Healthy recipes for weight loss

It is great as an appetizer or light snack - this oriental taste experience must try her absolutely.

Recipes for losing weight - tasty and varied

You want to save calories, but not without pleasure? Then our recipes for losing weight is just right for you are. Whether with vegetables, fruit, fish or meat: Every recipe tastes delicious and contains different ingredients, so that during a diet not be bored in the kitchen coming up. So you is a varied diet guarantees. Why not sip a smoothie for breakfast or start the day with an extra dose of protein? Carbohydrates are allowed, of course, though in moderation and if possible in the evening. For a snack after work, we have prepared a suitable low-carb recipes.

Do not worry, you are allowed to cook because there is more than just salad. Which also salad - combined with crisp peppers or with the figure wonder Avocado - can be a real treat. Speaking Avocado: The Mexican super fruit is the best proof that fat is not prohibited, if you want to lose weight. Because there are also good fat that even promotes fat loss - and on top of that fills you up for long. Fat can help you lose weight and is better than carbohydrates during a diet as an energy source. So it's not just the calories, but also where the calories come from.

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