Caipirinha: We have the best recipe

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Caipirinha is one of the great classic cocktail: a simple basic recipe to great effect. Of lime, sugar cane, cachaça and crushed ice a Sour that tastes wonderfully refreshing arises. He is not too sweet, pleasantly sour and delightfully summery carefree. The caipirinha is therefore in the cocktail bar just duty as private cocktail evenings with you at home. He succeeds, we have the perfect recipe for you.

Where does the caipirinha?

The name Caipirinha is the diminutive form of the Brazilian word Caipira, which roughly means "country bumpkin" or "babe in the woods" - and indeed the cult cocktail was (and current Brazilian national drink) for the first time in the rural upper class Brazilian appeal. Only after the First World War, the caipirinha began its worldwide success, which continues unabated to this day.

There are now next to the classic version, which is made with cachaça, also several variations, including those that are mixed with vodka (Caipirinha de Vodka, known as Caipiroska) and those with red wine (caipirinha de Vinho). Also, the Mojito is really just a variant of caipirinhas. But he is prepared with Cuban rum and mint.

Caipirinha and cachaça - a love story

For those who prefer the traditional caipirinha, for Cachaça (as Pitú) must, set a cachaça from Brazil, aged in barrels and colorless to golden yellow appears. Because the spirit, if not matured, but hardly tastes like sugar cane, is used in this country instead of the usual Brazilian white refined sugar, brown sugar cane. He will bring back what has been lost sugar cane liquor.

A pleasant side effect: the coarse sugar dissolves slowly and ensures that the drink tastes sweet only shortly before the end. Forming a beautiful contrast to the acidic flavors, initially dominated by the Sour cocktail.

There is more delicious cocktail recipes for your cocktail party and here is the recipe for a Caipirinha punch.