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What happens in my body when I drop the pill?

A woman who takes the pill, continues its natural cycle override: The hormones of the pill prevent ovulation, thicken the cervical mucus so that sperm can not penetrate, and prevent an egg in the uterus settles. In the tablet-free interval of hormone levels drop suddenly. The result: The bleeding begins.

If the pill discontinued, the body's natural cycle recovers. This is determined by the natural ebb and flow of hormones estrogen and progesterone. In the ovarian follicles grow, at the same time, the uterine lining builds up. After about 14 days a follicle bursts (ovulation) and releases an egg, which travels to the uterus. If the egg is not fertilized, the top layer of mucous membrane replaces - it comes to menstruation.

What are the consequences can I expect when I drop the pill?

The pill not only prevents unwanted pregnancy. Your hormones also affect the skin, the figure and not least the soul. Who issues the pill for preventing, his body seems to change, to which he has to get used only once.

hair loss is a possible side effect that many fear women. Fortunately, the problem will usually when the hormonal balance has stabilized again.

Inevitable, however: is no pill irregular cycle, be the bleeding stronger and often painful. Many women also find that before and during their periods more Problems with skin and frequent pimple have you considered using pill. And for some, the natural ebb and flow of hormones on mood strikes down: you feel more often depressed, irritable or restless.

More bleeding, irregular cycle, no more carefree sex on the fertile days: Without pill women are forced to confront their own fertility - such as when they are attracted when ovulation especially to her partner. But many feel just as positive: Because they get their body better know more listen to your careful and deal with it.

When can I stop taking the pill?

The pill can settle in principle at any time - a conversation with the woman doctor is not necessary. However, it is useful to use up the monthly package since when you issue a withdrawal bleeding starts.

Some women get the pill prescribed not only as a contraceptive, but also for other medical reasons, such as Ovarian cysts or strengthen menstrual cramps. You should talk to the doctor consultation before they stop taking the pill.

How long it takes to get my body used to it that I do not take the pill?

Usually it takes some time until the natural cycle has stabilized again. For many women, there is bleeding between periods. not even if the period of time absent one month all - ensure you do not have to do so.

Children: How long does it take before I can get pregnant if I drop the pill?

Who issues as birth control pills, can immediately be pregnant theoretical. Finally, this can happen even if you forget the pill times - the protection of the pill works not to give.

In some women, until the cycle is regulated again and possibly get to ovulation and pregnancy, it takes a little longer. Statistically, the pregnancy rate of women for contraception with a pill before different, but after a year not from the women without pills intake. So a baby is no more obstacles.

I suffer from side effects of the pill. How quickly they disappear when I stop birth control pills?

Not all women take the pill well. Some respond with the following adverse reactions to the hormones contained: nausea, headaches, mood swings, acne and water retention. Also, depression or less interest in sex are some of the known side effects of the pill.

After stopping the pill these symptoms disappear quickly in general - as well as the contraceptive effect of the pill and the side effects are extremely limited in time. can also hope women during their periods - suffer from migraine - ie in the pill break: They are concerned with no pill often better.

I take medications that interfere with the effect of the pill. Should I take a pill break?

Antibiotics may reduce the effectiveness of the pill. Also, diseases such as severe diarrhea, may result in the protection is not active. A pill break in such cases is still not useful - depose the pill shortly, possibly the middle of the cycle upsets the body. Remember: Even if you continue to take the pill, additional contraception is needed!

I know that I will not have sex in the near future. Should I stop taking the pill?

The only worthwhile for women who have sex at least six months - after all, the body has to cope with a hormonal change and for that he needs time.

After a separation away with the pill, is it worth it? This is a question many women - after a new sex partner is sometimes faster than we thought. Nevertheless, the pill indeed protects against pregnancy, but not before AIDS, hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia. At changing sexual partners should not rely on the protective effect of the pill alone, therefore, anyway. And also in a new relationship it is better to rely not only on the pill, but also contraception with condoms.

I have stopped taking the pill. Can I start again to take it easy now?

Who tolerate the pill and sold, may begin with the gynecologist again taking without consulting: on the first day of the cycle.

Different things look when you started in the meantime, to smoke or if health changes occurred: In such cases, a conversation with the gynecologist makes sense.

What alternative methods of contraception are there?

Who wants to completely shake gently to a hormone-free contraception, can choose between several alternatives. is popular as the temperature method to her but still should also prevent. With Cyclotest of MyWay, a cycle computer mete your bodies temperature and thus can easily see your fertility status.

In addition to the cycle computer, there are other hormone-free methods without side effects and without the ups and downs of estrogen levels. All methods of natural family planning overview can be found here:

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