Workouts: abdomen, legs, buttocks: The best exercises for the home |

BBP - for many women these are the magical three letters. After all, abdomen, legs and buttocks are also the regions that make us to create the most, and are often considered problem areas. This is of course just for men, in which likes to show a beer belly of a certain age. A flat stomach or a tight downside are placed very few people in the cradle - so here it is important to train hard in itself. We have selected the best Tummy exercises and more for you.

Most exercises can be made from your home and if you buy you also free weights or dumbbells for training. Everything you need for this is the right exercise program, a bottle of water and a mat. Whether in your living room or in the gym: You should always be motivated and make the training exercises concentrated. Please leave no repeats or completely miss a Week - only who does regular exercise will achieve success on the stomach, legs and buttocks. But what exercises actually belong to the basics?

With these exercises for abs, legs and butt her your goal is one step closer.