Olivia from saved many a danger. So the unloved green vegetables for perennial favorite with generations of children, not tasted, but was still bravely buried under fried egg and fish fingers was. A marketing success beyond compare!

A calculation error made history

Later it became known that after the legend of the muscle building spinach a calculation error enemies: Instead of 35 milligrams contain 100 grams of fresh spinach only 3.5 milligrams of iron. But even that is now obsolete again, for a study from Sweden has since found: spinach and other nitrate-containing vegetables actually strengthen the muscles. Even with the corrected values ​​spinach still contains more iron than many other vegetables.

About 200 to 250 grams of spinach would have to take it to himself for a significant effect, but in combination with regular, intense exercise. Not an easy task with our delicious spinach recipes but not impossible. Because spinach is a very versatile leafy vegetables, which makes in Quiche as well as in spinach salad, pasta in lasagna, as scalloped main course, as an accompaniment to steak and salmon, in gratin with tomatoes, curry or green smoothies. The combination of spinach and feta cheese you have to try absolutely times. Spinach is not only an all-round talent, but also really delicious - and very healthy!

Small Silo for spinach

Long before they brought in our part of the spinach on the table, a precursor of the currently known spinach in Persia was popular. The Arabs brought "isban'h" no later than the 9th century to Spain, where he was "espinaca" was inducted into the kitchen and in the medicine cabinet.

In the early 15th century, its curative powers were first mentioned in the Book of Herbs Leonhart Fuchs. There it is, the leafy vegetables help with indigestion, but be externally applied. Back then spinach was used as a remedy for flatulence; its seeds were used as a laxative. Even with kidney stones, fever, inflammation of the lungs and the intestines they resorted to spinach - as well as respiratory problems, liver inflammation and jaundice.

Healthy diet with spinach

Today spinach is an integral part of a healthy and balanced diet. And it is often not the frozen vegetables Iglo, but fresh spinach or baby spinach in juicy green leaves that can be used in many ways in the kitchen. Especially in low-calorie food is spinach enrichment: Raw spinach has only 19 kcal per 100 gram, boiled spinach 18 kcal. Frozen vegetables has a minimally higher calorie content: 20 kcal per 100 grams. Those who prefer to consume his vegetables in the form of juices, comes to just 12 kcal per 100 ml of spinach juice.

Afterall, the green leafy vegetables is a must for a healthy diet: The information contained in spinach nitrates assist the body in the production of nitrogen monoxide, among other things, for the Oxygen transport in the blood responsible is. He is also considered inflammatories and is designed to prevent thrombosis and dilate the blood vessels, which in turn before Strokes and heart attacks protects.

In addition, nitrogen monoxide reduces blood pressure and is used to treat diabetes and heart disease used. Spinach also contains beta-carotene, vitamins C and E as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine, phosphorus, vitamin A, folic acid and carotenoids - and is thus a real power herb.

That is, even if we do not become so strong by eating spinach like Popeye, there are enough reasons to regularly incorporate spinach in our diet. Especially athletes should make sure that they often eat spinach. This increases the efficiency of the mitochondria, which in turn reduces the oxygen consumption during the workout and facilitates muscle growth.

integrate spinach in a healthy diet

Spinach is a vegetable that can grow wonderfully itself. Self-catered accommodation over the winter spinach, an important spring vegetables. It is sown between mid-September and early November and early harvested in the New Year. So you can already cook very early in the spring with fresh green vegetables. The second harvest is then in September and October. So the spinach over large parts of the year is back available - even without the support of Iglo and Co.

Those who want to benefit from the many advantages of spinach, you should boil it briefly, because spinach also contains oxalic acid, precisely those acid that makes the absorption of iron. the proportion of oxalic acid is reduced by up to 50 percent by briefly boiling the spinach. Blanching is therefore also a good idea. Another advantage: The spinach retains its color and consistency. Then simply season with salt and pepper.

Raw spinach - good or dangerous?

In addition, it is recommended to take spinach occasionally raw to him. That works as well in a salad or smoothie, where you can even drink the many vitamins. However, since raw spinach contains a higher level of oxalic acid, but you should not overdo it so.

