Pimples on the face? As for his position reveals

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Pimples on the face? What does this tell us ...

Where a pimple is placed on the face, tells us much more than we might think. This has found the dermatologist Joshua Zeichner of dermatological institute of Mr. Sinai Hospital in New York City. Of the Chin, jaw, and neck region, the eyebrows, the area of ​​the hairline, the mouth, the cheeks and the nose and forehead are the areas in which it can give us insight pimples what is happening in the body. And that has not always purely hormonal causes. If we know that, we can of course much better deal impurities.

1. Pimples on the chin, jaw line and neck: The typical period pimples

Why? Hormones flood the body before the period comes. Testosterone, for example. Increased production of male hormones results in a stimulation of sebaceous gland cells and then to increased sebum production. The lack of estrogen is particularly pronounced at this point - it would estrogens able to inhibit the production of sebum.

What helps? A thorough cleaning can at least prevent bacteria enter into the pore and there is an inflammation, with formation of pus. But beware of an excess (for example, morning and evening wash the face with cleansing): The result is that the acid mantle of the skin is destroyed and have bacteria free.

Trost: If the monthly period ended, and the complexion improves again.

2. pimples along the hairline

Why? At blemishes in this area products may be to blame, that were not properly rinsed from the skin. Facial cleanser, hair care, styling products - all of which can irritate the skin and provoke acne.

What helps? Who is particularly sensitive in this zone should omit the hairline when cleaning and removing makeup. Hair wax and gel -spray not apply directly at the hairline, but only on the hair. Rinse shampoo and conditioner especially thorough.

3. pimples on mouth and mouth

Why? Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner makes the diet for pimples around the mouth area responsible. Experts are still arguing about how big the influence of food is actually on blemishes. What is certain is that the delicate balance of hormones is influenced by blood glucose levels. If the increases, there is a sudden insulin output and simultaneously to the release of male hormones - stimulate the production of sebum. But traces of acidic foods (vinegar-based dressings, lemon) can irritate the skin and cause inflammation.

What helps? keep the diet in mind. Since each person reacts differently, you should observe to what foods your skin reacts like - and if necessary, removing a number from your diet.

4. pimples on the cheeks

Why? Joshua Zeichner pushes's mobile phone. There, bacteria collect. Office phones and keyboards are also germ playground. Since most bacteria remain in your hands, you should not ever grasp the face herself. Researchers have found the way that the hands of women a significantly higher number of different types of bacteria harboring than men hands.

But also classic acne is often seen on the cheeks. The late acne can be effectively treated with diet and skin care and support of a dermatologist.

What helps? Unfortunately, hand washing is limited. In general, the composition of the bacterial population changes while on the hands after washing, but the diversity remains almost constant. Nevertheless recommend microbiologists at least 20 seconds to wash your hands, between your fingers. Also very important: clean hands thoroughly so that bacteria can not multiply.

5. pimples on nose and forehead

Why? The sensitive T-zone reacts to stress. Because stress hormones like adrenaline and Co. provide a higher sebum production of the skin.

What helps? It is important to remove the cause: Stress can be reduced by relaxation techniques. It also helps to clean the face well and calm with a special care. disinfect chamomile, zinc or fresh pure tea tree oil - from toothpaste you should stay away but rather because it irritates the skin and can cause the fluorine contained in inflammation. Also with tea tree oil should be careful, it can lead to contact dermatitis. Top diluted applied to the skin.

The right skin care for pimples

Basically, the skin care needs to be tailored to the needs of the skin. Most manufacturers have special care series for problem skin in the program, ranging from facial cleansing to night care. Who has oily and problem skin, including facial toner can use with alcohol, which dry out the skin easily. Sensitive skin should be cleaned with less irritating ingredients because many products for problem skin contain harsh ingredients. Also on silicones, PEG and oils, the skin care line should be without.

Scrubs and masks for pimples

Also exfoliate once a week can help with bad skin. We show you how you can make your own scrub. For blemished skin with inflamed pimples do compresses or masks well that soothe the skin. Drizzle chamomile tea on a sterile compress and place it on the impurities. Then dab the skin with calendula extract.

Beneficial are face masks with healing earth. Plus, meet Heilerde mix with 1 liter of water and apply half a centimeter thick on the affected area and rinse again with warm water after about half an hour. 

Dos and Don'ts for pimples

Those who suffer from severe acne, should ask the dermatologist for help. He can special lotions and creams that contain fruit acids or salicylic acid, or prescribe mild medication such as vitamin A acid and even antibiotics in severe cases. open the acids the pores, so that the excess sebum can escape. In addition, doctors offer special light and laser therapies.

Important: In no case pimples can be expressed, because they then become inflamed and possibly scarring. Those who still want to lend a hand in the individual case, should follow our tips: Expressing pimples - Here's how.

Change nourishment: Dermatologists recommend acne patients usually change their diet and consistently avoid fat and sugar-rich foods over three months. These include potato chips, sugar and sweets, fast food, butter, cream, cheese, nuts, animal fat. Alcohol and nicotine anyway. But milk often has an influence on the formation of pimples. Especially a special type of milk is to be blame for pimples, researchers say.

Also Stress can be the cause of pimples. We'll tell you how you can avoid having breathing techniques stress and how to reduce stress with this song.