Hollandaise sauce: Perfect with asparagus

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Video Cooking School: Hollandaise sauce

Fabio Haebel shows step by step in the video, like the classic recipe succeeds, and also has a flash version ready.

Flash Hollandaise: fast recipe

  1. 3 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of natural yoghurt devious in a high mixing bowl.
  2. 250 g hot melted butter slowly pour in while at work with a hand blender.
  3. With Salt, pepper, lemon juice and sugar Season to taste.

Recipes with sauce hollandaise

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Hollandaise sauce: classic

Hollandaise sauce (or Dutch sauce) is THE classic sauce with boiled asparagus. but they also fits to each cooked vegetables, boiled eggs, too short fried fillet or for browning. The hollandaise sauce is one of the basic recipes of classic French cuisine.

Hollandaise sauce from the bag is indeed touched quickly, the real homemade version is but tasted far superior to the finished products from Maggi, Thomy and Co. See for yourself!

Tips for the perfect hollandaise sauce:

  • The water bath must not be too hot, it should be just in front of cooking all the time, but not cook properly, otherwise increased the yolk and the sauce is flaky.
  • Thus yolks and butter bond well, all the time must vigorously beaten with a whisk become. Only fat and liquid combine to form an emulsion that makes the sauce so creamy.
  • hollandaise sauce can not be reheated, they will eventually lose its frothiness. The best solution made fresh in small portions.
  • If the sauce curdles yet and the fat deposits, they can sometimes still be saved. Just two yolks and 1-2 tablespoons wine again drifted in a metal bowl in hot water and pour in the sauce congealed slowly. Always good beat and prepare the sauce again. Another possibility: 1-2 tbsp Stir natural yogurt with the sauce. It is then no longer so frothy, but can be served as a butter sauce.

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