Annual Horoscope 2016

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Capricorn 12.22. - 01.20.

Ruler: Saturn Element: Earth

Their sound 2016: After Hours inner turmoil, you might have sometimes brought to their limits, but also trigger were to name the latter new, a stabilizing Jupiter vibration brings back more to himself parallel in contact with your steadfast strength.. At least, that issue until September, from then refreshed and mixes a Jupiter-voltage, the being and becoming more intensively and stimulates new thinking.

And since no fate can unfold without a cosmic intention behind it prevails, you will also in 2016 whether gentle or stormy, all Capricorn-like benefit tremendously from the impulses. Your archetypal advantage is everything you come across to use to generate growth. Experiences of all stripes are creating themselves the cosmic plan in accordance with the matrix, your life and. Since 2016 Pluto, the astrological builder, especially useful in action, and he does not give up with minimally invasive procedures satisfied, but flanked by Uranus, which can be challenging and rebellious, ever shake strongly to desolate ground.

Here and there, a daring new creation could stand in line. For your own good, because comprehensive makeover is not to build the house of life on sand. How well that both Pluto pretending cosmic 2,016 clock and direction and Uranus, are astrological slow runner. They initiate long-running processes, also for the chance to offer to let the soul come in the changes.

As you get your very special privilege to be able to keep new initiatives powerfully and make for a long time, neither victim distraction to fall, nor to weaken, good stead. Quite in your sense, Jupiter, which is the parent to September Virgo sign a soothing quality but opens in the house the highest inspiration and vision quest in parallel for new, untried ways of life reigns. Exploring new horizons - inspired, curious, but always in touch with reality - is Jupiter offer. Saturn, its antagonist, is also in the game and gets in the House of unconscious imprints, including the Freud`schen failures to deeper mindfulness in order not to let ambition get out of hand, but not devalue as negative.

Entitlement to work out a unique profession to make talents for useful tool, but not to transfer recognition desires control of your actions is commended intimately. Heart's desire is 2016 to form a new self. This requires to stay with your own higher self in close contact, knows the origin and destination. to let embrace of life, is also willing to accept this as a cosmic gift that would be a salutary enrichment just for you. Lust and Love: encounters have 2016 a special magic and healing function. Pluto is at work and offers the full range of what relationship, mirroring the opposite, in a variety of processes that includes and starts to move. By September, a weighted Jupiter helps emotionally capture in too disturbing situations again and go along anyway in the flow of the action. to attend mindful of cosmic wisdom, which says that nothing is good or bad, everything is enriching experience, helps to maintain equanimity in turbulent times.

In addition, the Jupiter impulses come from the preferred sector visionary development of relations. This opens the eye for it not to remain Pluto initiated to entangle in transference and countertransference or even stuck in feelings that represent family systemic mood. They may have color one's reactions unconsciously, but to do with the actual state only in the sense of acquired embossing or repeat loops. Especially under Pluto Uranus solve situations and encounters almost animalistic, yet well tamed feelings, even dark, abgedrängte because negatively evaluated emotions such as aggression, anger, ignorance, intolerance. Everything that is not perceived in their own image and is not welcome, is often imposed in the projection partner.

How fortunate that Jupiter calls to relativize and encouraged to go to the self-awareness to get away from the idea of ​​having to formulate accusations, the other, but also towards oneself. to bring empathy and self empathy always in balance, to cultivate and to repeat mantra-like, is beneficial to separate guilt and recrimination of love. Self-love is a key concept, since Saturn dwells in the house of carefully repressed pain and also of unconscious self-destruction. Even archetypal They are often quite strict with.

to change this, to get rid of self-restraint, to make room for fantasies, dreams, desires, and the social and familiensystemisch not so positive connotations, 2016 program. to let float freely longing, amounts to a true liberation of their own Titan. But in the 12th Field live well known, even the demons that sabotage own will to attack the self-worth, suggest the opposite enemies to fall into a self-imposed, but unintended, inner Immigration thereby. includes a condition that you might be familiar from earlier phases and now flares up painful but healing potential.

Stay connected with your feelings in contact in order to get the inner tormentors on the track and send them into retirement. Because Pluto in 2016 is actually in a wonderful mission at your side. to bring the relationship between two people through genuine show of their own will to new, deeper desire and sensuality to passion and dedication is his intention. From September Jupiter flooded with emotional, karmic encounters that can add to the love and the ability to relate a new dimension. to experience sensations sky storming and directly, from September Jupiter idea, but requires to set the filter rational analysis suspended. Feelings can not explain the love is always right. And who thinks Pluto at about separation, should consider where there was too little: to closeness, intimacy, understanding and devotion. The purpose: protection mechanisms that have become unnecessary break down and dissolve. All planning to love carefully and manageable, can be completely undermined. What you have not dared to live, could now become the inevitable, only possible variant. And emotions outshine everything like a Bengal fireworks, even the so-called reason.

Professional career: Occupation must represent appeal to you and your career is to understand not taboo word. but that's not synonymous with tough, unconditional whiz-airs. Compassion and Planning, responsible approach, to experience things in a larger context, is your privilege. This advantage is also Pluto forced enforcement at work which in 2016 also want to express yourself in the job and needs, your principle as that is our biggest asset.

Nevertheless, Uranus calls for major upheavals and rigorous course changes in your actions, a new definition of desirable positions in professional and social contact. Not without higher, purposeful meaning and pure Befreiungswut out. But certainly Uranus specifically deliver the nail on the head of the self-imposed limitations that may have arisen from familiensystemisch formulated values ​​such as personal achievements not common good, not to make too much to the fore. The inner revolutionaries, who is also part of your personality team is currently somewhat wild way and drives them to ask all internalized and pressed-value terms in question.

The roots extract, and the parental pre-drawn house of thought and wishing to leave the expectations of life, is now program. And from this a new horizon of opportunities and possibilities open up. The up to September are still in an inspiring preparation. Timing is not everything, but helpful. Jupiter goes through to September the area of ​​opportunity and suggests to focus on what has been perceived as too large as a track because fear of their own particularity removal Advertisements, has dimmed the room for maneuver. Vivid, colorful and very enriching impressions can now collected abroad and widen the horizon of own development opportunities.

For some ibex the ultimate opportunity could right there waiting for you. The university offers itself as well as the stage, no matter whether you work as a teacher, impart knowledge, inspire others or collect the missing, intellectual, creative puzzle pieces in a (second) -Studies here. Saturn resides in the home of the not yet fully formed potential of not really value Estimated and helps crystallize out where you are left with your capacities, not least because maybe the time was not yet ripe. Unnecessary adopted, as everything that delayed their professional as well as personal expansion, and both belong to you together necessarily.

Your work out very own heart target, is the right strategy thanks to Saturn, in order to prepare for the September: When Jupiter advances into the house of professional new presentation of grandiose success. And at times forms a spectacular power to Uranus! The latter is the promising aspect that offered to pack all previous ways of thinking aside and dare to reach for the stars with quite one. Not for nothing this transit has a flowery description: The Cosmic Wunschtor is open. Who rises far above himself and holds out the successes enjoys cosmic sponsorship. And big changes sometimes go hand in hand with a change of location. Travel, to be ready to leave, is an advantage.

Body-Soul: Rapid developments and life redesigns that can reach every corner of your being and relate to, have it in them and act not only - in the golden sense - transforming, but can sometimes go a little to the substance. And, although you have a Capricorn with extraordinary strength and toughness. The latter is your cosmic birthday present, but should not be overused excessively well please.

That's why your birth ruler Saturn excited now lovingly to more mindful dealing with yourself and your own life forces. And since determination and professional, meaningful expansion in 2016 are the focus, the question becomes acute, how much you all this is worth it. What do you want to invest in energy, time and concentration? How important is it for you to put professionally new standards? What is gained, what is lost? When viewed from the level of the soul? Important points, especially at Pluto Uranus comes life is not one-dimensional and only entrusted with a task. And your body-soul balance under Saturn is not automatic in verquerem distance 2016th

Always positive affects now to bring all projects with the song of the soul in harmony, not to act against internal intentions to take the quietly admonishing voices that call for self-reflection, to pause seriously. Meditation, especially practiced in Zen Buddhist sense or yoga, like in Sri Lanka or other spiritual places of power, now has more salutary effect. set up an interior garden to visit this in phases of high voltage has to come to peace with himself not to sacrifice the essence of the inessential the effect. Soul balance is more important to you than glamor.

Great moments: 14./15.Januar 2016 lancer immediately in top shape, offer the greatest opportunities. In networks to appear, your specialty.

07/08. February with the heart to feel, not only in 2016 but also to think, saved from himself reamed in senseless power struggles.

21-22. April 2016 temperament and impetuosity can bring a refreshing note into life if you stay wife of the situation!

01/02. June 2016 passion you recorded and can predispose the love life to attraction, but also for an amour fou.

11./12./13. September 2016 Professional, the red carpet might come in sight. And love? A wild affair, heart storms included.

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Aquarius 21.01. - 02.19.

Ruler: Uranus, Saturn also traditionally Element: Air

Their sound 2016: At first glance, the cosmos seems to offer you a recovery period, a breathing space to process all the impulses and impressions from previous detail and classify. There's a little something to it, but if you go astrology in depth, shows that subliminally's a lot of moving. And just in the iron and unspectacular an unexpected growth potential lies hidden. Pluto and Neptune are located in Halbsextil, an exciting aspect that comes up suddenly after hours quiet Thither flow with surprises. Events can flood, Rounded be virulent again apparently.

Emotions and ideas, of which you have hitherto little known about fall. Or deep Abgedrängtes in dark or secret soul chambers urging from its slumber to life. Jupiter in the House of untamed feelings play with, and even if the latter may only times come along civilized and moderate, lurking minor surface but a tremendous thrust. And that's good. Nothing pushes the emotional life as well as the aspects mentioned, precisely because suddenly unfolding dynamics of apparent immobility. But you fear nothing!

Now what is expressed are internal, intensive nature of shares you have therefore kept under observation, because you already have liked exuberant feelings under control. A protection you have developed in childhood, but which is now perhaps become superfluous. And since you specifically like to practice avoiding pain with intellectual acrobatics and linguistic brilliance by only heranlassen that in itself, what you can affairs well and parry, the development impetus in 2016 laminated therefore.

With the intention that you will be left in the outside world authentic, self-determined and with loving self-acceptance. Early fears Embossed you get on the track. Hedging and financial worries that you have located more in the other, are now aware of and possibly gently dissolved. Because Neptune shows that all commit is written only waste in running water. Who lets go confidently to the find the right thing by itself. Pluto and Jupiter recall that obligation inlets, so far your favorite, is merely a form of self reassurance. Since 2016 connections are made, which have always existed in the interior, make internal karmic patterns alive, but are invisible to the outer eye. Love is always a mystery that goes beyond time and space, and indeed exactly constitutes its uniqueness and charm.

Lust and love: to experience Love as transforming power, is the enriching knowledge, which holds 2,016 for you. What do you have established in the last year on new bands, discovered at new love magic, can now get under Jupiter in the House of genuine devotion and surrender own tangibility, a new depth and a liability which is given a special magic through intimacy that holds, but does not constitute restraints. Besides the erotic variety, because the eighth house opens imagination and sense especially for the more taboo sat dark side of pleasure.

But since the eroticism is also part of the sexual self-expression, is also a trigger for spiritual growth, you can make enormous experience of revelations in this exciting, sometimes unknown land of pleasure, even over the hidden self. to feel yourself on the exchange with the new partners, is indeed a risk for the Aquarius, but has a tremendous appeal. And even if it goes with it, bumping into inner defense mechanisms, you should not avoid. to break through this, is intent and opportunity of this transit! Early Embossed fears you should meet openly as the needy inner child who did not knew what to do differently, deep push away as his pain, to go into rebellion, refusal or withdrawal, always linger to attention, to check that no one the built invisible precincts exceeds. Pluto in the house of the unconscious supports this awareness process, makes influences from earlier phase plastic and connects to the ancestral history which can often cast a long shadow.

Who unconsciously acting out a part of the family karma, roles and expectations operated, the Altvordere have passed unfulfilled, can see through the 2016 and return what does not belong to you and prevents genuine happiness in love. to live the life of another, is an absurdity that can emotionally handle and of course as a result of the hunting ground and the ability to relate imprinted with independent, conventions negative Aquarius born. so the work on the unsaved, particularly in relationship happening is 2,016 cosmic angedachtes program. to recognize complications and to identify where the one desire, the other host or provoke people you really love, unconsciously send aware on the trip, is a crux that you should not be unknown, but 2016 is recognizable.

