Quick recipes: In 30 minutes there’s food!

In no time a conjure a delicious Bowl - how to do it, learn it here. Perfect summer dish!

Noodles, dumplings and gnocchi - perfect for quick recipes

Noodles are a great basis for quick meals. While the pasta is cooking, we prepare the sauce - saving time. It must be pasta with tomato sauce not always - after all, there are many other great and easy pasta recipes, about our spaghetti with herbal pesto or Farfalle with melon and ham.

Products from the refrigerated section as gnocchi or spaetzle are perfect for quick meals. Sun can be made with ready-made gnocchi lightning fast casseroles - always a good idea to use leftovers. Try it out our savoy cabbage and ham casserole, which is already finished after half an hour on the table ... mmmmmh!

Also, meat and fish are suitable for quick meals

There are also delicious quick recipes with meat, about Sliced ​​with shallots, chicken legs and even gorgonzola burger! If it is to go faster, we resort to fish. Which is in the pan quickly even - especially you cut the fillet into cubes. And anyone looking for easy, quick recipes, find lots of ideas for quick salads.

Quick recipes: surprisingly diverse

You see: Our quick recipes are surprisingly varied! One, however, they all have in common: Whether vegetarian, with meat or whether sweet or savory, whether soup or casserole - all you need is 30 minutes for a delicious lunch or dinner is on the table.

On the following pages you will find dozens of quick recipes for every day. The excuse "No time to cook" now has no chance ...

Text: Lan Nhi Nguyen

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