Sweet Potato: Recipes for enjoying in Orange

Appetite for a soup? But then times tried this: The Sweet Potato is flavored with curry powder, cream and sea salt. Delicious!

Sweet potato: Exotic trend vegetables

The sweet potato, also known under the name of sweet potato, is THE trend vegetables. Was she a few years ago an exotic car, we encounter today in almost any discount store and restaurant - all at affordable prices.

And we? We can not get enough of her. Whether in the form of sweet potato fries, stuffed or baked - the sweet potato is an all-rounder, that now more and more frequently with us on the table. But what is behind the tuber with exceptional color, know very few. We ask you therefore once before in detail.

Exciting Facts about sweet potato

First of all: The name is deceptive! The sweet potato is in fact not related to the potato. In truth, it is one of the sogenannten wind plants, which include various tuber and root vegetables are expected. 

In South America it is already For more than 8,000 years collected and sweet potato belonged since ancient times to the diet of the natives. For about 4,000 years, it is also cultivated there.

Christoph Kolumbus then brought in the 15th century for the first time to Europe, where she found ideal conditions in Spain and Portugal. Here she initially was considered a food of the poor. But because quickly word spread that the sweet potato is a aphrodisiac, potency-enhancing effect have they enjoyed soon in the upper class and the rest of Europe very popular. And that has not changed to this day. On the contrary!

Sweet potato: Healthy miracle tuber

Their sweet taste that is so characteristic of the sweet potato, that he even gave her the name comes from the high starch content.

It also includes the secondary plant substance Caiapo. Studies indicate that he positive for anemia, high blood pressure and diabetes effect. So excelled in a study in "diabetes Care", The journal of the American Diabetes Association, was released from that decreased cholesterol levels of participants and her general health improved.

And as if that were not enough, the sweet potato also contains many Nutrients and vital substances, minerals, vitamins and powerful antioxidants.

The sweet potato loves the heat

Sweet potatoes need a lot of heat in order to thrive, which is why they are grown especially in countries with long summers and mild climate. They grow mainly in the US, Caribbean, Israel, Africa and Brazil. Since the sweet potato has a very thin, fragile shell, it will not be harvested by machines but by hand and taken to the camp in buckets. Air-conditioned rooms, the tuber can be stored for up to twelve months - that's why they are there to buy throughout the year.

The preparation of the sweet potato is similar to the normal potato. And just as her namesake the tuber is an all-vegetable: It tastes cooked, pan-fried or roasted, baked in the oven, fried to fries and of course in salad.

Also many children superbly taste the sweet tuber. For them, it is possible they may as well to production mashed sweet potato. Many delicious recipes with the tubers we tell you up in our recipe route.

cook sweet potatoes properly - Here's how

Depending on the size they need in boiling water 30 to 45 minutes to cook. But there is a trick to speed up the preparation: Just several times around prick the unpeeled potato with a fork, then the sweet potato four to eight minutes at the highest level in the microwave place - and it is cooked.

As with the potato all combinations and experiments are also allowed in the sweet potato. Whether vegetarian, meat or fish - the sweet potato is climbing the list and we are thrilled!