Since Saturn and Uranus for feedback from friends and acquaintances care that can also cause a 'wow' factor, you are well equipped with a variety of internal and external impulses arise in order to find new, blissful relationship joy. But Saturn in the house of friends, and the group dynamics, team events, also has a different meaning. He points to any hidden vulnerabilities. Perhaps one or the other compound has changed to girlfriends and friends in your innermost being. Nothing remains as it is, to transform experience and may cause blades new strings. Contrasts are now visible and can be seen as invigorating. Or, if you feel harassed in the education of your own individuality, also be Trigger, in friendship, in both senses to let go.

Professional career: the satisfying knowledge that gives a view of a well-ordered Acker, 2016 your privilege. Because under Saturn You have dared beginnings last year, drawn the necessary conclusions if your position has commanded your potential no development room or you had to keep your ingenuity to provoke not competition and envy.

Now it is entering a new phase: stabilization and compression are the magic words. Projects, but sketched creative expandable, with imagination and reprint the correct format to give the ideal shape is nice job. However, Pluto is in Halbsextil who made things too easy opportunities not completely exhausted, staff has not really understood in their intentions or see through, now gets the chance to make a salutary fine analysis. Corrections are included.

In the eleventh house, bored in the Saturn 2016, the rewards for past achievements and committed action waiting for you. There is also provided that the resubmission, which perfected or not in the spirit of your higher consciousness was designed. And expectations should not have completely satisfied or have rausgestellt as unattainable, you have the courage and the momentum to align your projects your ideals and yet to remain in relative close to the ground.

Even if you should be now and then disappointed by a colleague and find that your staff not go along quite as you had hoped, you can post the products safely under its own excessive expectations and projections instead of being bitter. After all, your exciting mantra: "Life is experiment", What is not immediately successful on the first cast, may later prove to be sparked to make a mental handstand, which then delivers the material to great new creation. Unorthodox, ingenious ideas are already in 2016 the cosmic gift, because Uranus encouraged to highly idealistic and sends suddenly mentors about the way that open access to new universes professional realization.

Formally driven by Uranian escape fast you ingenious plans to create new trends - in any case your archetypal preference. Inspiration can come true as the sky, is only important that you will not dissect intellectually, but to follow the flow of inspiration, without hesitation. Winners are known not lonely. Since you are on the road to success so quickly, there is no shortage of interested parties who want to participate in your work. Actually want to benefit ostensibly included riders who carried away from you even.

To differentiate who strengthened your Spirit and who by your genius, nourishes your forces and therefore robs energy, is part of mindfulness exercises that you should practice awareness. Because under Neptune in the house of the property and that includes your life force, it is easy to dock with you and to make use of your wealth. It is more blessed than receiving known, but must be a conscious process, but it is wholesome and has a spiritual value and good karma result. As of September gives Jupiter Fortune! Success, applause and confirmation are meant for you rich.

Body-Soul: Building a good body awareness and refine anyway a loving and life-saving measure, unless of course for you. But since 2016, life has a very unique flow, kidnap and events including unexpected events almost a daily routine, it should be to the beautiful duty.

2016 calls in particular the subtle Neptun to conscious observation, the collection of signals from the body and mind. not to place the perception in the outside as you are already hochsensorisch the road, and also on the reasonable addition, is commended. It's about you, your health and your mood! Which do not always correspond to what you assume to be standard state. Because Neptune attitude is to obscure the view, the capacity to interpret fined.

Chiron comes in and sensitized old weaknesses. In addition, Neptune equips with an oversized mercy. The latter must certainly be dosed in order to protect their own interests, your space and your demarcation. You should be worth! Their affinity with all who are on the verge of the so-called society, need the solidarity and practical support, all honor is worth, but it should now be more aligned with the actual state of your vitality. They are lively and 2,016 erratic temperament and zeal but is not synonymous with healthy vitality.

The latter is 2,016 for improvement, even your immune system benefits from constructive phases doing nothing. Idleness is not all evil, but helpful, body and soul to bring in positive response. durchzuorganisieren everyday life a little more to avoid that pressure developed by a jam of pending matters would be beneficial to keep the cardiovascular system in shape. Who suffers from diffuse malaise, should investigate the, run cause research and pick a reduced performance as a stimulus to condition the life of the current needs as friendly.

Great moments in 2016 21-22. February 2016 Without concept, easy to improvise again, but not to get stuck in temporaries, is cosmic offer.

23-24. April 2016 temerity furthers if opportunities that were actually long since given up internally come to the new edition.

14-15. May 2016 cultivate self-assessment, please. Even extremely flexible natures tend to bite into ideas. New approaches get things flowing.

21-22. July 2016 The love outshines everything, the cosmos presents world of opportunities and temptations with Verwirrfaktor.

11-12. October 2016 Professional is promising constellations depict. Resorting to what colorful, iridescent, like a bit comes crazy.

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Fish 20.2. - 20.03.

Ruler: Neptune, also traditionally Jupiter Element: Water

Their sound 2016: Neptune is equipped with many special features, making subtle and sensitive. He is a spiritual planet, but also a real wizard. He is your godfather and stands in 2016 at your sun. Inscrutable and mysterious, frequent and tiefschichtig your archetypal advantages are thereby drawn in 2016 in the magnification. The stains intensely your aura, a magical aura surrounds you.

What do you sometimes to the puzzle for other makes, but also for yourself. Because you find yourself always new, unknown universes, which not only triggers the pure enthusiasm, because if the image change from one's self and being, can also be accompanied by anxiety. But: What you discover is not scary, just unfamiliar. To surrender to trust the processes that accept phased confusion and uncertainty to cultivate the knowledge that is ultimately good care of you, the best option is to deal with it.

And because of their exceptional ability to give themselves cosmic care of prey, is almost always present, currently perhaps spilled something by Neptune misting, but not lost, you are well equipped to launch into the unknown land of the soul, visions and hopes. To develop beyond themselves, to connect with something larger than yourself. The latter is an archetypal fish-claim. Neptune takes you up close to this desired goal. Chiron also plays an important role, your subtlety is multiplied, the healer arouses in you to life, which sometimes bring the new direction in which you gently but relentlessly your life pretending. The most beautiful gift of Chiron, the wounded healer, the chance of one's soul to heal itself.

All that is to be supplied to the healing must first be again touched and treated, which can trigger painful memories, but their final adoption also. This inner work is the best way, lucky that provides Jupiter and presented to exploit truly. To September, especially on external impulses to expand the main incentives to you, the past life field and area of ​​interest at a maximum. Saturn is your friend, track down useful, exiled talents to provide you a platform and the dignity that you deserve finally come.

Lust and Love: Jupiter is in opposition, one year love excessive superlatives Being present, almost like a magic box waiting for you wish fulfillments, which sometimes do not seem to be of this world. And whenever Jupiter is intense at work involving Neptune, the heart is open, beguiles the senses, and it is good to go in the meantime even from heavenly Liebesgefilden in underground levels for the purpose of reality check back. In any case: Jupiter can awake kiss!

After some time love excessive indecision or diligent, not always blissful work on the relationship skills, Jupiter can present the One-Only One who is absolute soul mate and calls to address entirely new love depth. Some fish could get married, then decide for the coronation of love for a child to invite a soul that is waiting somewhere. in the "You" arrive and confirmed safe and yet to feel free as it can go there. But: The road to a new relationship skills and -beglückung is 2016 not only rose occupied, unless it is equipped thorn wild roses.

There is a note that or to others. Jupiter and Neptune meet so overflowing with longing for perfect love spell that if irregularities disturb compensatory a beautiful picture own reality is painted. Transfiguration is the variant which is now of great fascination. And projection the trap snaps shut quickly.

In others to see what you wear as an inner longing and harbors, is easy. Own potential, like creative, creative power that is inherent to you, but is often not appreciated enough and lived to cheer the other, to enhance it so so but at the same time to organize some kind of power and energy transmission, you resets, even their charisma, dampens your profile and distorted, possible Crux. Conversely, this means that you may charge your counterpart with something to force upon him something that he can not wear, and is.

To love with a willingness sometimes to forgive something to expect a miracle man, also called a task because this is the adult form of love. If Chiron is at work, the view goes back to earlier experience worlds, especially the disappointments that caused a love be triggered. With the trend on the alert to be whether the current partner does not own shares dark, maybe so far keeps everything under control and disguises, but eventually this can run. Mistrust, (pre) but occupy judgments awareness opens the heart. Always good it is at Jupiter-Neptune to accept the conflictual nature of existence.

But since Jupiter development promoted specifically about beautiful experience you have the chance to use them to practice devotion, which is not synonymous with self-sacrifice. Where devotion is a longing word and always requires a strong heart, but you have. which has connected from September checks. Until then, but a lot revolves around the magic of love, which is seeking and finding. The nice thing: to experience a love of karmic, Dharmic, verzückender intimacy, is also a Jupiter-Neptune administration.

The bound discover the partner perhaps the hidden prince who was always there already, but could develop even out much more: Because you re-create it. That brings well known in the other new to bloom. And heed the wisdom note that the opposite is the and what you see in him and strengthen thereby. And the emotion waves fall out tamer.

Professional career: Fish are known to be not always so quite of this world, but still haved professional with an almost dreamlike safety on the sunny side of success on the road. Of course not for free. Use, enthusiasm and inspiration are abundant in your toolbox and certainly the tesserae great success stories. Nevertheless, use is the basis of every Gelingens. And just the sometimes ridiculed sensitivity of fish destined for professions to absolute profession.

Because where empathy, ability to sense, the gift entirely settle to the situation of the other person, is required, you are second to none as a fish-wife. The properties, highly sensitive and highly talented, a combination that is very common to find you, but was not always confirmed in childhood are drawn in 2016 by Jupiter into reality. Saturn enters and resides great to be in the house of the appeal. The latter becomes a heart issue by the South Node, which always is emerging determining the path of the soul again stronger.

Mars fired in June / July / August how any commitment, from August to October calling Mercury also to excel on and clarified what was not really perceived in unknown qualities and virtues and tried. Two eclipses relate to your character, a cosmic hint to check in March and September where you placed your center of gravity, a phase enthusiastic - has found a round, harmonious development degree - in the truest sense of the word. To address new fascinations.

Your heart must not remain empty, and that includes in your professional, meaningful work and effecting. Do not rest on our laurels but to target a new task, is also the intention of Saturn, which also gives preference in connection with Jupiter and Neptune to trust our own creativity and more to express. Saturn-Neptune transits are often somewhat vilified, quite wrongly, for the blessings far exceed the challenges that want to lead with conscious accepting the inner doubts and uncertainties about new internal security, because the road always leads by fear.

Who provoked by childhood feedback does not trust enough will now be challenged to take the plunge into the unknown country to relive the experience of own peculiarity. easy to plunge into the action without much reflection, supported Uranus, the defense mechanisms makes, forced spontaneity and improvisation, and announced to extend somewhat artificial, which is lifeless, only takes strength and keeps on. His mantra: Life comes only through risk and resistance to bloom. And since Saturn both concentration as absolute rise will trigger, you will be elated by enormous forces: If you adopt proven, to prescribe new heart projects because this is the message of the entire planet choir, with Uranus also can bring unexpected windfall. Rejoice!

Body-Soul: It's a myth that people who burn for something burn out faster. Specifically, you can not tread your life without heart involvement. However, there are times when the body demands more attention, not rewarded lavish affairs of energy. 2016 Saturn is somewhat discordant, which is always an indication that his action and rest, tension and relaxation in a healthy relationship and have to stay.

Especially since Chiron old and repressed problem areas can again become acute. Not hard to make your life, but the real healing which to animate what has been overlooked and only verpflastert makeshift. But chronic diseases arise always preferred on the ground of such behaviors. to treat yourself for colds no mercy, not to let the body the chance to deal with the disease process, is now almost self-image. No reason but to be proud of.

As mindfulness accepted phases of physical vulnerability and advises for regeneration. In the knowledge that healthy life force is a prerequisite for any kind of joy. And since Neptune is a blur not only that can interpret fined so many body signal but can produce fatigue and that affirms and must be respected, because you will complete accelerated development processes inside, it is beneficial to go with the energy, instead of unruly to cling to exaggerated discipline.

The secondary, perhaps the main effect of this transit is, opening the heart chakra, the refined sense of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. to trust the inner voices and advisors more and to follow, is a great treasure to explore the meditative, inner world more goal - via Soul Travel and Vipassana meditation.

Great moments 08./09./10. March 2016 A solar eclipse acts as a wake-up call, deals could create a new life realizing his heart.

