Christening: 30 gift ideas for baptism and birth

Most christening gifts and gift ideas for birth, we have put together in this range for you. Get inspired.

Beautiful ideas for christening gifts

Whether you are first loaded Babywatching after birth or baptism large celebration with 50 guests - the question for a nice gift for the baby pushes all of us at some point to.

Christening gifts from godparents

The basic rule for Taufgeschenken: It may be a gift with a religious character - but not have to. Godparents are perhaps more like a personalized or symbolic gift look, for example after a Taufring with engraving or a sweet guardian angel with the baptismal verse.

Christening gifts from relatives and friends

The relationship already invested time into a bigger thing for the nursery and friends in turn give more bric for the child, which also are still virtually at best.

Gift ideas for babies and mothers

We have a few gift ideas for the person being baptized collected for you - from the nice souvenirs to beautiful baby room furniture or toys. The gifts are also great for the first baby visit. Everything you can order online.

Oh, and one more tip: Do not forget at the gifts the mother! Especially right after birth is exhausted women appreciate a little attention.