“The Biggest Loser” -Gewinnerin Alex: So great she looks today!

In April 2017, Alex has the weight-loss show "The Biggest Loser" the first woman to win at all. With a record of 50.2 kilos lost Alex brought not only their coach from the socket. And it will remain tuned!

Posted by Alexandra - The Biggest Loser 2017 on Friday, July 14, 2017

After eight seasons "The Biggest Loser" has for the first time a woman against her fellow enforced - and cleared the prize money of 50,000 euros. And not only that: The teacher from Wiesbaden also secured the weight-loss record of SAT.1 broadcast by on the scale it has all the 50.2 kg less than at the beginning of the show. She had started in September 2016 with a weight of 103.5 kilograms.

Weightloss success thanks to iron discipline

Your fitness coach was clear even before the finale that Alex would be the winner: "She fought so hard. I've never worked with someone who was so disciplined." When the 33-year-old finally walked in in her golden glitter dress, he could not restrain himself - and burst into tears of joy from.

She herself is certain: "'The Biggest Loser' has helped me to become a new person. Under other circumstances I would never have gone so far to my limits and only because I've done it, I have achieved my goal."

Alexandra's brother takes off

The Biggest Loser

Alexandra is standing next to her Schwager David - here even with her starting weight.

© SAT.1 / Martin Rottenkolber

Alexandra has prevailed with her body transformation against competition from their own families. Apart Lukas had also Schwager David to the finals of "The Biggest Loser" managed - he had reduced his weight from 141.1 kilograms to 83.9 kilograms and thus secured the second place. Luke landed thanks to its weight loss of 160.5 to 99.5 kilos in third.

Alexandra remains tuned - and looks great!

Confident Alex pointing at her Socil media channels. With a lot of sports, healthy food and especially fun  they want other women motivate you to stay tuned. Keep it up!

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In my profession it is from time to time on a day trip.Since it is important to be prepared and ...

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