There are now sweet potato fries at Edeka!

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Anyone who has eaten this snack, white: There is (almost) nothing better! We're talking about Süßkartoffelpommes, the sweet and crispy temptation that you may know from the food truck or from the burger restaurant you trust.

So far, however, there was a problem: sweet potato fries are expensive in the restaurant - and hard to get at the grocery store almost. So if you wanted to nibble sweet potato fries at home, she had to laboriously carve from all over the vegetables themselves, wash and treat them with strength and deep fry.

There are now sweet potato fries at Edeka!© Edeka

But now someone has made a discovery at Edeka in the freezer: Süßkartoffelpommes for the home - finished and frozen! In Holland, for example, has long been widely used in Germany there was so far but virtually no rankommen.

So whoever wants to eat his sweet potato at home, just have access only at Edeka - a bag of 500 grams will cost 1.99 euros. Alternatively, you can do it yourself and sweet potato fries. We show you how to do it: