wrap gifts of money to the wedding creative – Here’s how!

Cash gifts are especially popular for the wedding. But how to pack the money as possible creative and without much effort? We have five ideas for you.

Two of our ideas are perfect if you are in a hurry you and less time and inclination to tinker. With the other ideas you can you creatively rave.

Easy & Quick: boxing gifts of money to the wedding

A travel case full of love - and money

Cash gifts to the wedding creative packaging - important's!© http://www.schnurzpieps.de

Honeymoon is not cheap affair. Support gets the bride and groom to the wedding so in the form of cash gifts. In the thematically appropriate box of Schnurzpieps is enough space for one or the other bucks that fills the Flitterkasse. The bills can you fold, for example, to small paper airplanes.

A boarding ticket for the love of travel

Cash gifts to the wedding creative packaging - important's!© Heaven + Paper

we know boarding tickets of trips - whether by plane, boat or train. we send the bride and groom with a boarding ticket of Heaven + Paper on a long love travel - and there is no shortage of small change, we pack the odd bill for travel funds to do so. The ideal gift for couples who are planning a lot.

fancy & creative: packing monetary gifts for the wedding

Bake fortune cookies with personal message

Cash gifts to the wedding creative packaging - important's!© Thordis Rüggeberg-Karlotta

You need: from the Asia-store fortune cookies - best to buy a few more. Not everyone is open enough, and perhaps you sometimes breaks a.

How to do it: Seek out the widest possible open fortune cookie and removes the spell list with the help of a kebab stick and tweezers. Then fold a banknote thin and carefully into the biscuit.

Tip: Why not ask in China snack after a cardboard box suitable for carrying dishes. In it you can watch the fortune cookies further away with the bills as a special stuffing proper style - and like to mix with normal fortune cookies. A gift with surprise!

blue in the Face

Cash gifts to the wedding creative packaging - important's!© Thordis Rüggeberg-Karlotta

These cigarettes do not harm certainly health. In return, the budget of the wedding couple happy about this "blue haze",

You need: - an empty pack of cigarettes - construction paper - thin ribbon - ruler, scissors, glue stick

How to do it: "Attention! Infatuation makes the heart beat!"This or a similar warning can you give the newlyweds on their way. Pasted the pages of a cigarette box with a construction paper in the color of your choice. Although the measuring and cutting makes a little work, but the funny result is worth it in any case. Print you out a black-rimmed warning for front and back of the computer.

Then roll bills held together with ribbon, and as "cigarettes" Fill in the box. Guaranteed not hazardous to health - and an eye-catcher for the wedding.

Cash gift in the picture frame

Cash gifts to the wedding creative packaging - important's!© Fröken Su

You need: - white photo frame - gray Bastelfilz (or color of your choice) - pink thread (or color of your choice) - computers, printers, graphics program - tissue paper - tape

How to do it: For the content of the image using a calligraphy or graphics program, the motto of the newlyweds "When Love Takes Over", coordinates, where the couple has woks tie the knot, using the name of the bride and groom and wedding date, and then print.

Cut out four hearts from the Bastelfilz, in each case in the front heart (or into two heart) cut a slot, sewing two hearts with each floss together, thread tape by, ready are the heart of the bills.

Cut tissue paper into small rectangles or squares and then superimpose them fold the paper like an accordion and tie in the middle with a belt, making sure that the tape is long enough then either hang the pompoms or to hang on a gift , the corners cut (it is possible waves or spikes purely cut), gently pull apart the individual sheets sheet by sheet.

These and further instructions for making your own can be found on the blog Fröken Su by Susanne.

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