6 records that are more important than “I love you”

"I love you". "Ti amo". "Je t'aime". "Ich liebe dich" ... most couples tell each other the magic three words after about five months. Even romantic movies almost never come without the magic three words (or knows her a?).

In everyday life, but we hear often times formulations that describe more concretely what the other feels. No hackneyed love spells, but authentic proofs of love! And if you think about times exactly, these are even more valuable than the typical "I love you",

Even if you are not too "I love you" listen, you can feel loved well. But still are great tokens of love and phrases that are made up of other words - by deeds, gestures.

You are my number 1

Job, mother, father, sister, friends, yoga, soccer ... Every person needs more than just the relationship. However, it should not be tantamount to that the partner under "also ran" alongside running. "You are the most important!" is therefore a fundamental set for love. And one of the most beautiful proof of love.

I want you, the way you are

The other can talk perfectly you look only at the first infatuation. After that, shows that he is vulnerable, embarrassed or otherwise sometimes, as one would like. Who can then say "I want you, the way you are"Proves that he is concerned with the partners and not only to their own wish fulfillment.

I trust you

Only when we trust the other, we can open ourselves. The sentence "I trust you" shows that we are ready, the nuclear safety system to scrap to our heart. This requires more courage than one "I love you",

I forgive you

In love we are hurting us again and again, writes couples therapist Oskar Holzberg in his columns. Who can forgive is yourself and the other new opportunities. A real proof of love.

I respect you

Oddly enough, many people respect everyone and everything around him, but with their partner they behave pejorative. Just why? Who "I respect you" can say and also lives, makes it better than many others.

I protect you

Also, if we really can protect us quite well themselves - this sentence resolves security from. This can be a better feeling than receiving a lump sum "I love you", 

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