Tips for the hen night

marry your girlfriend and you are planning a hen night - briefly JGA. But what they definitely do not want, are drunken woman hordes in embarrassing shirts invaded the evening with prosecco glass in hand the city and "do totally crazy things spontaneously" - and at the end slip to a Stripper bucks? Understandable! If you and your girls do not want to get rid of along with their young socializing your girlfriend, you can bring you tips for planning in our ABC for hen. The bachelor of creation may also like to get tips and inspiration for their stag by the way.

A as fetching

The hen begins with a surprise committee consisting of all participants, or an individual, which intercepts the (unsuspecting) Bride Spe at home or at work. Previously with the partner, or deny the employer. In the stretch limo, in the subway or on the bike rack we go in the direction of celebration or recreation center. If you do not know where it goes, just connect eyes and surprise them. In the choice of dates you should it not take too traditional. Hen night on the eve of the wedding? not the point! Against traces a night out getting any bridal make-up.

B as Bauchladen

Traditionally, the bachelorette a box is strapped in the stomach, from which they have to sell condoms, liquor or lace panties to needy men. The proceeds will be invested in drinks. A less outmoded alternative is a flea market stall. Coffee, cake and a couple of bottles of sparkling wine it sells in a nice atmosphere very comfortable and the proceeds should be a multiple. Besides, you will go still annoying household.

C like clubbing

Last day in "freedom" ... Even if the marriage for the woman is not a life sentence forced Kitchen and shackles means the hen is good to celebrate really. Why not track down the unknown shops in the city and a limousine - including champagne - be chauffeured from door to door? Limousine Services can be booked for example,

D as lingerie party

What used to be reserved exclusively functional household cans made of plastic, may for some years also lingerie and dildos: throw parties. All right, put on the sofa and amazed what trinkets and curiosities ordered the house lingerie or dildo consultant conjures up her suitcase. If the benefits of the right-handed vibrator have been compared with those of the seven stages vibrating model, you go to the shop.

e like eating

What would be the last time without a last meal? The future bride can either be happy of her friends with a masterful multi-course menu or girlfriends delight themselves with the same and a chef behind the stove. The less expensive alternative: a visit to the (favorite) restaurant. Whether Indian, Chinese, French or Swabian - long as it tastes good and the atmosphere is right. This is, moreover, mainly influenced by the invited guests (see H).

F such as breakfast

An evening is not enough to say goodbye to the friend from the hen-existence? Then you should start early in the morning. discussed with the partners is neatly ascended breakfast and sparkling wine or kidnapped for brunch. The advantage at home breakfast: One can get comfortable in his dressing gown and start the beauty program thereafter.

G let as go well

Avocado face, cucumber on the eyes, foreign hands behind his back, which served to own manicure and "Gorgeous!" sighed. Wellness does not only beautiful, it is also incredibly relaxing. Just the thing for the hectic pre-wedding time. Depending on your budget and care needs can be pampered at the nearby spa resort or a beauty farm.

H like harmony

You have been kind and just been invited surprise guests childhood your friend in your planning. Quite possibly your girlfriend but not without reason for more than 20 years no contact with these "surprise guests", Now you are all sitting around the table, are you interested in a shoe for their "sweet rascal" and the chemistry between you could not be more explosive. Conclusion: Surprise guests like to, but only if you are sure that the surprise is not a full-flop.

I as ins Umland

Why stay home when you can drive away in mobile times like these? Beautiful green corners there's finally all over. By car, bus, train or bicycle, a cottage or country inn, are driven into the mountains, preferably on a lake or. The nature lovers among you can also like to camp to scout times in the woods. This promises romantic adventure, as previous marriage talks around the campfire and a morning dip in the stream.

J as Jetten

Whom the nearest large town and scenic diversity doorstep are too little, putting on the plane and the group seeks happiness elsewhere. In Prague, Budapest, London, Vienna, Barcelona or Paris, it can be shopping wonderful, celebrate and indulge in the culture. A weekend beach and sun on Mallorca or Ibiza can also be within the framework of the Affordable.

K like karaoke

Granted, in addition to lingerie party and Hawker Karaoke singing is another critical because embarrassing occupied programming. Yet it is more than just touching, if the Bald bride standing on the stage, "That's what friends are for" are the best and tears shaken her bridesmaid and her friends for years together and the lace evening thanks ... Should the performance be less emotional, the consolation remains: Karaoke is for all participants a lot of fun!

L such as favorite movies

The wedding is not stressful enough, so all of you prefer to stay together in slippers and pajamas at home and turn on the home theater? Even right of "Runaway Bride" to "Four weddings and one death" there are, after all theme-specific footage too well. Ultimately, however, the bachelorette must of course decide whether cried, laughed, geballert or the intellect is claimed. Popcorn - optionally also more challenging snacks - do not forget!

M as motto

No, we do not mean that you missed your girlfriend a shirt on which her future with photoshop mounted rabbit ears and the slogan "My Rammler" emblazoned. This is not a slogan, it is a principle of separation! And you've got to in no embarrassing outfits throw .. Try it alternatively with an Oriental, Spanish or on our behalf and Bavarian night. Served couscous, tapas or dumplings, visits a belly dance, flamenco or Schuhplattler show and let stripping an Arab, Spanish or Bavaria ... Depending on taste, the latter were against snake charmers, matadors or yodel exchange. Your motto fantasies are no limits.

