Dessert in a glass – delicious and pretty to look at

This dessert with fresh strawberries combined with delicious Raffaello cream delights all sweet tooth!

Dessert in a glass - may be what's sweet?

You have just enjoyed a hearty main course, and then he comes, the cravings for something really sweet! So get a delicious dessert is needed. Whether yoghurt cream with caramel sauce, cheesecake with Oreo cookies or desserts in the form of small cakes - a dessert in the glass is always and so an enticing temptation No one can resist!

A dessert in a glass zubreiten

Desserts can be wonderful cause in dessert glasses: they are easy to prepare and can be also perfectly portioned. So is definitely enough there for each guest! And, of course, is simply beautiful to look at as a dessert in a glass: The individual layers are so wonderfully effective.

Here, contrasting ingredients make particularly good: So alternating layers act with yogurt cream and strawberry puree flashy particularly seductive. With an additional sauce the artwork is then perfect! Even small tarts or cupcakes make really cute in glasses and can then be decorated with all sorts of delicacies. Whether eggnog, sauces, syrups, sprinkles or a ganache is important - all with a sweet tooth will love it!

bake dessert in a glass

Some recipes, such as small cakes can also be baked in the same refractory portion cups. Especially for parties and buffets to simple basic recipes can be used for cakes, in order to fill dessert glasses and then bake it. Important: In this case the molds or jars must expressly identified as fireproof be to withstand the heat in the oven.

In addition, you have to remember that the baking time of the normal basic recipes decreases when the cake is baked in a smaller form. Easier it is, if one uses directly recipes for cupcakes or biscuits: Then the baking time can also calculate better. After that run over it a creamy caramel sauce and already you have the perfect dessert!

Dessert in a glass - perfect for garden parties and buffets

Many dessert glasses also have a matching lid, so yogurt cream & Co. are optimally covered for transportation. So the little dessert can be transported to the buffet not only easy, it is protected even at the garden party well against insects. Last but not least are desserts in the form of delicious pastries or delicious yoghurt cream and a great party favor. For on such a lovingly prepared dessert as souvenirs finally pleased everyone!

Whether cookies, chocolate mousse with raspberry yogurt or cream with rhubarb compote - here a sweet tooth will find it! Try our delicious recipes you by for dessert in a glass and place your new favorite dessert.