This 10-minute workout trains your pelvic floor

exercise regularly train the shown six exercises regularly to strengthen the pelvic floor. Succeed immediately, be patient - each time it works better. By the way: The training not only helps those affected, from about 30 can thus also prevent fine. ranging from ten minutes daily.

lift properly further pose as beck wide before lifting objects something that the article is about the feet. Knees bent, extended butt back and keeping your back straight. Now come up with power from the legs - and simultaneously tighten the pelvic floor.

Coughing and sneezing In order to prevent the pelvic floor is heavily loaded unnecessarily occupy an upright position as possible - and then cough over the shoulder to the back up or sneeze.

drink enough Women with bladder control problems often take less fluid intake to prevent the leakage of urine. When the bladder is never filled properly, the pelvic floor remains inactive and is thus especially weaker.

go to the toilet Do not go in very small quantities, otherwise there is the bubble out of practice. During bowel movements back own upper body, the abdominal muscles assist the bowel. Also slightly rocking back and forth is okay, but never too much press.

Why is the pelvic floor so important?

A well-trained biceps - dream of many women. There are in our body muscles that are far more important. For our health, our energy, our presence and our joy of life. But these muscles work in secret, unnoticed and taboo - our pelvic floor muscles.

Even those who know, usually does not care about them. Only when they limp does, we realize what it does every day for us. For the palm-sized, three-layer muscles can effectively be closed far more than our pelvic outlet. "The pelvic floor (pelvic) is the power center in the middle of our body"Says Irene Lang-Reeves, 49, a biologist and naturopath with years of experience in body psychotherapy. "Who activated it can change his life completely. It is powerful, fitter, better mood and just feel younger." The pelvic floor connects feet and legs to the upper body and directs us. These muscles around the pubic bone is the key to all our movements, good posture to dynamic, stable equilibrium and harmonious coordination.

If it is strong and active, a healthy tension builds up in the body. Our movements are fluid, we stand firmly on the ground, in the shoulders but loose, open and free to the top. "I move deliberately from the basin bottom out, changed the tone of the entire core muscles", The expert advice of Irene Lang-Reeves. "the abdomen is flat in two seconds, the insides of the thighs are lifted. I am dynamic, feel better and look better immediately."

Such an attitude radiates not only beauty and strength, making them also psychologically resilient, more stable, more relaxed. And it provides us with energy. For the Asian movement teachings nothing new. Whether yoga, Qi Gong, or Aikido, they all use the active pelvic floor - even if they call this force different - to improve the flow of vital energy. "Measurements have shown", Says the expert, "that targeted strain of the PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) increasingly makes up the brain flow in the pelvic floor energy over the spinal cord. So an active pelvic floor works as a kind of dynamo - by moving it invites the whole body."

Reason enough to train the pelvic floor muscles regularly. Best before the first show weaknesses - especially before the estrogen decline can be too much slack in menopause him and incontinence threaten a bladder prolapse or uterine prolapse. And best so that the pelvic floor exercises can be integrated into everyday life. Walking, climbing stairs, lifting box, gardening, anything can train the pelvic floor when we first had to get a feel for the necessary tension there. Initially, therefore, it makes sense to consciously take a little time for practice to get to know this unknown area of ​​the body better.

The ten pelvic floor exercises of our program, the Irene Lang-Reeves has put together especially for BRIGITTE WOMAN, are perfectly suitable. Much of it is suitable for everyday use, it can be easily pass between later. In all the exercises the pelvis should be fixed, while the upper body, shoulders and neck remain free and easy. Who has the feeling that when tension of the pelvic floor more to be drawn up, making it just right. However, anyone who thinks to be smaller, and feels squeezed, pressed on with the abdominal muscles to tense rather than the muscles in the pelvic floor. Then, less is more: more tense at half strength and they increase only slowly. "The exercises should feel powerful, but never unpleasantly"Says the pelvic floor expert. "Who discovered 'lust for power' is the winner. To activate our Power Center is doing really well even while practicing."

Pelvic floor exercises with videos to follow suit


Sit on your chair, the upper body is straight and only very slightly forward, feet hip-width apart standing, right leg is placed slightly to the outside. The body is on the go. This dynamic position automatically activates your body basis. You can reinforce effective: Inhale. Then draw upon exhaling your buttock together, spun the pelvic floor awareness and push you off your feet forth powerfully high in the state After getting up you doing now a step forward to the side.. The result is a smooth rotary motion. If you sit back, you put your left leg outward.