15-16. March 2016 Flirting is booming, who wants to revive an existing relationship, should reflect on the magic of this art.

25-26. August 2016 Professional attracts very big way. Be capable of anything, means being able to win it all.

15./16./17. September 2016 A lunar eclipse invites to return, perhaps to rewrite their own lives again.

September 24, 2016 on new actions signaled the cosmos, Mars is at high-energy position and adds to break with old ideas courage.

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Aries 03.21. - 20.04.

Ruler: Mars Element: Fire

Their sound 2016: Where Uranus is, it produces unrest, outbreak trends and constructive dissatisfaction. And as a result changes that give life size, freedom and independence. While you are with this - already familiar energy - often somewhat eruptive prevailing. Nevertheless - Uranus is good for surprises again and again, which is quite contrary comes experience hungry, motion joyful rams, but can still be a stress factor.

How good that you translate in your power energy peaks immediate action and movement and thus oppose a bottleneck syndrome, which could adversely affect mental and physical, something meaningful. not to curb the very high speed but to use as a motor of development, 2016 is your recipe for success. Especially since Saturn is in relativierendem distance and in any case increases the fascination of traveling. Further developments and studies he praises as invigorating power source offers them concrete and thereby conjures diversity to life.

, Their values ​​change this requires role models, ideals, philosophies of life Maxime intensive consideration, perhaps even to undergo evaluation and there where it is no longer satisfied their search for meaning and no longer stimulated to go in respectful, but have retreat. The initial spark, and from that you will benefit 2,016 plentiful, meeting people from other cultures can be that maybe at first seem shockingly unusual and then again at the deepest level familiar - because they touch a part of you, almost embody that has not been in appearance came. Uranus is helpful in emerge facets to catapult sometimes directly, which were held in retreat.

Who suddenly realized almost contrary to previous beliefs, prefers instead compensate provocation, and vice versa, be reassured. These are merely two sides of the same coin, are part of your nature and mission, indeed appear contrary, but aimed at the same results. Although the paradox appears and the first inspection, often not obvious. It's time to discover the other side of reality in itself, is the motto 2016 for Aries actually a desired program.

Lust and Love: Uranus - director, conductor and motivational speaker in one person - is 2016 a wilder beat, especially vibrates the love life. So completely new and unfamiliar these questions and topics are not, and much of what is now placed in opposition, is a reissue of known issues. This edit sustainably requires a new attitude and new strategies. Which offers a Neptune influence, a subtle but effective transit, in particular invites us to turn itself only once more to make relationship work effectively.

The window to your soul is open to 2016th When working with inner portions, thereby help diagnose exiled beings facets and insert them into the team again, there will be profound experience and knowledge. The inner child is often taken with you in his need, but also its wealth and privileges, not really serious and important, could penetrate more to you. And thus, are revalued issues that lead in the partnership to tensions. Outbreak desires, restlessness and wanting to attract more and more of the almost obsessive drive, must not be related to the current relationship, but may be a repetition aspect of earlier impressions.

Frequent moves or life changes in early stage represent a insecurity represents, promotes the desire for supersession, but at the same time unfamiliar and therefore may appear suspect. I can not go, I can not stay, then that means the pattern in which although the other purely comes, perhaps reinforced it through their own injunctions, but not caused. Thanks to Neptune and Chiron you can decrypt destructive dynamics, understand and perhaps dissolve, at least not fall prey to them without reflection.

Jupiter, the planet of large-scale expansion, is on verquerem but not uninteresting aspect. Allergic you respond now to everything that recalls only traces of adjustment pressures. In relationships in which order is half the battle, you will feel regimented and imprisoned. Long live improvisation would be nice affirmation, because planning now is merely a waste becomes a point of contention when together two different temperaments in relationships that avoids a definition, which needs other solid structures.

This need not be the end of a relationship, but is always an intense lesson in tolerance. send out confusing signals double, is also attributed to Jupiter. to signal the one hand, to try to make relationship work, but also to provide subtle to expect more from the partners to be somewhat disappointed not to bring that to a place that allows a confrontation that indeed one together again includes as an opportunity can create discomfort in living together. Uranus advises to transform the relationship from scratch. New roles, perhaps a kind of role reversal, but necessarily to handle more freedom relationship balance experimentally, is the magical tool to find a new one.

But Uranus demands certainly not to stay at all costs. If nothing works, accesses the wisdom of hopelessness. And show new ways that will ultimately mainly offer one and want: to be able to find to themselves and stand. to be allowed to live yourself! The particular Jupiter in September, the joy of love gives in abundance and moderate mantra intones: Nothing that can not. This includes a dream wedding a thoroughly.

Professional career: Despite turmoil of life and love: Even in a job is a lot of action displayed thanks to Pluto 2016th How good that Uranus provides a power surplus, which should not lead overshoots aufzuspielen at work. For large-scale career conversions, and in such you are, require judgment and endurance quality. Aries are known archetypal rather Sprinter, which is not exempt from developing the quality of long-winded.

As a rule, is trained what comes understaffed. In the house more meaningful tasks Pluto urges the professional context and content to adapt their own, current state of development, which is well known in perpetual change. Most likely you have already dealt quite a while to build up a new foundation professional gloss, whether self-employment, new business or a new division. Or you aspire to a new location that offers the right space of your charisma, competence and leadership.

And since Pluto Uranus plus distribute any pats, does not nice for grabs, but if the initiative is lame, bring external events on the go, you will already be advanced a good deal on new tracks. Development aid intensive type 2016 is the go. Saturn, in the house of patrons and bridge builder, new, innovative companies, plus a global instances, you generously offers his hand, but calls at the same time to move away far from previously formulated goals and ideals.

This also implies to leave familiensystemisch positive connotations careers entirely to grant Tradiertem a rejection. And always heed that you still benefit from the design phase because Saturn now puts new, visionary future opportunities in the realm of the possible. Inspirations that you almost inhale now woven into your new career is fair chance. It's also never too late to add a bold new approach Begonnenem, maybe choosing a second income.

Your energy has already grown, as are your potential. Do not worry, Jupiter in the House of tangible organization keeps in track, stoking diligence and zeal, showing parallel that your personality determination, anyway cosmic program 2016, particularly sound progresses through work and humility. Where humility does not mean to pursue dirty work, but to find his place and fill with dedication. The latter is cosmically rewarded in 2016, as from September, the Power Wheels. Jupiter takes almost effusive in his arms and spreads a huge spectrum, a real chance rug.

One remains without real use the wealth is not to exploit, and as the moon nodes further to calls to target anything that the soul intentions are not reflected, the Council is to say, not everything that could go now, also serves your satisfaction and your salvation. not to betray ideals to remain faithful to ethical, is Saturn's intention. And he has another message: Whoever goes to litigation, should expect headwinds and train a somewhat harder line. As the saying goes, with Saturn in the Ninth House: In court and on the high seas everyone is in God's hands. The latter being also a promise.

Body-Soul: The combination blades of psyche and soma, their interactions, with the knowledge that any deviation condition initially originated in the soul, inner spiritual knowledge is particularly manifest among Neptune Chiron in the house. It is often useful signals emitted by the soul above symptoms. To your well, because this is to call for a rethink, if you lose on your journey through the land of undiscovered opportunities all sense of himself. Where did you attack your forces over charge, let yourself be tempted by actions taken over tasks that were simply hardships?

Especially Pluto in house professional presentation encourages them to roll over formally. Chiron, the shaman in astrological events, you typed affectionately on the shoulder and advised to confer again with the inner counselors and to question where the excessive demands adopted pathological pattern. And internalize that it is not unprofessional, sometimes requests or orders dismissed.

to break habitual patterns, which were formed in childhood and praised as the ideal behavior to be in top form, such as getting fit, competitive-off, may, be reformulated. Who is the way, always available, so does not experience more respect and appreciation. It should be remembered that it is more important to be accessible for yourself to let inner guide their say. Lesions, for example, are to his senses, call to pause. The signals can be taken very literally. Bruises on the right arm, right hand, the call must be checked if you pay within the meaning of soul right actions.

Great moments: 22-23. March 2016 Your pioneer spirit can cheer darkness advises to let go yesterday in favor of the morning. In order to be able to realize wishes carefree.

21-22. April 2016 In relationships a momentum directed to withstand additional turbulence not good leads. Not every impulse to live out, evidence of size and sophistication.

19 October 2016 Mars and Pluto trigger wild impulses and the somewhat unzivilisierteren instances. With discipline and self-control these energies can be used as a lever to self-realization.

25-26. December 2016 First tensions call for Mindfulness, then pull Jupiter and Uranus to heart and promise wishes, properly formulated, come true.

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Taurus 04.21. - 20.05.

Ruler: Venus as the morning star in the shape of Venus on the bull Element: Earth

Their sound 2016: Relax: Jupiter, the planet of cosmic favor in the luggage, has standing to September inspiring distance, not promises, that life is a series fun doing, but he opens the awareness of the different faces and amenities. With the invitation to enjoy the latter also grateful. Actually a wonderful bull program finally is your archetypal privilege to celebrate enjoyment and without losing the necessities, which demands the regulation of life out of focus.

Your gift - from little much to conjure a bouquet of anything - is triggered 2016th Especially while Jupiter is in an orderly character, but also your musical, companions: the merrymaking house. Yourself playful try again to discover the creative, carefree child in itself, with the grasp associated with this essence impartiality and refreshing curiosity every day as an opportunity, is a beautiful enrichment.

Of course, 2016 is not only the lush rose garden, stagnation is undesirable from the cosmos, and development must proceed. This is ensured by Uranus in the house of soul consciousness and the long laid back family formulated contracts, which play an important role especially in bulls and often have a lot of power. It could come to rebel when you realize to be very strayed from what makes your soul tired. Saturn also has 2,016 more weight, albeit with new significance and sensitized the subject property, which is already a major yours. With a chance to reflect on how much security you need and at what point Beitz complained, instead of supporting the free flight of the deployment.

Lust and Love: Love, lust and passion are at the heart not only issues and affairs concerning, but much more. The life force that guarantees self-healing and life affirmation is based on you particular pleasurable being and a paradise, but also bulging earthly eroticism. They know that if this beautiful area is weakening, Elemental is missing, or get your energies to a halt.

How fortunate that Saturn traveling in a new mission and intention now makes plastic where loaded in your love relationship, in terms of sex and passion, an imbalance or deficiency. In particular Saturn reveals the own reservations, fears and inhibitions in this sector. What restrains to participate fully and impartially in intimacy with the accompanying question "Where do you get this in the case of projection and accuse the partners not to allow the merger?"

Under Saturn also far back injuries can be very plastic again. Earlier transgressions, intrusions and prenatal traumas that have diffused anxiety and were kept under wraps long for the purposes of self-protection, not even allowed to cross the threshold to his own consciousness, penetrate now through to you. And while that may initially stir up deep and painful, it is still the option to find a deep healing that includes not only the soul but also the ability to love. Uranus assists in this task, free restrained emotions and helps to address the aspects of the personality that could not play really so far, partly because they were not rewarded in childhood.

Everything in the early days with the comment "knocked out of the way" was occupied, now makes its appearance to your enrichment! For though you are part of the family system, but still a very independent individual. to feel the unique selling points, to distance themselves from acquired not own patterns, separate from the family of origin, then also improve your relationship skills, because you show your true personality and express.

Friction points in the love life could there be in 2016 especially via discussions in the field of finance. The possession of what belongs to you what the partner, which is a common asset and credit could emotionally charged and therefore are difficult. Always good to throw the finances, not all in a pot, to be able to maintain a sense of independence. And it is always beneficial to take in this respect clear agreements. They are not stingy, if you want to know subordinated money things. Let us make a bad conscience when you hang up regulations so value.

Even the parts, which is a high, spiritual act, requires to have first own. However, if 2016 comes into contact with internalized existential fears, would like to finish what is repeating pattern of what current situation endeavor. After wise old statement is where the treasure is, even the heart. And not to let this precious area occupied by the filthy lucre, but to devote love, your partner, your own ambitions, good intentions and deeds is karmically valuable. Where sensuality and lust particularly passionate, almost animalistic, in June / July / August come along, love affairs included. The latter can also set from May's thinking aside and animate External Relations, representing small or big adventures and escapes, but also the personalized seduction with long-term fascination with Lilith.

Professional career: A dignified Erdtrigon presents a stable base, professional convince forcefully and sustainability. What have you been lately on the road, is now bearing fruit. In particular, Jupiter and Pluto reveal that hidden under uniform dynamics, takes place a deep inner rethinking. This has nothing dramatic. Jupiter and Pluto formulate the question of meaning in a very thorough, seemingly rather unspannende way. But this impression is misleading!