Our versatile spinach recipes show many inspirations for a varied diet as possible with the green vegetables that cover the full range of salads to lasagne and ways of preparing. Many of the recipes are well suited for a diet and help you lose weight. We are sure: For each a nice recipe is!

Prepare spinach - Tips from top chef Lea Linster

Cooking with Lea Linster© Maryam Schindler

"It does not matter to me how the others talk about him: I love the spinach. And if he makes teeth times long, which is less the spinach itself, but in the wrong preparation. So, the easiest and most best it tastes only briefly in the hot pan in a little hot butter (it must not burn!) Sauteed, a touch Fleur de Sel and you're done. The best place prior to serving on kitchen towel, otherwise it still attracts water. The nutty flavor of light brown butter fits perfectly to the green spinach.

Wash spinach properly and store

Before you cook spinach, you take it page by page in the left hand, folds it right once over the shank and pulls the stalk over the entire length down. He then has to be washed twice in cold water. I dab it dry and keep it under a damp cloth in the refrigerator until cooking on.

Spinach parcels with scampi filling

  1. The beauty of spinach is that its green color after cooking is as beautiful as before. I like gebrauche him to pack a garnish pretty, as I make spinach parcels with scampi filling.
  2. For this I take the really big leaves, entstrunke and wash them very carefully so that they remain large.
  3. In a saucepan with plenty of boiling salted water, I blanc hiere them short and cool immediately in ice-water. I then put them on a towel to drain.
  4. Then I cut out plastic wrap squares that I buttere easy and broad completely flat the spinach leaves with dark green, smooth side down on it. Where the drink was, I put the sheet over each other something else sticks out after the filling, and that gives frustration.
  5. As a filling I take raw shrimp, peeled and with drawn intestine, and chop them coarsely. I'm doing some fresh parsley or blanched, chopped spinach leaves. I salts and pfeffere and give a cam full of it on the spinach leaf.
  6. I suggest the sheet using the sheet over it, take at the end of the film together like a little purse and thinnest all three minutes. The film, and I had a delicious little green balls. glossed with butter, it looks fantastic on any fish dish.

One can make the packages even larger and as an appetizer served with a butter and herb-lemon sauce or fish sauce. With spinach I can make pasta or risotto verde, to the blanched spinach must then be finely chopped or pureed.

Gnocchi verde with spinach

Top are also gnocchi verde. I take:

  • 300 grams of spinach
  • 500 grams of potatoes
  • 100 grams of flour
  • 3 egg yolks
  • a bit of salt
  • a touch of nutmeg.

And so the gnocchi verde with spinach then prepared:

  1. The spinach is washed, cleaned, blanched and frozen deterred. After that, I press it with your hand nice, so there is no water in it. I need 100 grams squeezed spinach, I chop fine for my gnocchi.
  2. Meanwhile, I cook the potatoes in the dish quite soft, they'll evaporate about ten minutes. Then I peel them and give them immediately through the ricer.
  3. On the potato mountain I distribute the chopped spinach and press into a depression, in which I give the flour and the egg yolk. Some salt and a touch of nutmeg about it, and now I knead the whole thing into a dough. He should not be stiff, but firm consistency, so that the gnocchi not disintegrate during cooking.
  4. The finished dough I roll into long, thin sausages of one centimeter in diameter. Then I cut it into two-centimeter-long pieces that I once firmly press with a fork. Now they only need about two minutes in almost boiling salted water draw - voila!
  5. For this like I serve melted butter, I seasoned with some fresh sage (finely chopped), a squeeze of lemon and a little salt.

Who prefer Rahmsoßen, simply boil some cream with a nut butter. Salt, pepper, fresh herbs (such as basil and tarragon) into it, a squeeze of lemon and perhaps a hint of nutmeg - and the sauce is ready. Parmesan in amount and form, how to love it.

Another trick: In my meat or fish dishes I do like to finish a few leaves baby spinach, as if they had fallen from the sky, washed, blotted or with some olive oil, seasoned a drop of lemon and sea salt - to die for, this spinach. Bon Appetit!"

BRIGITTE Heft 08/2007