Repeat the process on each side ten times. The more you nutzst the power of your muscles in the pelvis, the easier this exercise. You feel energetic and alive.

table time

Take front of a table space. He should be so heavy that it can not be easy to push away. Sit back on the front edge of the chair, the back is upright, the pelvis slightly forward, the feet are in step position. Inhale and barrel with your hands on the table edge. Exhale, pull your buttock together and press firmly against the table. Your center of gravity should be doing in the pelvis, shoulders and neck remain relaxed. The feet must participate. then to the inhalation you solve the pressure. The next time you exhale, you try to refer to the table to you.

Repeat this ten times alternately. This exercise can be done at your desk well in between. Those who want to strengthen them, can hold pressure and train each for several breaths - perhaps even with the maximum possible force. While remaining always nice loose in the torso.


Strength exercises while lying down is best for muscle building. Lie on your back and alternate legs on. The neck is long, if necessary you put a flat pillow under your head. Let loose fall apart your legs in a straddle, the soles of the feet are together. This straddle need not be very far.

If you have problems with the hip joints should be packed pillow under your knees. If you are lying comfortably, you breathe deeply and relaxed one in the stomach. On the exhale you schmiegst your lower back deliberately to the ground, span your pelvic floor strong - the buttock strive towards each other - and press the soles of the feet together. On the next inhalation you relax again.

this movement Repeat ten times. Then your pelvic floor do not begrudge a little break before you plug in a second round.

Power heels

Yet a power exercise: Again lie comfortably on the back, placed in the legs hüftbreitem distance, the upper and lower legs form a right angle. Parking on the heels, toes pointing upwards. Inhale deeply into the abdomen. On the exhale you schmiegst your lower back on the floor, spannst to the pelvic floor, shove the buttock toward and pressing simultaneously the heels of strong straight down. On the next inhalation you solve this power back, pelvis rolled back. Do again intervening even in this movement two rounds, each with ten repetitions and a little break.


Now your pelvic floor is a little stronger activated. Begin this exercise as "Power heels", After you have pressed the pelvic floor tense and the heels straight down, you lift the pelvis and right leg - angled such as it is - something off the ground. Your arms are as a support on the side of the body. The pelvis is tilted, not rolled up, and it should not wobble to the side when you lift the leg. Keep breathing and hold the tension in the pelvic floor about 20 seconds. You then place off the foot and relax yourself two to three breaths.

Repeat this movement with the other leg, a total of five times with each side. Those who prefer more dynamic, can travel with the upper leg wheel - please in slow motion, so you can keep the tension and concentrated. Or you stretch the upscale leg forward and hold it just above the ground. The tension in the pelvic floor should be retained.


After weight training coordination now comes. Are you good stand on one leg? Balance exercises train the pelvic floor wonderful. Conversely, it stabilizes the body and helps to maintain balance. Try it: Stand straight and loose back, legs slightly apart, knees slightly bends. Activate your pelvic floor, then shift your weight to your left leg and slowly raise your right leg on. The upper body you bend forwards. Make sure that the back is not rounded - your pelvic floor would thereby lose its tension. And do not challenge you.

To train the pelvic floor, it does not matter how much you stretch your leg. do not go further than you can do it with a stable position. But try to keep the leg 30 seconds in the air. If you want to turn it slightly and move the leg and foot, which is just fine. Or you stretch the leg alternating and dragging it back. If you like, the leg can also stretch away to the front. Just play with this movement - and your pelvic floor.


Stair climbing is the ultimate everyday workout for your pelvic floor. Set best only the forefoot to the stage, on wove your pelvic floor and use its power to repel you with the respective lower foot. If it takes you right to the top, you've got the hang of. You'll be amazed how energetic and fresh you feel after such a dynamic rise.

More enjoy sex due to pelvic floor training

BRIGITTE WOMAN: Is it true that a training of the pelvic floor affects sexuality?