And even those who now gently carried ahead from the constant success abound, including possibly feel unease or an incomprehensible emptiness, the feeling just yet to be alone enough not bread. Philosophical considerations to drive, the question of questions, such as happiness is actually to define likely to encourage profound changes that are made but in peace on the way should and can.

Can we interest you now more and more for other professional and specialist areas. Whether philosophy, metaphysics, organic farming, environment and animal welfare. To build a new plant, whether organic shop, florists or veterinary medicine, whether geology, music therapy or, back to the roots, organic farming, including the making desired life in the country, all of which can come up as a desire, although its long-term objective, but already go in preparation.

to give life a new vision and perspective to realize ideals, desires that have been adapted to a world order or subordinate that is not yours to bring back to life - Jupiter and Pluto put it in view. but do no pressure and no stress. Specifically, you know that good must undergo a maturation process and can not be the essential things accelerate. And in this context is the motto, tomorrow is another day, a wise. Especially since it is your privilege to keep ideas and enriching visions into positive voltage over a long distance.

A little mindfulness requires your colleagues and team area. Not everyone must and will share your dreams, this also applies to your circle of friends. Therefore, the rule is that it is not worthwhile to consult with someone who is on the way animated by a different spirit and in other ways. Full Bull as it is called then: Do your thing! Ultimately, you rely on anyway only to itself, because you live by your own strength. But the chance of participation grant family members, is a requirement of friendliness. And serves peace.

Body-Soul: Saturn, yes like acts as a warning voice in health matters, is on diffuse challenging aspect. The calls for true consciousness because symptoms may occur veiled. And since bulls archetypal rather maintain a very down to earth attitude to diseases or conditions, "what comes naturally, also goes back on its own", Gentle Hinspüren on the body level is certainly helpful and not hypochondriacal mood.

Their weakness, the cardiovascular system, in particular could be on the overly sweet - appeal Wohlleben - Jupiter initiated. It being understood that corresponds to an enjoyable emphasized diet your philosophy of life and thus also has positive effects. But: The dosage makes it. And certainly movement is extremely helpful, though not quite your favorite. Although a Erdtrigon not exactly encouraged to fitness, but certainly reveals the necessity healthy life.

Motivate yourself, is the magic word, new hobbies, like with exercise, a certain running workload, are now healing. Dancing, hiking, excursions to all over the world, like tracking tours, cycling, also in mountainous regions, bring momentum. The latter would also be the result of a highly passionate lived eroticism that always has the effect to you to reproduce life energy and activate self-healing powers.

Uranus in the house of meditation signals to penetrate particularly deep layers of the soul to soften crusting and hardening. to flow the breath to perceive themselves to resolve the tanks. 2016, however, a dynamic meditation is the method of choice as to the Osho or power yoga and tai chi. Silent sitting can produce 2016 unrest, rather than relax.

Magic Moments 15-16. March 2016 The cosmos does not only the question of meaning to the heart, but also presents opportunities to discover your own special meaning and to realize.

14-15. May 2016 Herzbetörende encounters that can make happy and make entirely new models of life in prospect nod also the mind.

18/19. August 2016 For erotic signals open and quite with you, that's your preference and best condition, karmic encounters assign the correct value.

29/30. August 2016 opportunities have the rise of quality and can resonate the soul, waiting to be realized.

05/06. October 2016 Lilith can trigger violent impulses and hidden longings and make for vulnerable affairs whose outcome is uncertain.

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Gemini 5.21. - 21.6.

Ruler: Mercury as a morning star in the shape of the winged messenger of the gods: air

Their sound 2016: Twins are ruckzuck classified: they are airy, the severity of being evasive, restless and communicative. That's it? Definitely not. Because you're just a multi-layered, complex beings, a double character that surrounds even polar energies in itself, even harboring antagonistic shares. And certainly they are not only the mood, if you had to also act from early days in this way.

equipped with comedic gift was, indeed prescribe the latter, but by no means easy. What looks simple, it does not have to be. 2016, under Saturn-voltage, especially your hidden facets that Touchable, Sensitive and therefore you get a little more better protected to light. Your emotional depth to which only selected people really have access, is more plastic. And unlock this wealth more, initiated under Saturn life inventory is also very helpful tool to configure a new life, which is 2,016 vornehmliche, inner intent.

Another step towards developing new or personality on what goes with it, to improve the connection between feeling and thinking. to bring the left and right brain in harmony in order to allow for the complexity of your thinking to add the spiritual heights add another dimension. Of these, like benefits of the artist in you, which is promoted especially by imagination, inspiration and imagination 2016th

Even the love life, a focus of cosmic specified in the subject of fond tasks, including enriched, fired and grounded at the same time. Particularly encouraging Jupiter brings, which gradually brings as a gift to the source brought knowledge that you created in wisdom can be revealed and brought into contact with the roots that you carry within them.

What is also ideal for familiensystemischer clues to feel by winning, what you get presented to the repertoire of your ancestors, what qualities were able to appear and what skills now waiting to be discovered, even to you professionally throughout greater success, the to lead summit great creations. Virtuoso juggle with your potential is also Saturn-Neptune gift.

Lust and Love: It's not a stereotype that twins have to answer the call of self-knowledge essential to arrive in relationships at all. The desire for exchange, a primal need of the twins, then the engine to search encounters, interested in an opposite and open to approach. Always with the intention to inspire, confirm to let inspire without sacrificing your archetypal uniqueness is threatened.

Like you represent diversity, you need this in the lifestyle. You are looking for size, free space in relationships, in order to live nearby. All traditional patterns are 2016 Saturn in exciting editing mode. Because it fits perfectly that takes Jupiter under the care, expanding access to your soul chamber, your sense of what is the essence and need strengthened and reveals your inner impressions. What experience do you have touched in early childhood special and so, psychological rule following, formed behavior? Approved were imagination, sensitivity, sentimentality and emotional reactions or increasingly shaped out the focus on intellectual behavior by special reward.

Immersive experiences in childhood also formative injunctions are and can provide a distorted perception. Perspective, no problem, everything is chic frequent twins variant to hold too painful at bay. And emotionally only to a in relationships - even - given point to dock. 2016 Saturn enters wholesome intent on the scene, Neptune and Chiron resonate. Where protections love connections, really touching, come close, benefit from cardiac and emotional exchanges, have prevented now comes in the cosmos.

Specially Saturn-Neptune let fear of intimacy, are very conscious with the associated psychological protection to avoid these. Whoever falls in love already in any way bound, selects partners, unconsciously-conscious who are otherwise occupied, be it by a domineering mother or children who go into competition and exert a lot of power, yea, even a pathological power pose may occupy, feels that here is an imprint at work that causes a: Not having to completely immerse themselves in relationship.

Clearly, the primary consciousness an evil fate or karma is the complains often blamed, while it is the inner reservations which are in action. Also a favorite now like escape to the performance, the profession, perhaps with the side effect of having to travel a lot may constitute evasion strategy. But Saturn may create new conditions conjure up no new consciousness, sustainably conscious, but he can guarantee.

And who has already made internally on the journey of a non satisfactory love relationship should pause. Where Saturn is there is still hope, still working material to meet new. Maybe even zusammenzuraufen because with nice decisions, displacing or whitewash, is not enough 2016th What now particularly upset, appears to be contrary to the opponent, is most likely a rejected portion of your own being. Which has to be integrated, the liberated and also relieves the relationship. By the way: Saturn donates also marriages namely those that involve deep-supporting, unifying force. And in times of crisis applies: to encounter yourself with kindness and discretion, even just in love relationships, is a matter of courtesy and prevented from hitting deep wounds.

Professional career: seriousness of all efforts is the credo of a Sagittarius transit. 2016, however, is added another color: Neptune and Jupiter bless your professional development axis, the Superb has magic, developed dynamic and Fortune. to move away from the track customary professional preferences to risk what was never tried in your family now enjoys cosmic appreciation.

Professionals who provide not intellect, ratio, practical and economic to the fore, match your 2016 redesigned Wishlist significantly more. Exciting new, continuously under the logical approach is lifted, following instead of sober calculation, which is the best orientation, which leads to the internally formulated target. Write some professions, psychological work, Chinese medicine, Shamanic trauma work, books, switch to the editor box, found a writing workshop that offers not only textbooks but like fantasy of every kind, a stage - that makes your heart full and happy.

The conscious and creative with language and writing, your privilege to express in a therapeutic context, 2016 is preferred. Logosynthesis or non-violent communication, this professional tool nestled literally in your hand. Finally to take the jump to purely artistic work, design, painting, acting as a comedian, actor or therapeutic clown - with Jupiter-Neptune there is no restriction when the emotional Decide replaces rational thought. Anything your heart desires can be pushed more intense in 2016, also because have already taken place in the job inner detachment processes most likely for a while under Neptune and open to new ideas.

And who now feels the need to move on, but is still between different fascinations torn, should let things take their own momentum. Fears and inner resistances are always an indication that the process is still fermenting, you have not really ventured to the essence of the will. And it is the rule, the fruit falls when it is ripe! You can transfer one to one on your decisions. A trap themselves so promising aspects, like a Jupiter-Neptune Transit: Illusions is succumbing possible, but not necessarily predetermined.

Useful signals from the cosmos render assistance to orient themselves. As an idea, a plan, opposes something over again, the doors remain firmly closed, it is worthwhile to keep looking for an alternative. Traveled widely, also in 2016 an option wide your confidence and give suggestions you by impressions in a new world, in new countries can win other cultures. Idealism, calling and destiny are not empty words to express it, does not Selbstüberblähung, but rather healthy claim.

Not naive involved with Neptune and Jupiter suspicious, sleazy stories, is a reminder. Those, however, is unnecessary in twins, which can certainly ever start crazy actions. Especially now that although Uranus offers such common, but puts on honesty value in parallel. Follow your "happiness"-star has never been this in such a reach.

Body-Soul: The cosmic plan is a wise and makes salutary intentions almost always for a certain balance and balance in the planet occupation of the individual areas of life. 2016 but the field loving self-care is somewhat understaffed. Jupiter, in tension with your home health prevention, requires special care because this influence just can express itself in many ways.

For example, a radiant livelihoods feeling can bring what is not always the real situation. But Jupiter can also function as an amplifier and trigger a tendency unswervingly to signal wellbeing. It would be good to go all year round in loving self-examination, not with- vocational grandeur so and get carried away and not to be expected that the organism already tolerated all that withstands protest every request no.

And because the relationship makes demands, such could be but formulated with a partner, you should remember to have also and especially a duty of care towards their own bodies. Sports, fitness, anyway your favorites are 2016 ideal for worrying good and the possible with a continuous, daily, well-coordinated program. You must really like because it particularly builds the body-mind balance, weave the somewhat spiritual variants more.

Alexander work, a touch spiritually, you focus on, not only on the physical level. Zilgrei gives elastic stability. Hakomi, a therapy from the Hopi culture, lovingly improved the view of one's self and relationship to themselves, would be ideal, facing each other in meetings, but to remain yourself close and connected. And since 2016 working relationship in twins is the favorite subject of the stars, the acceptance and commitment therapy would be a nice suggestion to benefit from a wholesome commitment. Travel, whether in one's own soul or in vast worlds, the heart enable higher vibration and duplicate your life forces on fairest.

Magic Moments 18-19. March 2016 Full plunge into the emotional life to indulge in the emotional impulses, acting in love life like a charm.

06 June 2016 Artistically active twins can look forward. They are at one with your creative spirit and get applause.

18 June 2016 fantasies and ideas can flood you grow your aspirations, but not to take the helm.

13-14. August 2016 Love, mystical, magical, heart-shattering - let them quietly carry in love heights.

August 24, 2016 What has stalled, can not with flying colors weghexen, but probably with the gift of patience.

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Cancer 22.06. - 07.22.

Ruler: Moon Element: Water

Their sound 2016: Everything is in flux and has its own dynamics which, sometimes restrained reigns times wild, but should never be disturbed. They are aware of this cosmic principle and have the Buddhist wisdom internalized that the process is always correct. And comply therefore also in large-scale changes, if you understand what meaning behind it is directed by. The not always reveals itself also in 2016, at first glance, but certainly when you unravel all cancer-like layer after layer of an event and analyze in order to advance to the pure essence of the meaning.

