Cunnilingus – what you need to know about oral sex

Cunni .... what? Some men (and women) need to first look up in the dictionary what the foreign word actually means. No wonder really everyday common the term is not well. Even though you probably know, here in advance a little Definition: cunnilingus means the sexual satisfaction of women through the mouth of their partner. All information on the practice you will learn here:

Real crazy: Licking for beginners

Felt 95 percent of all articles about cunnilingus are illustrated with the open mouth of a woman lustfully around sucking on a banana. Here's what cunnilingus precisely not to "bananas" (You know what we mean), but to stimulate the external female genitalia (vulva) with mouth, lips and tongue of the labia to the clitoris.

Real helpful: cunnilingus explained

Even though it's all about at cunnilingus to the stimulating use of the tongue - the word itself is a real tongue twister: cunnilingus comes from Latin. Lingus's tongue cunnus female genitalia. But there is an easier way. Some say this form of oral sex "French"Many simply "lick", Incidentally, rimming it is called when the anus with lips and tongue is stimulated.

Real informative: comparison fellatio and cunnilingus

While there are countless studies and articles on the subject of men and blowjob (fellatio), the studies on cunnilingus are few and far between. But what few have found all the more exciting: Especially in younger women from 18 to 25 years cunnilingus is very popular, so a Canadian study. The sex position is therefore commonly practiced and represents 41 per cent on the same level with sex, in which the man enters with his penis in the woman.

Real satisfactory: oral sex is well received by women

American college students prefer even to 96 percent of oral sex to sex which does not require the exciting licking. 84 percent say they have an orgasm by. One of the reasons: Alone in the clitoris run together approximately 8,000 nerve endings - more than twice as many as in the penis!

Real bizarre: cunnilingus tuition per app

For all that move when it comes to oral sex still somewhat uncertain, now approaching Remedy: just in the form of an app. A US company has invented Lick this App. The user asks you to play around with the tongue on the smartphone display. Disgusting idea and for us more of a bad joke than a serious tip when it comes to cunnilingus.

Really clean: oral sex without regrets

Very clear: Without a minimum hygiene it is not running at leak. Freshly showered is half the battle. When cleaning the genital area women should not exaggerate though: vaginal douches or highly perfumed genital sprays can irritate the natural balance of the vagina. The best way to clean the vagina with lukewarm water and / or non-perfumed soaps with skin-friendly pH. Dry well remember!

Real preventative: protection against sexually transmitted diseases

Important: Even during oral sex can be infected with sexually transmitted diseases. These include human papillomavirus, chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea (gonorrhea), and fungal infections. While there is still no documented case, but the risk of becoming infected with cunnilingus with the HIV virus currently can not be excluded.

The risk of infection is increased by small, often invisible wounds in the mouth. But there are remedies: In pharmacies can be called for safe sex version of cunnilingus leak towels (in English: dental dams) buy. These are paper-thin square of latex films that are placed like a veil over the genital areas and protect during oral sex. In addition, the leak cloth prevents vaginal secretions from entering the mouth of the partner. May sound like not so great, but is - as I said - the prevention.

11 tips for a good cunnilingus

A woman to indulge in oral sex, to be learned. For as simple as the "Lick" sounds, it is not by far.

1. The woman idolize

Worship is now a strong word. But it has been going in the right direction. Because a woman should show in bed that they desired and they like oral sex. The only way they can really drop and come easier to climax.

2. variety, please!

Top loslecken like a dog and then stay with his method? Bad idea. Women like variety in oral sex. Time it will go faster, sometimes slower, sometimes harder and sometimes softer. be time sucked, sucked and licked times times. Makes the whole thing much more exciting!

3. Pay attention to the signs of woman

It is very important to correctly interpret whether women like it or not - and then to vary the leakage technique. For orientation: they Pushes the pelvis forward, it's good. she pulls it back, it is less pleasant. When in doubt, just ask the partner what she likes and what not.

4. Treat clitoris gently

Attention sensitive zone! For in the clitoris run circa 8000 (!) Nerve endings together. So you have to be careful during oral sex. Dear gently begin to stroke and lick with his tongue and slowly increase them if you like.

Include the fifth leg, abdomen and breasts

Pats on the legs, the abdomen or on the nipples provide during oral sex in between for even more pleasure. So: Do ​​not be too fixated on the private parts!

6. Bring on your fingers!

The tongue is not everything. to take off and fingers to help (indoors or outdoors), the whole can make it even more exciting. Again, start Dear little softer and later increase the pressure!

easily optimize 7. sexual positions

we want this hot tip you not withhold: To ensure that the enjoyment of the cunnilingus increased even swear experienced women on bringing her abdomen in a slightly elevated position. So that the partner can easily get at the vulva, labia and clitoris. How it works?

Fortunately, you need not apply to all sexual positions a sports diploma: easy For enhanced enjoyment when cunnilingus a cushion slide under your butt. And then enjoy one of the most satisfying sex positions for women at all.

8. show perseverance during cunnilingus

Just be patient, man (or woman)! That with the female orgasm during oral sex can sometimes take half an hour. Do not despair and - even if times longer is no sound - if necessary vary technique and move on! All wrong now would be to put the woman with gestures or facial expressions under pressure, according to the motto: Jeez, how long it takes for?

9. Remove the sex toys to help

Is not indicative of the inability own, but a pretty smart idea. A little vibration, a little G-spot stimulation ... Why because it? Who only licks, might miss something!

10. Now just do not stop!

If she is about to peak, it can be fatal to change the technology - because in the worst case you stimulate no longer so intense and pass it with orgasmic dream. Lappeth constant in this phase, which runs best. Unless you want the female orgasm somewhat delayed, to make it more intense. Then, variation is allowed, of course.

11. cuddling after cunnilingus welcome!

After sex is cuddling - the same goes for oral sex! have great for coming down and loving!

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