prepare potatoes

cook potatoes is quite simple - with the tips of cooking professionals from the BRIGITTE kitchen. We'll show you step by step in the video and answer any questions about the perfect roast potatoes.

Fried potatoes for 4 servings

Completed in 80 min


  • 1 kg potatoes (small, waxy)
  • salt
  • 100 grams of bacon (smoked and mixed; sliced)
  • 1 onion
  • 50 grams of butter


  1. Brush the potatoes thoroughly and cook with dish about 20 minutes in salted water. Let evaporate shortly pour off and remove the bowl from the hot potatoes. Potatoes completely cool down (preferably overnight) then cut and about 3-4 mm thick and uniform potato slices.
  2. Cut the bacon into about 4 mm cubes. Peel the onion and chop also. Heat the clarified butter in a large skillet strong. the potatoes to the pan and fry brown on the bottom.
  3. Reduce heat, pan frying pan and turn the potatoes there. As possible without stirring because the discs then break fast. When all the potatoes are lightly browned around, sprinkle bacon and onions over the potatoes. The fried potatoes with repeated pan fry over. add salt at the end. Watch the bacon is salty!

Tip: Potatoes need in the pan "rustle"That is, they should be crispy and not greasy. All they need sufficient time at least 20 minutes, fried in the pan and swung.

Fried potatoes - crispy, delicious, versatile!

  • Fried potatoes with dried tomatoes
  • Roast beef with roast potatoes and Remoulde 
  • Fried potato salad

...there are many delicious recipes with the fried potatoes. Here you learn how they are guaranteed to work!

Potatoes: potatoes What?

For potatoes are best waxy potatoes are. They do not contain quite as much strength and, therefore, keep cooking its structure. The following varieties are recommended: trout, Hansa, Linda, Sieglinde, Nicola, Cilena.

Boil the potatoes for potatoes

For potatoes small and equally large potato tubers are best suited. With a brush, the tubers should be thoroughly brushed off. Then allowed to boil in salted water for about 20 minutes it. For cooking water a teaspoon of cumin or a bay leaf can be added at will, too. The potatoes are cooked when they are easy to insert and stick to the knife.

After cooking, the tubers are cast. As long as they are still as hot as possible, the shell will be deducted. Thus, the water can evaporate better - they are solid and can be better later cut into slices. The peeled potatoes have to cool completely or better yet, a night stand in the refrigerator so that they are well cooled.

Potatoes cut for potatoes

The potatoes are cut into about three to four millimeters thick and uniform slices. If the potato slices thinner, they break easily. The more uniform the potato slices are, the more even can fry them, too.

The right pan for fried potatoes

For crispy fried potatoes as large a pan will be taken so that each individual Bratkartoffel contact with the ground and can be beautifully crisp. In addition, a thick pan bottom is important that stores a lot of heat and they also distributed equally - otherwise the potatoes burning in a corner. Cast iron is great, but is rarely used and is too heavy to swing. Well are coated pans in which nothing sticking, but nevertheless can be heated up.

The right grease for crispy fried potatoes

Because the fat has to be very hot, are best clarified butter, a tasteless vegetable oil or a mixture of butter and oil. Before the potatoes come into the pan, the fat must be very hot. Was that fat is not hot enough, the potatoes are greasy: They drink their fill and are no longer brown.

Fried potatoes Preparation:

Potatoes: cook potatoes

The potatoes are added to the fat in the pan and fry once left until the pieces on the pan bottom is brown. Brown the slices, take the Pfannenstiel in both hands and toss the potatoes with a graceful curve slightly and collect in the pan again. Avoid stir with a spatula because the discs are easily broken it. The pan is the best practice beforehand with a lemon slice in the pan.

Bacon and onions to potatoes

Potatoes: cook potatoes

For potatoes will be smoked and streaky bacon, which is cut into about four millimeters cubes. Tip: Do not take Bacon because the thin disks are fast hard. Pull off the onion, halved and cut into uniform cubes - they should be about the size of the bacon.

Bacon and onions are not added until the potatoes are lightly browned. Sprinkle the cubes over the whole pan, so that it spreads easily before the next panning. While the bacon should be brown on the outside but still soft as possible. He fry too long, the dice are hard. The onions are perfect if they are translucent and lightly browned at the edges.

season potatoes

the potatoes get the bacon already quite a bit of salt, but often not enough. Thus, one should try short and possibly seasoning. Sprinkle salt and pepper for this purpose over the pan and finely distributed.

keep warm potatoes

If you pre-frying the potatoes and then want to keep warm, the light-brown potatoes can be put into the drip pan of the oven and kept hot at about 100 degrees. Shortly before the potatoes are to be served, they will again briefly roasted crispy in the pan.

Professional tips for potatoes by Lea Linster

Professional chef Lea Linster tells how she should prepare ham with fried potatoes for nearly 80 people. Since, however, loomed a bottleneck in the ham, the potatoes had to be especially delicious as a side dish. No problem for the cook, for their fried potatoes were a hit: "So I had to peel a ton of potatoes and then chop coarsely. They were then placed in many big pots in cold, lightly salted water, because you can not cook too many together, because otherwise they easily fall apart."

For the next steps Lea Linster advises: "So, the potatoes are boiled and then cooked not too soft at low heat. They are then poured off and give off. Then peanut oil in a large skillet (cast iron or Teflon for small quantities), reintun the potatoes and fry until golden brown." So that the potatoes are really nice and crispy, emphasizes the professional cook: "Only stir when they are already cooked!",

For the last steps Lea Linster has prepared a few tips: "I then did all the fried potatoes on large baking sheets and abundant with Bay leaves sprinkled. Finally, I pushed sheet as the potatoes in the oven, where they get a very pleasant crust." The result could be truly impressive: "The bill passed on fully, I believe, never before had our fried potatoes such success, and the ham was cut beautifully thin, and it did not notice that it was so rare."

For storage of potatoes Lea Linster recommends: "Store potatoes dark and cold place, otherwise they germinate quickly. And get out of the plastic bag so they do not rot."

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