Recent events may have come whitewater equal daher- or about you and have everything turned upside down. have brought benchmarks to falter and unceremoniously cut some lifelines. Especially mentally, anyway your liveliest area Gefühlsaufwallungen may have carried about and touched events. With the effect of encouraging you courageously because veer where you apparently felt safe and protected, but were not really canceled all need shares. Liberation of bogus security, artifice and waste, has always been the magic word.

2016 Saturn joins them and equipping them with the power of consistent development begun processes. Who feels in old friendly diplomacy to come to arranging with the non-soul contemporary, calls himself to order, mobilizes the self-management and change tracking, key and appearance. Known your life orientation and base is an emotional, and then make all external relations, professionally, on this basis. Which does not mean that you have mastered the job of emotions and driven, but certainly you are just there right where your heart and soul quality is expressed.

And Uranus in the House of meaningful, true calling, on a great development takes place, which benefits from energy bursts. The spirit of liberty, which now drives more and is inspired, extremely forced. The best chance of finding oneself, continues to wait in the meeting sector on you. With passion violently flooded love, but Pluto also deep needs triggers for dieting, wearing contact hug, a contents are at the same time opportunity to complete personality discovery.

Lust and Love: The most beautiful thing in the world, the love that is in crabs actually lives center around which move all the other issues at different rates and variable distance. And since Pluto occupied your relationship house dominant, the planet that not only encouraged to teasing games, the latter can not pass even, it's 2016 already times under the skin.

Nothing, comes up now stirs with emotion, whether anger, jealousy, envy or competition is randomly produced and certainly owed others not only the behavior. You can only go with something resonates, which is also applied to you. And who other than stock, domineering, self-centered and patronized experienced may be hinspüren whether own behavior has not provided him the platform for it. The more you retire, the more you can occupy your counterpart of space. Balance in relationships is not automatic, but artwork, and self-perception, self-esteem in the same expression of respect of a partner, must be brought into the correct variable relation.

Pluto helps to recognize the wrongs that have marked emotional patterns to work with them, so as not to turn against themselves or the other person. The house spiritual roots and inner family is approached by Uranus in voltage. And since Uranus is the planet of rebellion and resistance, is the chance to break through conditionings, because messages and advice that will put family Vorexerziertes and Highly praised in question. Also key experiences that may seem marginal seen from the outside, but your child's mind unsettled and have prevented the formation of a basic trust, are now coming to consciousness.

Ungeborgenheitsgefühle can thus be caused, and - thanks to Pluto - the relationship Although first get in the way, then also recognized, however, and be resolved. Those who relate so directly themselves facing as you, with Pluto in the seventh house, some time might need until he can identify with the now mirrored traits and reconcile. Help feedback from friends who do not always seem just friendly and understanding, but precisely because of help because you do maybe sometimes the exact opposite of what is recommended, about the distance themselves from others, connect with yourself more.

Pluto gets in the house of love and lust may strongly to a complete redesign of the relationship, perhaps for a shift within the relationship structure including an immediate openness. For resuscitation of passion, which also heals your soul and needs, but he animated in any case. And it is wise to remember that passion is not responsible for delivery of the other, but can be ignited in yourself and should. With imagination, for example, romance, flirtation and refined seduction, like even in established, become somewhat lukewarm relations.

With a readiness times so far not try what Approved, the latter often works wonders. Not only professionally further development is possible, but in sensuality and eroticism. Perhaps with Tantra, 2016 will benefit the love of unusual excursions that lead to unknown universes of lust, even through workshops and sex therapy. From September blessed Jupiter, perhaps with a (very) new love, but also a new light on existing compounds, the magic is obtained when the surprise is cultivated.

Professional career: Uranus further pushes the expansion claim and the nomadic need to move on. This is the friendly type. The unfiltered Uranus initiated but, however, is also available and comes original, untamed and therefore eruptive. Suddenly determine morning that your cup is full to continue to submit creative proposals to put processes constantly in motion, but felt no echo your patience in the end. To start without having to install a safety net, summarily to cancel the existing order - such impulses are possible, but no whims thereby leading role, but the elementary need, inner transformation processes that have already been some time in intensive preparations to finally express to give.

to completely reinvent themselves, to care for areas and topics and decide which are almost diametrically opposed to the previous practice, is quite appropriate. Security is not a determining factor more. Who followed the spirit of the family heritage or the Passions and responsibilities of parents has extended by his own career, decides to get that especially if unfulfilled dreams of the mother were realized by you. The more you dare to step out of line, the more you will arrive at your own wishes. Especially since Saturn in the house of adaptation sensitized Oktroyiertes and can rebel. Parallel but also the gift concentrated turning to a new will and exactly fitting procedure gives and objectives which they can be a concrete reality.

To inner heart guide that is always the right guideline for you, Uranian is civil disobedience and, on top, Saturnian zeal. To make the happiness completely awakened from September Jupiter extreme expectations, and then pulls success magically. But Jupiter is known to not always benevolent nature will explicitly now somewhat unpredictable and therefore encouraged to favor elegant solutions and plans, sometimes to make hasty decisions, rather than operate meticulous preparation. to understand the risk as invigorating strategy, Jupiter is pure. Finally, a refreshing energy, but which can lead to little tricks sometimes, what could bring instructive insights even, for example, that there are not detours and accidents, but these are often mosaic pieces that are missing to perfect your professional future image.

Uranus also comes up with a tension to your relationship house. Maybe your partner from your professional plans is not always immediately enthusiastic. Perhaps it is also part of your development process, professional, private and spiritual, then his approach and keep state. restrain their own desires and visions that enrich particularly pronounced in 2016, makes bitter and triggers auto-aggressive or aggressive share. Selflessness is not a virtue, but often self-destruction, a denial of its own appeal. Therefore: Let your light shine confident and gorgeous.

Body-Soul: How directly emotional eruptions, in which trigger one direction or another, physical reactions, to know exactly Cancer women. Also, because you can make shortcuts decode the soul language and can translate encrypted. Their psychological quality is there very helpful. Sometimes, however, something in the way, because not everything can be limited on the mental level, there are also health declines, the tangible measures, whether homeopathy, physiotherapy or medicine - or all this salutary combination - need.

Saturn in 2016 in the house of the constitution, which could then as a result weaken somewhat. Well-known sensitivities - stomach, lymph glands, the lymphatic system, the mucous membrane in all areas - could log in again. Food intolerances, a real issue for you, ask for more attention. And you can make fun as fashionable attitude, as a luxury problem without real correspondence not to observations from the circle of friends, some of ridicule these painful experiences, because they can not understand this, not even from newspaper articles that gluten, lactose and fructose intolerance unsettle.

You must live with the intolerance reactions, not the other. That is a very nice training parallel to the self-awareness to be true to themselves and to formulate claims clearer. For example, in a restaurant, when you place your menu order and this is perhaps not taken seriously enough. to make circumstances is a nice exercise to be aware of some value. Neptune and Chiron in House Far Eastern therapies invite dearly to address these more and more often. The call for the Master, the spiritual, could also be formulated louder and miraculously heard. The chanting of sacred sounds, mantras and sutras, 2016 has a profoundly healing power.

Magic Moments 04/05. January 2016 An erotic aura surrounds you and pulls another magic. What can trigger on bound jealousy and possessiveness.

21-22. March 2016 Dear, gentle, romantic, ecstasizing to experience and celebrate, can breathe on the relationship with a new spell.

21-22. April 2016 Wayward it alone and demonstration of absolute independence, are beneficial only in healthy tracks. Who goes out, must also come in again.

11-12. July 2016 The love that a heavenly power? Absolutely, if you put not any comment with a pinch, motives questioned, disassemble and reassemble talks.

19 October 2016 to organize infighting, exhausted only, as is the tendency to try to force events. What is meant for you, happens without insisting even much better.

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Leo 07.23. - 08.23.

Ruler: Sun Element: Fire

Their sound 2016: The wild times came to a halt. Jupiter initiated exuberance, the gift of last year's, cosmic no more striking in the offer. but you other perks: Jupiter, planet of generosity, docked now in the house of the inner fundus and material equipment to. The facets of your universal being that you can explore now, cultivate and can emerge stronger, are helpful to consolidate the new-found self-awareness and stably integrate into life. shine the light of the soul to be, because that is part of the spiritual to be finding.

The latter is 2016 beautiful cardinal issue. Who has gone Jupiter elated beyond its borders, lived about conditions, can now accounts whether energetic or material fill again. to connect to your beaming birth-present, your self-confidence, creative grandiosity, your gift of sophisticated mental benefits with ease is not shaken 2016th The sooner you realize what have real value your positive thinking, your self-love and acceptance, your unshakable faith in your own process, which sublatedness in you very oncoming cosmos. So without challenging development impulses, like in the form of tasks that make the plastically-improving, but also comes in 2016 not therefore. Striking many quincunx aspects which, although like no other cosmic impulse to expand on internal level, to proliferate with the talents, the call brought, but often serve these suggestions in a slightly wrong-headed, not immediately recognizable whole way.

Why are 2,016 small interludes, the nuances and cosmic heckling of particular importance. This assumes emerge the heart hearing more and enjoy the great show performances became, just the deals that get offered to experience than flattering, But let neither hide nor capture it.

It may be the inconspicuous, which is a diamond in the rough and a desire to date further guaranteed. A special focus is on meeting and relationship, it is forming an angle that reveals itself over astrological fine analysis, holds an exceptional opportunity in secret and signals that consciousness prize could outshine the outward honors in your life, but also those attracted by reflex again. You may be curious and as always, require the best.

Lust and Love: let your inner light shine in relationship and encounter special is almost automatic for you, not for nothing that people feel magnetically attracted to you and love to warm up to your generosity, the course will benefit especially 2016. They which represent central star for others, really like you are not alone. Like any star needs an audience, almost withdrawal senses when the idea is over, it does you good to gather friends of all stripes around. An open, hospitable house is very lion-like. 2016 may be docked even more than ever, because Neptune and Pluto are reflected on the encounter sector and Saturn on the one hand emphasizing your special, but also of inner doubt and self-doubt.

It was not gold in the old days, even if you like to represent that and themselves assert again and again. Because a childhood that has also shadow shares, first would be too painful and, secondly, does not fit into your life image. But as an embellished life story is not really helpful to detect talents and peculiarities in whole meaning one's own being, touched Saturn now all displaced wounds and experiences of limitations and oppressions that have formed pattern, as well as a hidden fear Disappointment. Which is certainly covered externally with self and siegesgewissem occurrence. But can still stop at some experiences, especially if rather uncontrollable emotions come into play, including diffuse, frightening way to hang the whole heart of something.

Lions have a large, but also sensitive heart with a deep-rooted fear that this could break through painful experiences. As they say: "The heart is breaking, but it continues to beat", Lions not only know this wisdom, some have certainly had similar experiences. Or try everything to avoid this possible painful scenario. The cosmic arrow aims in 2016 quite well to the heart, with an invitation to let go of old conditioning, postulate the deep feelings as a trip to the land of the wild, archaic dragon.

To love and devotion, erotic, emotional, to throw into the arms without any trick, any whatsoever loophole is commended. Mars in the house earlier digs injunctions and covers specially in summer, which touched in childhood and hurt the heart. In addition, the inner child speaks up, and you realize that the processing of the original pain repressed feelings makes not only plastic, but inwardly also freed. By salutary introspection well prepared, the cosmos can present the partner then had provided since the beginning of time in the life plan and has been waiting for you, as well as on the soul mate who he is. Who has been living in a stable relationship, could possibly develop a new heart perspective, recognize the living man as such, also because your point of view of others, to new to entrusting willing one.

But - as always when it is very exciting, but also karmic lines can intersect and caught between two loves, both of which are important in your life and of particular significance. This is not a cosmic mistake, but part of your development. A few interesting triggers are still in the process. Uranus is pushing for perfecting the ability to love, and you might develop rapid, more external stimuli, want external contacts, as your counterpart.

Jupiter in the House of resources could also relate the theme of self-realization, and who takes it more space, more time, who is wiedermal better off feel important, making for stress point. Even dealing with finances is not only a relaxed. Maybe you seem to treat themselves more than others, as your beloved, or vice versa, and that leads to strife, resentment and debate that can take something petty and small-minded. Exactly the fairway where you never wanted to get involved and do not fit into your self and relationship image.

Professional career: Jupiter, your ruler, the Sun, anyway always sympathized, has lifted you did last year in the state of grace. But happiness is not rationed yet exhausted, in 2016, you benefit from the preparatory work, the contacts you already made so skillfully, the networks that you sent up, the financial base that you have created. Best conditions, further of reaching out to the pinnacle of success to replace the ordinary career against unusual.

stimulates the latter, if you have not already made the leap to the top in a special way, Uranus on. The always realignment, the newly create, asking if routine and repeat loops create your creativity reins, your genius is a prisoner in a golden cage. And whatever comes of innovative options to you, the best harvest in this respect take 2016 into a far country. Orient yourself the unusual, what light pulse DC is to you, always well in themselves and their own desire goals. On your inner life script that you better decipher specifically in 2016, perhaps even paraphrased a bit.

