Goulash soup – Perfect for partying

This recipe comes from times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and contains veal shoulder, Tyrolean bacon and a good serving of vegetables. As a side dish dumplings are served to complement the traditional meat pot perfectly.

Goulash soup - Hearty from Hungary

Originally, the goulash soup is from Hungary and is called there Gulyás, which translates "Viehhirte" means. Because in the Middle Ages the shepherds cooked the hearty meat stew, so they had a meal at work, they could warm up over the fire.

The former poor man's food has now changed for the Hungarian national dish and is now more popular than ever among enthusiasts strong stews. Goulash is just perfect for a party, if you're expecting a lot of guests: It's hearty, hearty, fills you up and can be perfectly prepared a day in advance. And if something is left of the party soup, you can easily freeze it - warmed it tastes namely just as good.

Goulash soup - which comes in

Iowes hr popular flavor goulash soup some very characteristic ingredients: beef, onions, peppers, tomato paste, paprika (sweet and seductive or paprika), potatoes and red wine. They are all indispensable for the original Hungarian and make something special this stew out. the whole is seasoned to taste with marjoram and cumin, and with a hearty meat broth.

As it is part of an unpretentious recipe as the goulash soup, the preparation is quite simple - although it of course now are countless variations, ranging from the traditional-simple to sophisticated.

The basic recipe: cook goulash soup

The beef into cubes cut, chop onions, garlic and chilli and then first brown the meat and then the other ingredients over high heat vigorously. The roasting resulting are essential to the flavor of the real goulash soup. then tomato paste, diced tomatoes and plenty of water are added to the soup itself. Salt and pepper in and let everything cook for about 90 minutes. Once again taste strong and to taste refined with celery. Finish is the traditional goulash from Hungary. As a side dish fit bread or baguette.

Variations: So versatile is the goulash soup

Depending on your taste you can meat stew way, with veal, pork or beef in a classic make. And also in the rest of the ingredients you are allowed to be creative. We have put together some delicious recipes for goulash soup, which are prosper sure. They show how diverse the Hungarian stew can be on the classic addition. Try it out the sausage goulash soup with paprika, which is all the rage, especially in children. They love the meat side dish of thick sausage slices. The healthy vegetables they eat along the way.

Or you let the meat completely gone and cook the goulash soup time vegetarian. How to do this, we show in our recipe for potato and pepper goulash soup. In order for the taste but not too short, we bring with smoked paprika spices up the pot. The beef stew with beer is the exact opposite of easy vegetarian food - and a guarantee that you make the men at your table really happy. The beef stew gets its special flavor is a glass of dark beer.

So you see: The preparation of Gulyás is much more versatile than you think. So try out you!