Fondue – perfect for long evenings

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Fondue for gemüliche rounds

Whether Christmas Eve or New Year: Fondue is sociable. No one has a long standing in the kitchen and cook, instead, sit comfortably hosts and guests together at the table, while in the big pot in the middle meats, sizzling fish, bread or vegetables - according to their own taste.

What accessories do I need for fondue?

First, you obviously need a suitable fondue set. Devices that run on alcohol, giving off a slightly unpleasant odor. An alternative is fondues, where the fire is lit with special paste or a gas burner and electric fondue.

Hold for each guest one to two fondue forks ready - so there is no dispute. In addition, normal cutlery is needed. Who wants to cook vegetables, fish, meatballs or other soft ingredients, should it get small metal screens (there's at the Asia-store or in the home store).

1. The perfect meat fondue

What kinds of meat are suitable for fondue?

Expects per guest for a meat fondue about 200 grams Fleisch.Das meat should be well blotted and be at room temperature - otherwise it injected. Well suited for fondue is tender meat like filet Whether beef, pork, lamb or chicken, you decide yourself who want a little more flavor, can grab instead fillet also loin, sirloin or rib.. Special fondue meat you do not buy, that's just already finished cut and thus unnecessarily expensive. Rather buy the meat for fondue at the butcher and myself chop. That's the way best if it is slightly frozen.

Here's the basic recipe for meat fondue:

2. The perfect cheese fondue

What I take cheese for cheese fondue?

Strong Swiss cheese, such as melted Gruyere (Gruyere), Appenzeller, Emmentaler or Vacharin, are perfect for cheese fondue - the mixing ratio can determine each according to their own preferences. Regardless of the type of cheese applies: The cheese is melted in wine and flavored with kirsch.
Here you will find a basic recipe for cheese fondue with melted Swiss cheese:

What do I need for cheese fondue?

Cheese fondue is traditionally served with potatoes and pieces of bread from the day before. The dry bread absorbs the melted cheese on much better than fresh bread. Since cheese fondue is very powerful, the side dishes are welcome to be slightly. Especially popular: pickled vegetables. And after the fondue a decent glass of cherry brandy must!

3. The perfect fish fondue

What types of fish suitable for fish fondue?

Fish can easily fall apart, so are fish with firm flesh, as Salmon or walleye, best for fondue. Also shrimp can be used well. Who wants to prevent Fischbröckchen swimming around in oil or in the broth used small metal screens for its fish fondue.

4. The perfect vegetable fondue

Which vegetables are suitable for fondue?

Well suited for fondue are firm vegetables such as peppers, mushrooms or onion pieces. The can anpieksen either directly with the fondue fork and dip it in the fondue - or to make skewers of meat and vegetables.

How to prepare a fat fondue?

Which fat is suitable for fat fondue?

For fondue with grease is tasteless oil (Z. B. sunflower oil, rapeseed oil) or coconut oil. Butter and margarine are not suitable!

Are there low-calorie alternatives to fat fondue?

Fondue with broth is low in fat and makes the meat fondue nicely spicy. Best used beef broth. A variant of the broth fondues is the chinese fondue, also known as "Fire pot" or "Hotpot" known.

And what about chocolate fondue?

Who has not had enough of fondue, can still serve his dessert in the form: The chocolate fondue fruit pieces are dipped in liquid chocolate - a sweet sin ... Who likes chocolate refined yet with spices such as cinnamon or chili. Bite-sized morsels such as strawberries or grapes, but also banana slices are particularly popular with the chocolate fondue. And if it can not be sweet enough you, you should even chocolate fondue with marshmallows try!

Which supplements are suitable for fondue?

This is of course to some extent a matter of taste - is possible in principle only times everything. Also popular are sauces such as chutney or garlic sauce. Small precooked potatoes and crunchy pieces of bread may not be missing, according to many fondue fans also. but also thinks of a fresh salad, pickled vegetables or raw vegetables for dipping - some vegetables in between is good!

Get to know the three classic sauces for fondue steps:

  • Cocktail sauce: Of course you can also buy cocktail sauce finished - but why would you when it is so simple homemade? To the recipe: Cocktail Sauce
  • Mango chutney: Sweet + sour + sharp - this combination is the secret of mango chutney. To the recipe: mango chutney
  • Remoulade: Yogurt makes our remoulade easily, gherkins, capers and herbs provide bite and flavor. To the recipe: Remoulade

Prepare the fondue

What I have to prepare for fondue?

Before the fondue evening, it is recommended to try out the device short. Because often are fondues all year round in the closet or in the basement and come only at Christmas or New Year's used. Nothing is more annoying than a fondue set that does not work, if the guests are already there.

Those without electric fondue, must suitable fuel (alcohol, gas or fuel paste, depending on the device) get.

Also, of course you get and chop all ingredients. Prepare according to personal ambition and creativity still sauces, salads and creative skewers.
And one more tip, that you hungry sits too long before your fondue: You should heat fat or broth on the stove before you represents the pot on the heater. The right temperature: 180 degrees for fat fondue, 100 degrees for broth fondue.

What safety precautions should I take when fondue?

When fondue the fondue set, the pot and the fat / oil are very hot in it - it threatens burns! Therefore, one should fill the fondue pot only half, so that the hot liquid does not splash out or even boiling over.

When fat fondue you should take special care that no grease drips into the chafing dish and ignited. Fat fondue should you never leave them unattended! If, despite everything, it starts to burn, not attempt to extinguish the fire with water but smother the flames.

Recipes: Alma Westphal Photos: Thomas Neckermann