Your sublime, central motif is 2016 to test personal limits and then beyond. And the Word "never change a running system" now has no meaning. You can dare to positions that provide no guarantee of a long shelf life: Because you fed from deep sources of your power, phases of unmanageability endure well, and even can make working with temporary, transitional situations and interregnum whose preference is yes, more room for idiosyncratic arrangements to offer.

And a treat: Uranus is already on standby on the road to honor your vocation house, definitely in the sense of enrichment. Prophylactically to make way for entirely new fascinations, nothing in stone not to sign 10-year contracts to keep themselves ready to leave, is the royal road. And thus tailor your. For completely new strategies and methods that involve a departure from the traditional, the job is Pluto in charge who will boost also an irrepressible will to live and ambition to be a good motivational speaker is, if in the meantime just let things take their course, the archetypal lion trap, not just to pant lagged behind opportunities, spread like wildfire.

However: In your environment, especially among colleagues, your unconditional and your enormous presence can also produce resentment. Mindfulness, with the willingness of other perceive not only that-facing, friendly, it should look something critical is the need of wisdom. Who is in the favor of the gods, and the privilege of taking lions like to lay claim must also reckon with attacks from ambush. And get ready. not only to bring your inner instance team in line and top form, but also to coach employees to motivate, but also time to call something to order, then the key to optimum rise, according to your own fashion.

Body and soul: your well-being appears to have a huge plus to spray your vitality formally. And, as everyone knows, lions take anyway preference to lay claim to renew itself energetically again from itself to possess a secret fountain of youth is permanent charisma and enviable, almost preserved youthfulness.

Enjoy this tingly feeling, because what you require, and realized more easily. Without any additional, loving health stabilization but also in 2016 is not really given a super strong refueling. Especially under the influence Pluto introspection is a healing must, as a restriction on what promotes stress management, healthy gives peace, is helpful. What now hidden on signals overlook to physical and emotional dysregulation or is ignored, may later develop explosiveness.

Pluto Intention 2016 to provide relief for cleansing and purification. This applies to the impressions, mentally, emotionally, in love and work area that must be processed in order to work with the right awareness, an encapsulation of ballast, a self-healing attempt by the organism, the pathological effect later opposed. Detox diets, juice fasting, fasting according to Buchinger, are ideal options to get rid of Ungutem to stay fit and enterprising. Sports, loves to travel, combined with Raja Yoga, the soul keeps in a positive vibration. Golf is and remains the Lion sports, but nothing to Pluto and Latin dances in daring momentum, Caribbean-feeling on vacation as well. Although the Lion Country per se is actually Italy, like Venice or the glorious Rome. Everything your heart happy and expands, health serves.

Magic Moments 01/02. March 2016 With wit and charm you catch a heart, even though you may not so fired up himself.

05/06. June 2016 ad hoc opportunities to pick up is a risky maneuver. Mercury recommends leaving to discretion.

21-22. July 2016 Professional of the flyer, private big in shape, everything thrives best when reason and imagination form a fruitful alliance.

05/06. August 2016 Although seduce exceptional successes Lilith touched Mercury - realistic self-assessment is now called the magic word.

25-26. December 2016 What appears only incompatible, suddenly developed a real highlight, with options such as fallen from the sky.

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Virgo 24.08. - 23.09.

Ruler: Mercury as evening star in the shape of Hermes Trismegistus Element: Earth

Their sound 2016: On the permanent search for the deepest truth and wisdom, a cosmic sense, who knows everything and says, you are already archetypal as a virgin and in continuous action. Thanks to your godfather Hermes Trismegistus! 2016 compressed under Neptune, the only planet of perception both, as well as expanding beyond measure, resulting in areas of the supernatural, enjoy the absolute preference to move into levels - personal, professional, spiritual - you have always been fascinated, but have strayed again and again by heckling from the rational internal instances.

Express a concrete, visible what is already detailed invested in you, waiting to visions and goals of being realized, is part of your order, then the contribution of Saturn. to heal what has fallen out of the harmonic order is 2,016 special privilege. Your sensitivity is expressed so primarily about love, compassion and tatbereit, to the creation of. Thanks Chiron can be reached impressive, heart-moving work great here.

Strong impetus is coming in 2016 and Uranus that calls to discover the value of constructive chaos. while nevertheless based on unbreakable inner values, is not a denial of cosmic will, but spared major degree deviations from the goal of life. The latter is particularly helpful because with Jupiter a whole catalog is available at options. but the best navigation is to follow the path of the heart. Your charisma is 2016, a magnet, and Chiron Neptune pulling on people who are in a paradoxical way to the teacher, give advice, represent the blows that represent as in the Zen Buddhist an on shock and wake-up call, not thoughtless and to be careless.

Adaptation, a key concept in the Jungfrau-being, by Saturn in the house earlier imprints could be brought for resubmission. With the intention to track down the so incurred painful consequences and heal. Neptune Saturn recommends to recognize the quintessence when action when it is clever and useful to cooperate in peace with the current situation. to work with the forces instead dagegenzustemmen itself. Wu Britain, the will power to overcome everything and to bring Wu wei the gift to cultivate the unintentional intention in balance, would be the silver bullet.

Lust and Love: know Kluge virgins that love can pay homage to the purpose not only to enable universal happiness wobble. Relationship is to accompany more than courtship, the promise to love and appreciation. It is particularly the meeting with the non-ego. Neptune and Chiron reside in the house of the importance you assign other and perhaps deny themselves.

Encounters with people representing the personalized promise of happiness, can be found here as well as the open adversary - the latter usually have the function to be ideal teachers. About flatterers, the self oriented ego, the true self developed over critics, even unjustified active. Since the nodal axis docks in the area of ​​love life, here is the largest cosmic presence an alliance of the forces gathered, active that can understand love as a genuine mystery.

Parallel makes this transit and look for the karmic partners and to recognize that can represent frühentstandener wounds both regulative as ecstasy, as a corrective soul balm. And even seasoned virgins that no one so far fog candles or feeling beacon from the inner "stand by your man" was taken away, can now get into an emotional frenzy in and between two, in the same way enticing, love stories. With the realization that it's not necessarily just gives one love, but love can occur multi-faceted.

For young women who like to represent the philosophy of white or black, a challenging exercise that leaves but also ideally handle soft with themselves. The inner critic who sign up 2016 Saturn often representing voices from childhood, who have called for strict always right action, can celebrate a loud revival again. If triggered as a result of destructive behavior, called for the self-flagellation that is confident. Perhaps the true dynamics behind it vividly because these patterns are often formed to block painful feelings, but significantly reduce parallel the joy of life.

But introspection has a value only if the view is a loving. And requires that specially own devaluation compensatory after revaluation, is a case in 2016 to target ideal figures or configure. Since 2016 Jupiter dwells in the house of self-expression, even the desire to own great unfolding of life can be promoted. Also the claim itself hochzustilisieren to a flawless embodiment of pure grandeur, can be quite wild form excrescences. However, the hard only, and you create a fictional character, hardly the prerequisite to attract the living people, which is the absolute supplement.

Outside, to create idols, is almost more complicated in the love life because may of true love because true contact and proximity does not take place, only dreamed of. And love to move into the world of fantasy, is also a trap that does not nourish the heart, viable - can neglect partnerships as a side effect - potential. to experience the love life as an extremely wide field of possible trials and tribulations, magical moments that must not only be a mirage, is the famous Neptune Factor!

Saturn 2016 is dominant there and reveals that each Love beginning inherent magic. The latter is intimately searched. In existing relationships, the desire for the dream can Compared to burden the concrete together, lead to emotional, mental absence, because the feeling is situates in higher spheres. But, it can also be the trigger point to fill the partnership again with fabulous what's not reserved for first love days. Also a whole new joy of love can begin. If the desire was kissed awake, they can break loose, where they want. As of September then you know where your heart vibrates and where it wants.

Professional career: Jupiter-Saturn and Neptune form an interesting tension aspect which brings into play a potpourri of different opportunities. Jupiter and Neptune are like magicians who show from universes paths that merge into new lead and. How fortunate that Saturn is in the process helps in healing function and dreams that often are now the stuff magnificent contraptions to distinguish foams that need to resolve later in pleasure inevitably. To help you get through the maze of endless possibilities and your pragmatic, analytical thinking.

Find instead start at random, is your motto. Not to fall prey to the Jonas complex, fear of their own size, commended by Chiron, this particular earlier painful experiences triggers. But conversely also calls simply leap fear of failure. Even analytically savvy young women, it is not destined to break free on theoretical-academic-therapeutic Aufdröselung been sharpened fears of these. Pudding is truly in the eating. Mind and intellect in the same way to bring about to the fantasy that now is the breeding ground for new calling, and to the latter it is in 2016 to transfer the director, helps to go on the path of the artist who now like previous actions expanded, extended or even replaced.

Thorough young women do not like to be a new things, without checking its own portfolio before. Saturn is helpful in order to take previously reviled tools better in inspection and self-fulfillment, and it is these it is 2,016 to use to arrive at himself. Here, the case - Virgin typical modesty, which is often a result of early childhood imprinting - dodge, 2016 is salutary. Jupiter is the planet of 2016 rather miraculously inspired you to shine its own advantages in pop colors, to believe in their own destiny and to surpass themselves repeatedly.

And even if the newly feel for you, especially for your environment to completely renewal is also possible in 2016! Charisma, celebrity and appearance quality more perfecting stage rather than background, 2016 is the must. He who guards long-held dreams of swashbuckling careers in itself, but also holds back, is now called upon to break the cocoon of previous limit. And making ambitions into a career that fall from the series: to be a writer, poet, art historian, reincarnation therapist or to focus on environmental reforms. The more you grow your visions, the more you get closer to your realization. From September invites Jupiter to trace the roots of any existential fears and extract. to find comfort in it, including through the realization of inner calling, 2016 nice option! Mind-Body: gut feeling, the awareness that the gut brain is particularly important and rational decisions are often nothing more than the quintessential emotional decisions you is at least internally very aware. All the more reason to follow is. And the prerequisite for the proper functioning of this so valuable, important and complex organ system, because that is the gut to create.

Confident, healthy diet - already a real privilege with you - all the needs for purity, quality, sustainability, seasonal and regional availability to choose to adapt to the specific needs of your sensitive body truly tolerated not all, is the best prevention to to stay in good health. Maybe your current claims conflict with those that were exemplified familiensystemisch, maybe you are an outsider because you do not eat what has eyes that favor 5 elements nutrition, different for vegetables, salads and meat work surfaces, the germs and hygiene due prefer.

possibly separate milky and Meaty because it is more beneficial to you. live vegetarian or vegan. They love not compromise when you have something recognized as valuable and correct. You should remain true in 2016, because if Saturn is in tension, health is a gingerly händelndes Good. Because body and mind form a unit could also emotionally not quite Tidy weaken the defense. to forgive yourself, a gift that was not you in the cradle, is healing in the deepest meaning. Self-forgiveness is understanding expected to develop this to recognize the gift of Saturn, when you commit to a prescribed by him self-exploration.

Lancer get hold moments 09 and 16 March 2016 opportunities at exceptional talents, is preparing to finally redeem internally formulated promises of success.

10-11. March 2016 aspirations, desires are multiplied and perhaps driven into the arms of a verzückenden romance.

12./13.Mai 2016 helps a powerful, yet tangible operating planet alliance, professional converted or ascend.

01 September 2016 Absolutely determined but not unprepared, you can take a career leap, target a new realization.

16 September 2016 Summary draw before continuing rush through space and time, helps not to leave any loose ends.

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Libra 24.09. - 10.23.

Ruler: Venus as the evening star, in the form of the goddess of love Element: Air

Their sound 2016: unflinching optimism, charm, diplomacy, sense of beauty, conciliatory, but also an extremely developed sense of justice who has been something unbändigeren temper tantrums and a clearer language animated, are scale-benefits that were particularly polished in the last year and life have made an exciting place. 2016 The view goes inside. to identify mechanisms of repression, which indeed represent a balance-embossing, and in the correct dosage lived represents, but also requires the observation also legitimate protection, is the first thing on the exercise program.

