make Aperol Spritz yourself – Here’s how!

Aperol Spritz garnish with an orange slice and enjoy the perfect aperitif.

The triumph of Aperol Spritz

People from around the world swear by the Italian aperitif and enjoy before eating a fruity-tart glass of Aperol Spritz. you order "injection". "Sprizz" or just a "Veneziano" can then taste the long drink that is usually made of white wine or sparkling wine, mineral water, ice cubes and the fruity-bitter Aperol liqueur with Aperol and. The result is a bittersweet, yet tangy, fresh drink that leaves you wanting more.

The recipe: make the Sprizz itself

Here's how to do it: In 3 parts Prosecco (or white wine) come in a wine glass with ice cubes, according Aperol, 2 parts liquor, a splash of soda water and finally an orange or lime slice that makes the aperitif yet fruity and tangy. A quick recipe that can be implemented in just three minutes.

If you like, the classic recipe, incidentally, also vary with fruit juices and fresh fruit and so always create new delicious flavors. The manufacturer recommends here, for example, passion fruit juice, cranberries and halved strawberries, Rhababersaft, Grapfruitsaft and lime or even as unusual creations such as ginger beer and cucumber sticks. So you have your Sprizz determined never drunk!

Aperol Spritz: Italian sunset in the glass

The idea for the popular appetizer comes from Italy, more closely from Veneto, where you can enjoy the Sprizz (or spray) for decades before eating. But now the Aperol Spritz is a trend drink that is drunk on many other occasions and in most of Europe. At receptions, in bars and cafes - simply because it tastes so summery bubbly. What used to be the fruity apple juice was for many of us, today is the Aperol Spritz. The Sprizz represents a Mediterranean, free and relaxed way of life, for la bella vita and the longing for an endless summer. A sunset on the Mediterranean in the glass.

Aperol: The triumph of an Italian liqueur

When the Aperol Spritz 2009 took its triumphant by Germany, Stefan Saller wrote not in vain for the world, which is Sprizz "an Italian vacation in between", And with the Aperol Spritz also saw a spirit finally the long-awaited breakthrough that were previously only really knew if you had received a bartender training. The Aperol liqueur itself is made from rhubarb, sarsaparilla, yellow gentian and bitter orange and completed with various aromatic herbs. This results in the orange-red color and fruity-tangy aroma that characterize the Aperol Spritz so unmistakably when mixing the liquor with soda water and Prosecco.

the Aperol was incidentally invented until the early 20th century by two brothers from Venice - and especially for an exhibition in Padua. Since then, he has a long way to the probably most popular Italian aperitif and versatile cocktail ingredient behind. When the liquor is not pure drunk on ice, which is relatively rarely done because of its bitter note, you can mix it many different cocktails. Then you prepare him with white wine, soda water and ice to Aperol Spritz, with tonic water to Aperol tonic or with lemon juice and sugar syrup to Aperol Sour. Also a variation of caipirinhas is popular with Aperol: When used instead of cachaça liqueur, the result of Caipirol. The tastes wonderfully bittersweet.

Good it tastes when you mix the Aperol instead of soda water with Schweppes Original Bitter Lemon to conjure an Aperol Lemon spray. With a twig of mint garnish and add ice cubes. And if you can not get from Aperol Spritz enough, but preparing a jelly to it. Boil apricots with Prosecco, Aperol and preserving sugar and processed into jelly.