N as the night sky

Under which star is the wedding? How were the stars, when the bride and groom kissed the first time? find themselves in a planetarium answers to such questions. The technique allows there namely, back-calculate the position of the stars just for the night. In addition, you can learn there indicate constellations to impress at the next romantic occasion of your accompaniment with Ophiuchus, Hercules and Triangulum.

O as...

Care! ... Oh no! ... Without me! ... Yes, a Hen Party planning can one, driven by valuable advice from Internet forums already quite let go by the imagination. Never forget should you But who do you plan. If your girlfriend to be a notorious party-pooper, it will not suddenly mutate considering its upcoming wedding to party bunny. And in the opposite case your celebration joyful girlfriend to hide most likely quite a bother her disappointment with a cozy evening with friends.

P as pLEMplem

"plemplem" means something like: chase with paint guns across the field, screaming roller coaster ride or race to race in go-karting. Explains the weapons ban temporarily invalid, ignore traffic laws and emerging nausea - and puts really going on. Whether paintball, adventure park or on the giant trampoline: be fun needs and you get guaranteed here.

Q as whiner

The other day at a hen party. Six women in the restaurant, two with toddler. Talking point: toddlers. Toddler one begins to whine, Toddler 2 is somehow worthy of emulation and fusses with. Mother 1 goes home because toddler one is not calm. Toddler 2 then also calls for the withdrawal. The bride, even childless, is difficult frustrated ... It's not like that one so what could not exclude from the outset by delivering the children in time for dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt or the police. you might as well all those who are at the planning stage only the nagging, but themselves do not bring constructive proposals bother with on the occasion. This should no longer stand in the way a quengelfreien evening.

R such as red roses

A hen can satisfy even unspoken desires. We know this: woman sitting with man in the restaurant, she sees the rose peddlers come looking supposedly disinterested away and makes the unsuspecting because of mind reading is not powerful man secretly accused: "Why you buy me no rose?" So should you eat in a restaurant on the hen night, it turns a vase of red roses to present a flower to the men's room with the written request to the men, the spinster. Roses are clichéd? Then just tulips - or yucca palms.

S such as games

Should be blissful girlfriend have a childlike playfulness, so you do a favor and play the JGA with her. There are a lot of funny games, such as scavenger hunts with tasks that need to meet the evening. Bizarre game ideas will abound, when you click you through Internet forums. And many games can be determined tailored to suit your spinster with a bit of creativity.

T like dancing

Your girlfriend loves dancing, but her dance style forces you regularly to deny them? Although it is not quite as dramatic ordered to coordination and tact your girlfriend, a dance class was definitely worth it. Whether standard, Latin, pole dancing or burlesque - Dancing is great! being able to move elegantly and controlled, also is appealing to the eye of the beholder, respectively, to the eye of the future.

U such as entertainment

If you would prefer to let others make the program, a theater, concert, musical or cabaret visit offers. Does your friend have a favorite band? Maybe she is touring precisely through the area. Or they take the best the same for an entire weekend with a festival. There is music for each something for everyone and you should be on top of that sometimes misbehave. Look at: Can it be a bit quieter? pieces like "Caveman" provide laughs and deliver thematically appropriate material for discussion en masse.

V as cladding

If you find it funny, put your friend on the JGA in a cow costume with applied plastic udders. The world is then at least warned and your friend certainly pissed off. So let better. Instead, you can agree on a common wardrobe according to the occasion. Evening dress for the opera, mini dress for clubbing, full-face helmet for the Go-Karting. If permitted by the budget, surprise your girlfriend with a professional hair and make-up styling.

W like wild

What you read A to V have already made her everything with your hüftoperierten grandmother? Then try it once with what Wilder as wakeboarding, white water rafting, sky diving, body flying, bungee jumping or house running. Action sports welded well known, and ensures a kick which provides all Hochzeitsaufregungen in the corner. Information can be found among others, Jochen Schweizer.

X as X (cross) -Fahrt

A boat ride that's funny - and whether on a raft, rowing boat, sailing boat or a motor yacht. Packed a picnic, grab the bride and prick in the lake, or in the river. Even without a boat license to own, you can rent you a house boat and sail along the Rhine or Elbe. bring previously unremarkable susceptibility to seasickness in experience.

Y as Yam Yam!

, Is drunk anyway so you endows the whole at least one lasting benefit. Attended a wine tasting and drinks you exhilarated by new findings by Merlot, Cabernet Dorio and Kallstadter pig's stomach. In anti alcoholic preference in chocolate, tea or coffee seminars the pleasant can be connected to the useful.

Z such as time travel

Hach, what was the beautiful days! ... Even though a wedding for brides in the most likely case does not change much, but is written with it a new chapter. And to the old chapter not to forget the collected experiences, for example, should be immortalized in a photo album. The conclusion of this chapter you can hold by a professional photo shoot. You may fancy a feel of failure? With a themed photo shoot you will be sent on a journey into the 20s or into the Middle Ages - clothes and hairstyles included.

What is the difference between a JGA and the hen?

The hen is a more traditional version of the bachelor farewell. For that reason also the best of friends are invited. In mid-point, however, is the custom to expel evil spirits by zerdeppert porcelain. True to the motto "Shards bring luck", But be careful - not everything is allowed: Glasses and mirrors can not be hacked - because that does not bode well!

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