Because your twelfth house, the area of ​​the longings and the spheres of inner harmony and peacefulness, even the collective unconscious and mentally split because the latter was seen as too painful, is intensively occupied. With an invitation to delve a little deeper here, to undertake a journey to the center inner mental Urgründe. There is much to discover, assistants as saboteurs, sources of power like dark waters in which monsters are feared, but now leave with scrutiny a lotus blossom same great talents, when considered with awareness.

Perhaps that is the most exciting trip you've ever taken. Karma, internal orders and their possible prevention because unconsciously obstructionist suggest that it is vain to let shine his light uninhibited are only now recognized and then banned or redeemed. Since Uranus stirs up your life, makes traditional role conceptions recognized as causing paralysis and calls to cancel, but, cuddly together and concrete cooperation torpedoed repeatedly in the course of further development and relationship work, you not only stay in the peaceful feeling flow, but also dock, but with new insights enriched again on wild life, especially love seen technically. The family of origin is under Pluto in new viewing mode. And where is Pluto, the excavations go truly in depth, with the advantage, some even surprising, to bring to light.

Lust and Love: A pleasure, but also the bandwidth of all emotions reflecting love life is utterly Uranian goal in 2016. And even if Uranus in no way permits, love the order, engaged, married and happy to be favored until the end of time, let alone comply, he actually with you in mind special: they catapult from the clarity of the everyday. Challenge to experience again as a unique, self-directed, attractive nature to promote that and it worth fighting for.

You want to be meant not exchange trivialities, not handled with stereotypical sayings and phrases, not be appeased with pre-set blocks. Who asks about your health, you should really interested. Smalltalk is not desirable! The change of heart, and such is the one for you, comes into play with a startling Uranus-Pluto transit. Especially in the relationship life you will look carefully whether the spark of love at all still smoldering and skips. Controversially discuss versus flight, whether in apparent harmony or external fascinations is the red-hot topic. The particular Lilith to May. Problems that have already taken care of for a while in the ground for discord or breakup reflexes are plastically. And maybe get because they touch patterns that have emerged in childhood, a particularly explosive.

Who built by early childhood experiences fear of intimacy, because these could be accompanied by a loss of own individuality, now this inculcation faces immediately. The latter could both preoccupy themselves or are projected and therefore appear at the partner or have come under scrutiny. What is included to examine in every possible crisis, which has causally contributed most to the development of the dilemma.

And it is typical that the transition is smooth here, because getting a counterpart is sought that reflects their own wounds, supplements and contributes violations in themselves that are similar to your own, if caused by somewhat modified influences. With one hand you can not clap, and every action causes a backlash. This is the training ground where you cavort currently. You will benefit from this turmoil, if you experience the other as autonomous, but not as of really separated.

What absolutely does not work, is the elimination of needs benefits, single or insulting. Also sticking to what has happy time, but now is empty ritual will not work. Only a relationship that transforms itself remains. Who does not move to the outside world in order to open and to be free, to the partner out to discover new areas of friction, but also fascinations, the relationship can not revive.

But: Where there is love, the impossible becomes possible. Because Uranus never drives apart what belongs together internally. but he can stage a new meeting, bring a new love luck. A love that makes free, independent, safe and unconventional play. But a freshness and fascination guarantee is not there now. Perhaps it is a salutary interlude that fuels with new inspiration to extract the existing relationship of established, unexcited emotional worlds. In the family of origin, changes can occur that are possibly extension and impact of what you put everything upside down and set an example. From September Jupiter kidnapped in love spheres that fill the heart, outshine everything and make you think of tight binding.

Professional career: Pluto is classically the planet that symbolizes the descent into his own depths. The 2016 is your theme, felt in all areas of life. It is especially helpful to classify it where you are professionally top and have your very special qualification. And where you have remained among your options. There is hardly a sign of the zodiac, which is equipped beyond measure with talents and gifts as you, the spectrum of media relations, over networks, Diplomacy, therapeutic work (art, dance, family therapy) to highly successful artist available Has.

Abundance is preferred, cosmic gift, especially in the creative, there are almost no business, which is not found in your repertoire. Gratitude is appropriate, but also patience, because you have to get involved with the wisdom that development is a process that is in a permanent, creative design. And can be unrolled like a Chinese or Tibetan scroll painting only gradually and thus all the wealth is visible to your Lebensprächtigkeit unfolds in the course of your personal development.

But under Uranus-Pluto you could move ahead much too slowly, the whole procedure. But Jupiter and the moon nodes show that in soul retreat and retreat creative preparation takes place of the most intense manner: To a newly appear to celebrate your restart in a completely different league to allow a new cycle of activity, timing is necessary. In late summer Jupiter spreads out his arms and says that nothing is impossible. Time enough, then, to discover the shares and mosaic in itself to put together and celebrate as a special advantage, which is rather far excluded, repressed or devalued: Because it is not operated for example, the family compliant. Since you are poled from childhood to dealing with the expectations of others to push back its own ideas, there could be a real eye-opening experiences. And treasures are discovered that are chosen by Jupiter care in the summer to your favorite domain. Concrete studies and training, for the purpose of deepening, refinement, completion or recently discovered fascinations invites Saturn, with the gift of a very persistent concentration.

inspire friends and confirm, but can sometimes detract somewhat, partly because they come with their own worries to you, always first presented as completely irrelevant succinctly be expressed by the way, but still occupy your thinking. If you do not pay attention to what mechanisms are at work to undermine your healthy demarcation. What helps? Knowing that sympathy is good, but also means that I take part and understand you, but you let the chance to clarify your process itself.

Body-mind: to make yourself stop in the grand event tumbling from the body, which may desire a different vibration that is not scale-like. to listen to the conversation of body soul and spirit, a trinity that is magical meaningfulness, is not necessarily inspiring. Their mantra, with it goes well and every day better and better, is indeed a very salutary from the basic idea. An affirmation that promoted health and strengthens.

Nevertheless - with turmoil in the encounter area ailments can be valuable status reports of the soul. The sign Libra bladder kidney sector is assigned, that is your Achilles heel, your sensitive area that responds to irritation with the environment, with irritations, colds and minor disturbances. Right here is true: recuperate prevents chronic training events. Teas, plenty of hot water and bed rest work wonders, as are the beautiful old sitz baths. but not to focus attention solely on the symptoms, but to consider where someone came by improper means to encourage you a fright, disappointment has set the body's immune system, is the real healing approach.

And even if you can not prevent natural that touch annoyances, but you can work on your attitude towards it. And reflect on whether you want to give others the power to bring you inside to boil! The idea, if you remember in two years at this annoyance, let alone get upset, puts all events. You also do not respond to any attack, not dispel any situation. Sometimes helps spacing and quiet contemplation. For all that is emitted comes back anyway, in both positive and negative. And you should take advantage of someone who is his karma, your loss will be safe again wholesome balanced later by others, not later than September, when your life force come along almost exuberant and delight.

Magic Moments 23 March 2016 Check the concept to give him the last, but not final touches, is wise strategy. For later embellishments room should be left wise it is to plan for this.

20-21. April 2016 to hold the heart, even if you stand emotionally, enabling emotionally to dock in the right place.

18/19. September 2016 Dear feelings can applicable standard with come from, who is planning the departure, should check up the landing facilities before.

19 October 2016 Your Power bubbles over, eroticism and sensuality engulf heart and thinking. stay with you, instead of falling prey to thoughtless storm, is the mantra.

26 December 2016 Jupiter and Uranus bring auspicious moments and opportunities that take you into unimagined domains of ascension.

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Scorpio 24.10. - 11.22.

Ruler: Pluto, also traditionally Mars Element: Water

Their sound 2016: scorpions seem so at one with yourself, so self-assured and -überzeugt because you difficulties and adversaries go their way unafraid and unimpressed. Especially scorpions have an extreme radius of properties, feelings, bass and treble - even rugged scenery included. but external presentation and inner reality do not always match completely. Pure display intensity, a scorpion embossed, but also includes, on experiences, even painful to grow.

Only Feel and experience to develop scorpions. And as in Buddhism, to which Scorpio has a strong affinity, the attitude is desirable to act out uniquely original conviction, succumbing neither influence nor foreign provision, even scorpions may recognize only one real instance that of their own won intuition. The sword of discriminating wisdom and truth is Scorpio tool and equipped so that you have identified the positive last year and brought to bloom, not adopted nourishing it.

A process that took a lot of power, but was also perceived as transforming knowledge. 2016 many, but not everything will be easier, which indeed is almost your wishes, because processes that are not filled with emotional charge, and not challenge, even to new ways of thinking, to expand the threshold of consciousness, are not your design material. And since Pluto, your godfather, always calls for work on the shadow, subpersonalities and their driving shows illuminates the dark side in yourself and others, you will continue to operate a deep work in the sense of self-knowledge and -vervollkommnung.

Although churn at first glance no dominant dramatic transits, but are specially Saturn and Uranus at work. The stand for uncovering repressed, incompatibilities and tensions.

This can hardly be truly registered in foreign possibly, eventually you prefer working up inner psychic areas and processes like in secret. anyway they develop out all the solutions themselves and their own power. to examine their creations to rule for positive or complain, what did not quite earn the attribute value is also concern 2016th That takes some very complete and can trigger discomfort. The latter especially when you start the claim covered high. Cultivate your beautiful gift of kindness and self-empathy.

Lust and Love: My mantra is also called 2016: Imperfect people create imperfect conditions. And so: to love, may, everything should be with you and mean. Any and however insignificant it may not come along. Dear contact every day with him, life, what you would like to have different apart as not to feel themselves - even by comparison.

Under Saturn it is also 2016 by the real coexistence: the division amount in common, the breaking point in relations. A special Scorpion preference is to always work on Corrupted. This includes failure of the others, meticulous to address to your interpretation. "Why you manage not so - that would be much better for you", Is a popular variant of converting the other to the partner of choice. Teachings are also not always good in 2016 and may lead to discussions in endless loops. Unanstrengend living with scorpions is then not really. But for the love life retains an oscillation frequency that takes our breath away and catapulted into ecstatic heights.

And erotic brings, opens the special channels connecting with deep inner secrets. Yes, produces a band of magical spells. Since 2016 Saturn makes plastic even primal and deep needs, can trigger fears as well, before there was burglary as well as abandonment and -Will, compensatory then as draws Anhaftungsreflexe tenure in the magnification, jealousy can invade and control outbreaks complicate life.

Anyone who has suffered in childhood under a shortcoming could dive into that old pain and seek the origin of its own repeat pattern on the outside. To understand that allowing of rage, anger, fear, sadness helps to something that was added in early times or painfully missing. to process emotions where they belong, is important. Take effect cure! live out strong emotions is as useful, where they rid and prevent new injuries.

Accusations and justifications develop a self-perpetuating momentum quickly. But Saturn intention is internal blockages caused by conditioning in childhood, complicate complete, trusting admitting to dissolve. Saturn, planet of boundaries helps 2,016 specially the exercise, the feeling of fear of self-dissolution of concern to indulge an unknown force and delivered, have emerged.

What helps? to cultivate the feeling of self-love, to then connect to a sensitive awareness with the Opposite. Debits and credits are also subject in 2016. The house is hedging addressed. to be charged for the temporary feeling unduly. Maybe even to be constantly also in the erotic, lust and passion in charge of the permanent fomenting the latter. to have to be a miracle beings, beloved, top manager at work, home and family in person. The produced internal resistance. You do not have to be responsible for the welfare of any action. Inspired by Uranus to thwart expectations to provide old treaties and agreements in question to withdraw commitments when conditions and obligations have changed, is your right. A balance in the balance of power materially, financially and also in a very personal relationship formation is beautiful prerequisite for true happiness in love. And loyalty and an almost sacred term for scorpions, indeed represents a value, creates trust, is an expression of love and strength, but must not constitute a symbiosis and not a prison. Promise must not mutate into handcuffs, freedom makes true!

Professional career: The beautiful area of ​​the longings and hopes, wishes and as yet unrealized ideals is cosmic in focus. A better suggestion is to look around in the reservoir of future opportunities that have already been created in you, there is not. Because Uranus in the sector to earn a living, working conditions, signaled in 2016 that there is a clear need for improvement.

With Uranus and Lilith call, first to take the internal dynamics in inspection, possibly restructuring to make especially in our own behavior before everything will be overturned on the outside. Scorpions are well aware that reality is selbsterschaffen and irritation in the outside world are mostly mirror internal restructuring and dissatisfaction. Disorders and resistors are now useful clues to look where you have tightened up, stuck, this may by existential fears, which can distort the perception of the real 2016 Saturn. are not appreciated feelings of limitation and constriction, especially in work situations wherever everything should stay beautiful the status quo, and impulses, lateral thinking and experimentation, or even placed under guardianship, can wear out nerves.