IRENE LANG REEVES: Yes. The exercises strengthen the muscles in the pelvis, promote blood circulation and infl Ussen possibly also the pudendal nerve, the main nerve in the pelvis, cheap. Often the libido increases, the clitoris is more sensitive to stimulation, and orgasm improved. But above all, feel women her abdomen, the center of her womanhood, much more conscious and more intense. They discover the psychic abilities of her body new and better determine their sexuality itself. Who really feels in his pool at home, simply has more pleasure from sex. Women who regularly do pelvic floor exercises do not need artificial stimulation. And many men no longer Viagra.

Can such exercises with longtime couples improve your love life?

Especially with this. By the estrogen drop during menopause desire decreases for sex. Nevertheless, many couples still feel attracted to each other with deep affection. Regular pelvic floor exercises will help them to enjoy a mature sexuality without strong desire, often until well into old age.

What exercises increase desire and passion especially well?

All very specific contractions in the region of the pelvic floor. Women who Toggle their muscles precisely there and relax again without tense about to increase their own Lustempfi ends and that of her partner.

What do you mean?

Not only for the woman herself, even for the man it is very pleasurable when they are actively using their pelvic muscles during lovemaking. The result is a kind of intimate dialogue between the sexual organs. And these active role gives women a greater sex appeal. Sex is, after more than muscle work.

Who can help with problems?

One of the last medical taboos according to the World Health Organization (WHO) urinary incontinence, usually triggered by a weak pelvic floor: At least one in five German women over 25 is having difficulty with an increased urinary urgency and incontinence. However, despite great suffering and good Healing chances just 60 percent of those going to the doctor, according to a study of the Woman's Health Coalition. We asked the physiotherapist and pelvic floor expert Franziska Liesner which women most often symptoms are, what they should be in everyday life - and what are the biggest mistakes.

BRIGITTE: What women have problems with their pelvic floor?

FRANZISKA LIESNEROn the one hand young women who are pregnant and young mothers whose pelvic floor has been stretched by pregnancy and birth, so he is quite weak now - and is still burdened by many, often incorrect wearing of baby and child seat. But there are also women who have no children, but so are at work under tension that her whole body tense and the pelvic floor muscles no longer remains loose. Then there is a so-called Beckenbodenspastik that can be ability to sense, among others, in abdominal pain, menstrual disorders and continence problems.

In addition, the pelvic floor in old age may be weaker - this is due, among other things with the altered hormonal balance. Also, obesity and a general weakness of connective tissue can be the cause. In all cases, we show our patients special exercises and techniques that will help them in everyday life.

As it turned out the problems?

It is usually so loose that the women feel somehow limp, and then comes slowly a slight bladder weakness added: At first you might lose a single drop, after a year there are suddenly two - and at some point the women finally begin their align entire life on the sport to the beach trip.

Are there any other symptoms?

There is often tension in the back, neck and spine. In addition, abdominal pain and indigestion may occur - even hemorrhoids are caused by problems with the pelvic floor.

With timely treatment one has good chances of success. Why are not more women to the doctor?

Many women simply do not dare to talk about incontinence - especially not with their doctor or targeted counseling centers. And they bring to the courage, it is not always easy to find the right doctor. Many of my patients have a right odyssey before they come to me.

And what about the midwives?

The first six to eight weeks after birth, where they usually take care of the women, it is of course primarily about the baby and how it will fulfill properly - does not leave much time for the pelvic floor training. In addition, is sometimes said that one should not do anything in the first eight weeks. But this is wrong: you can immediately begin using the pelvic floor exercises, but very gently.

Who is the right partner?

There are gynecologists, a "urogynecologic" Education have, so be familiar with this area particularly well - but also urologists and proctologist can help. In many large cities, there are also pelvic floor centers. And now more and more physical therapists specialize on the pelvic floor.

Are there sports, to which one would be better without?

In general, all for which is stopped on the move, such as tennis or squash. But even with abdominal exercises should be careful: in order not to strain the pelvic floor doing too much, he must be tense - but do that very few women properly. Good, however, are as cycling, Nordic walking or swimming.

Is it true that a fit pelvic floor increases the desire for sex?

Just after the birth of the vaginal muscle is often so soft that sex brings no more fun or even hurts; with special strengthening exercises to sexual pleasure can be increased and you get an orgasm more easily.

Can also overdo it?

Yes, if you tense the pelvic floor permanently - so it is very important also to let the muscles in between some loose.

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