So you can find out who has entfreundet you on Facebook

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Some people have a great fun to collect as many Facebook friends. Others are happy even with her small circle of friends. But if the number of friends decreases, you do not know who has put an end to his friends list of friends, as the Entfreundete not receive any message. Now there is an app that tells on the former Facebook friend.

Who gave notice to you the friendship?

The Facebook app 'Removed Friends' indicates no longer belongs to which user to your friends. Once you open the app, you need to associate your profile with it and 'Continue' button - you're set.

Facebook App© Screenshot: Facebook / Removed Friends

However, it does not appear that friendships were deleted earlier, but as of this time. Therefore you will be when you first open the app not terminated friendship appears (see Figure). Who wants to know, however, that the iOs app can 'still friends' for 1 euro download and thus has everything under control - even the past.  

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