Raclette: Recipes for a cozy evening

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Raclette is enjoying together

enjoy together - they can, the Swiss. Besides Fondue also the equally convivial Raclette is one of their specialties. Meanwhile the grill, under which sizzle individually occupied pans, indispensable also from our kitchen - especially on long winter evenings or even holidays like Christmas and New Year. So sociable is raclette!

This takes you to the perfect raclette

The best thing about raclette - the name derives from the French verb by the way "racler" on what "scrape" or "means scratching - are the many ingredients that we can thereby conjure up on the table. What must never be lacking in food are potatoes (preferably jacket potatoes), Raclette cheese for browning, Herb butter and fresh baguette.

For the raclette cheese is true: He should melt well and aromatic. Typical raclette cheeses from Switzerland about Bagnes, Orsières or Goms. You can get them at the cheese counter. A rule of thumb: the longer the aging period, the more aromatic of raclette cheese.

Thus, the raclette works

The grill plate is usually on top in the middle of the table, the potatoes. If you like meat, also may contain small Fillet pieces (beef, pork or chicken) roasting in the raclette plate. Also shrimp or fish fillet, such as salmon go well with raclette. Around then lined up bowls of side dishes.

Among the classics:

  • onions
  • Corn
  • Mini corn on the cob
  • diced bacon
  • cornichons

But also other vegetables like:

  • paprika
  • zucchini
  • mushrooms
  • asparagus
  • olives

taste delicious combined with potatoes and cheese zerlaufenen. Plus something fresh pepper or a fruity note thanks mango - also tastes great! With all your favorite ingredients of your imagination knows no boundaries.

Added: Raclette is not a low-carb dish - but it's worth every sin. Be inspired by our recipes!

Our favorite recipes for raclette

Raclette pans potato Olive

raclette pans-potato-olive.jpg© Thomas Neckermann

Potatoes, olives and dried tomatoes bring Mediterranean flair into your raclette pans. This variant is even calorie, low fat, but that is indeed today anyway not! To the recipe: raclette pans potato Olive

Raclette pans corn-bacon

raclette pans-corn-speck.jpg

Corn we know as classic ingredient for raclette. Here we combine it rustic and hearty with bacon and braised onions. This can be seen. To the recipe: raclette pans corn-bacon

Raclette pans fig Peanut

raclette pans-cowardly-erdnuss.jpg© Thomas Neckermann

Figs we had before and never in raclette pans. But with peanuts and (dare!) With lavender flowers is a pan's for real connoisseurs. To the recipe: raclette pans fig Peanut

Appetizers for the ocean

Raclette: Recipes for a cozy evening© Thomas Neckermann

Raclette it sizzles seductively not only in the pan. Also up in the ocean, you can prepare all sorts of delicacies. We've got a few ideas for you: stuffed pancakes parcels Polentaküchlein, bacon and pear skewers, ginger shrimp skewers, sausage skewers

Inserts for Raclette

Delicious side dishes for raclette and fondue© Thomas Neckermann

There you have the salad - and the salsa: Vitamins tired thanks leaf salad with cherry vinaigrette (top right), lentil salad with pomegranate seeds (below) and two fruit salsa, even mango salsa (center) and (Grapefruit Salsa top left ).

Quick dips for raclette and fondue

These four dips homemade are the icing on the cake for your raclette evening, but are also quite wonderful to fondue. And the best: In just 40 minutes, they are neatly lined up on your table. Click here for the recipes for the cocktail sauce, the coconut-peanut sauce, honey mustard dip and herb dip.

Photos: Thomas Neckermann Production: Marion Swoboda Styling: Gerd Sommerlade