Rare boys’ names: 35 unusual ideas for your baby

Parents sometimes prove a lot of creativity when it comes to the first name for their baby. So that the sons are unique from birth, they often fall into the pregnancy very interesting baby names come up. "Inti". "Finnegan" or "Dzamel" are just three examples, visitors to the site have www.beliebte-vornamen.de called when this calling to post rare boy name.

Sometimes parents seem the guys but also equal a life contract with wanting to give up the path. should be about "Friedemann" all the wars in the world end? Or "Rigobert" defeat a dragon? And Mom and Dad may later sour, should "Börge" so do not stand on Scandinavia - although the origin of its name has yet placed him already in the cradle?

Anyway, we like to let us inspire and make you 35 more beautiful examples of unusual boys' names before.

What should note their name on rare

  • If you decide on a failed baby names, it is advisable to limit themselves to a single name. "Knud Elrik Okko" is perhaps a bit too eccentric - also can remember the no man.
  • A good idea is also to googling earlier times, the meaning and origin of the name has. Not that there is sometime a stupid surprise there - or have accidentally voted her the wrong sex.
  • In addition, you should pay attention to a not too complicated notation (who has already desire to spell his first name every time?) And decide in advance once again whether the corresponding name is also permissible in Germany.

Rare Young name: 35 suggestions

  1. Milo
  2. Lennet
  3. Dusty
  4. Veit
  5. Finjas
  6. hergen
  7. Bazon
  8. Honke
  9. Teoman
  10. Hayo
  11. Elk
  12. Johnten
  13. Hermes
  14. Jemy
  15. Sirius
  16. taro
  17. Daikin
  18. olias
  19. Joris
  20. Sevin
  21. Neo
  22. Menzel
  23. Kane
  24. Maths
  25. Nolan
  26. Hanno
  27. Tyree
  28. Lean
  29. Jaron
  30. Yamir
  31. Tomke
  32. Basil
  33. Okko
  34. Elrik
  35. Emilian

You seek no boys names, but rare maiden name? Here are our suggestions:

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