New interests, departments, tasks, like new technologies that are now what you want to realize interested. System change, other working methods and innovative models, all heading for you to Querbeet renewal. attracts a new department, this should not include hierarchies. Then you react totally allergic. Routine as the art of riding a dead horse, reject, now is absolutely standard claim. With these almost revolutionary beliefs go quickly into confrontation with established incumbents, what you do not really shocking. Keep them out of power! And you also spare no break with familiar instances to finally find back on the track of their own values ​​and your calling.

And as the search for what you really satisfied, to feel one's own competence and to express, in 2016 comes a little stormy the need to pick up new perspectives on spontaneous, especially from May to August. As of May is also Lilith, the dark goddess in the game, can handle the self-confidence can also be rebellious. And to animate to let the far more restrained interior instances come loud to speak. Mindfulness is wise not drift into the wrong fairway. Neptune and Chiron also put your heart to take their time in implementing new ideas. Ad hoc turning everything upside down, may prejudice the envisaged process. Who, however, on automatic pilot, is startled by Uranus again and zurückexpediert for attention.

Saturn and Pluto also have the right to vote and demand to bring the will and in balance. The secret to your success is your fearlessness, the courage to take risks, which should be practiced but always in consultation with internal counselors. to observe the financial sound barrier and not let your enormous spiritual forces jumping around, but to focus on a goal that your inner plan meets, is salutary. Creativity, now your special bonus, creative experimentation, is the virtue that helps create new models of success.

Mind-body: serenity and benevolent self-discipline are beneficial under Saturn, who wants to keep your vitality in good hands and Uranus, which can provide healthcare for sudden mood change. There is no universal standard, how your body should feel and how you define well-being. But when the mind comes to rest, which is not automatic for you in 2016, also your vitality by new.

And you get access to the blind spot, the needs or ailments that you overlooked in the heat of battle, and professionally you are 2,016 permanent alert. Torture in the morning right-is out of bed because you have slept restlessly, called the cats sleeping allowing no real recovery or worrying about what was, what could be, Rub? Then there is meditation that helps to accept the vicissitudes of all being to agree to the fact that you have a lot of power, but can not determine decidedly what happens the day after tomorrow and.

Neptune opens the view to inner wisdom sources, including dreams that can afford with symbols, even archetypal, real assistance. Who dreams send the blessed messages about pictures, a withered landscape, for example, shows that your emotional life dries up, wild animals you threaten, warn that your unlived emotions you might incur, reach should be grateful and considered a cosmic support, to give of yourself differently. to develop calmness, is particularly beneficial. perceive the body through feeling and to take good care of it because you are in real contact with him. Even custody helps to fuel the vitality gently rather than burn out. To feel comfortable with it, is the declared goal of Jupiter.

Magic Moments 21-22. March 2016 inspiration and imagination are rich thanks to Neptune on offer. to breathe the love with new magic, is also a privilege.

14th-15th April 2016 Resistors inspire, but Saturn warns not to let it come to extremes. Retreat can strategically be a victory.

04/05. July 2016 full feeling and warmth, a revival of sensuality and pleasure of love is being considered.

16-17. July 2016 Mars in wild action, Lilith and Venus in tow, throw out the power of seduction. Emotions flow, but not to let get out of hand, would be ideal.

05/06. October 2016 Lilith is in play Animalisches stained love, meaningful confusing encounters can bring heart and life beat.

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Sagittarius 23.11. - 12.21.

Ruler: Jupiter, Chiron also accompany Element: Fire

Their sound 2016: Being endowed with wit, euphoria, cosmopolitanism and a fairly well-padded self-worth account Sagittarius women set up their goals. With inner freedom blessed that you like to take Also in the exterior, there is a further experimental room. Expansion is the meaning and purpose of your life - even in 2016, under somewhat relativierendem Saturn.

Jupiter is in the cosmic program there and draws attention to the diversity of your potential. A promising aspect, but also triggers the crux of being able to keep exuberant fascination not necessarily over a long period. Nevertheless - to travel the cosmos of opportunities widely, is a chance the power of three, but can drive as a side effect also fairly across the fields. How good: Saturn, the planet that calls for reflection and concentration, 2016 Your most affectionate mentor. to grow instead of life, thinking, planning and willing, he condenses the perception now. What is not synonymous with a limited development radius. On the contrary, animated Saturn to explore their own, so far preferred life Landscape to illuminate personal views and motives and to check if your life has the desired sound, value and expression.

You can be archetypal only at peace with himself when life is focused on something sublime and world-improving. Saturn is there possibly new standards before, in any case, everything just has an air of mediocrity and your soul melody is not fair questioned. "Recognize yourself" - a Saturn mantra - is to be positioned now enlightening motivation and true entertainment, to reinvent itself, if you discover a new spirit and Spirit in itself.

Shooters are indeed intellectually doing well, but only seemingly only focused on logical; the right brain sets the tone with you. replacing linear thinking by holistic view, is Sagittarius quality. not to be cause and effect, but the synchronicity of events and to put into focus, is your preference. to face even in 2016 to care about the ground graspable addition, philosophical, humanistic-psychological models and profit from, your cosmic gift. And since Saturn like Jupiter also call to give more space to the genius, it will be exciting and profound at the same time.

Lust and Love: Love is rather idiosyncratic a Sagittarius motto and provided their own independence to live balanced in relationships. Permanent reflects you as a shooter not, plus there is just too much to discover, and you are definitely interested to express that which is created in you and in relationships.

Saturn calls in 2016 to greater awareness on, towards himself, but also related to the other person. And even if you already Saturn initiated much time have used it to understand the reasons for his own soul and drives to recognize family-shaped pattern, the relationship of work goes into a new round. Especially if you are in an environment grew up where the song of ideal family was sung, Saturn calls to question the myth familiensystemischen to repeat not uncomfortable patterns in relationship. The stakes are high, perhaps a matter of time to clear everything aside, what has separated to expectations in compounds of the truly realizable. The polarity, the turn I and you, the partnership dynamics, Saturn Council.

How much development has taken place lately? Are you still in love notes, but still internally independent to each other and open and interested towards? Take the other seriously, true, with respect to? And how many of your feature to evaluate your need to explore spiritual, immortal planes, all that is transitory only as a parable to let the soul grow wings to celebrate Mind and Spirit in the same way, is affirmed by the opposite?

In long-term connections you're looking for not only the kick, although inspiration. to find an echo in the other, is important to you and if a single antipode may not reflect all areas of interest, store one or the other ever made. The 2016 perhaps even more significant, especially since the spectrum of what fascinates you, expands under Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune itself, possibly artistic commitment a more urgent claim and can occupy a lot. The desire, eroticism and sexuality to revive with new glow and new varieties, drives around. Especially since Pluto can trigger animalistic impulses. And may. But the first step to be able relationship is self-awareness and acceptance.

Under Saturn in your solar first deals with you. Each self-examination and renewal but must also be seen in relation to the opposite, the outside world. Perhaps you feel vulnerable, feel that a new reality formed in you and wants to develop. The old I seem brittle and fragile, parallel willingness New grows in and to be up - to extend about relationship and realize. Spontaneity and the tendency to simply give themselves the unknown prey, 2016 could, however, be somewhat reduced. who made in relationships for old patterns, to each other to live by, could thanks to Saturn, which pushes internalized processes more come to mind.

How fortunate that Neptune Chiron calls himself to face lovingly, because that's the preparation that allows the encounter in the field. track avoidance behavior because they separated from life and from the inlets, is also provided. And since you are going through a metamorphosis, also the partner might feel insecure in phases. He also needs a settling-in period to adjust to something new. And it is worth remembering that Saturn games not tolerated in compounds, evasions and escapades can take a uneasy output.

Who wants to keep his relationship needs to know that this is only possible through a serious relationship work. to stay connected, is, at least for you to advance to live in the space of voluntariness. Saturn helps to question whether your energy, ambition and creative impulses actually flourish? And not only you but also your partner benefit because he feels your uniqueness as an inspiration, investing himself intensively to life. to look with the eye of Saturn on love does not mean to live strictly and enjoyable denying. But to stay in something that sticks together habit, but the heart can be cold, will not work in 2016. Jupiter forms an invigorating effect. to heal fatigue in partnerships by new targets are formulated possibly together, but everyone can follow their own heart projects, is his contribution.

Professional career: Jupiter in the house of the appeal, a favorite phrase with you, gives optimum wonderful possibilities. The nodal axis is, professional could be completed is an incredibly important cycle and all Saturn-like, it is said, on to pastures new, offer the unused soil, let's growth, spiritual, material, including professional success, truly sprout.

Sense of mission is one of your equipment to and is particularly triggered 2016 Jupiter-Neptune. This makes your charisma magical, irresistible your persuasion, if you avoid the trap that is called, allowing it to remain visions in the design phase. From May Lilith could feed phases inner demons who then whispers try to slow the beautiful high-altitude flight, which may be salutary Regulations even if you do not suggest that your fantasies, plans, ideas are just smoke and mirrors.

The material from which your projects are created, 2016 is definitely the fantastic, exclusive and exotic. Neptune is your patron, and he remembered that he who does not believe in miracles, no Realists. Uranus elated, craziness or temerity in pure culture and personality, is also at your side, brought brainstorms, unlock the new levels of knowledge. And provides parallel for letting artistic gifts break eruptive in you that you have been misunderstood or neglected.

Chiron is in the house of the family of origin. Professional dreams that were once the measure of all fulfillment, but were disqualified by the family as a product of illusory view of life may come to mind perhaps partly painful. But: what belongs to you, makes and distinguishes pushes back into awareness, into life. And since Saturn in 2016 proclaims that you have grown out of its infancy in every way, now neither meet expectations of others still have to fear major tasks is the cosmic message: Now is the magic moment to appear with old dreams and your profession. Pluto, the planet that both the weakest points, as well as the strongest advantages of making plastic, is in verquerem aspect and can provide the appearance of dark emotions and deep-seated fears. In the meantime, he can challenge beneficial, especially when Lilith also docks in transit. But this can even be a transforming power and help its own internal adversaries to get wise that hot in this particular case, fear of embarrassment, failure and excessive demands.

You decided to oppose, is part of growing up. not to fall Pluto Störmanövern prey not to navigate to external security lines along equate money and financial values ​​with self-affirmation, is also wise. to cultivate the confidence bolster the intrinsic value, instead, real self-worth, capable of trust contrary to rush the opportunities and maximize them. The big prize draws only one who believes in luck!

Mind-Body: Saturn has long been in action for you - preventative medicine then and now priority. Even shooters, which spray unshakable and great vitality and joy in exuberant manner, could deep inside feel a certain exhaustion. You should not play with theatrical grandeur, at least not towards himself. Saturn demands his rights, which means in this case that he acts as an advocate of your organism. And again demands to take care of themselves.

What is not automatic, since Neptune happy focuses on the bulwark family. Nonverbal messages using Chiron uncover and make plastic, is now cosmic intention. What unwritten rules are therefore familiensystemisch and also part of your inner family, and even determine today is Neptune stimulation. This process is exhausting, especially when specific requirements are formulated from the family of origin. Then your attention swims frequently away from really important points.

to be in contact with the body, but in 2016 the very first commandment. On top draw internal inventory and leaving the parental principle, 2016 issue vitality from, and that can bring mentally unbalanced. Who determines to be involved again with more family issues than with their own needs, must consciously call for more differentiation. Although permanent No first say costs force under Saturn takes the credibility that allows you to stand up for themselves, the most beautiful way to, you gain respect.

And that would be a first major step to provide own good and his own recovery to the fore. Especially since Uranus can favor some crazy hobbies and daring Fitness variants. What health now loosens and can flourish directly. To let off steam a bit more relaxed to fall victim to extreme risk pleasures. Always positive affects on you Kendo, Zen in the Art of Archery or daring motorcycling from. Something freaky always have to be there, even while building up resilience and healthy power.

Magic Moments 08/09. January 2016 Love is not a game that puts Saturn to the heart of who flirts other dizzy must expect very intimate attachment.

10-11. March 2016 unvarnished perception is a must in a job, even if Mars makes mobile and accelerated action joy.

05/06. June 2016 The mystery love holds in tension. Deep connection or flash in the pan? Some questions may remain unanswered.

18/19. August 2016 except opportunities also require bold strategies. Always good: not to exceed the internal demarcation line too much.

25-26. December 2016 Everything is now handled with optimism and passion, developed a dynamic auspicious.

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