Fasting: The 12-day program helps you to Abstain

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Million people in Germany fast regularly, most of them are almost women. Once or twice a year they do without for a week on solid food, taking only water, tea, fruit juice, vegetable broth to himself. Self-flagellation? The descriptions of experienced followers of healing fasting hear differently: they speak of deep satisfaction, of carefree lightness and new energy.

For such high feelings while fasting, there are now even scientific explanations. Göttingen brain researcher Gerald Hüther has studied how neurotransmitters and hormones react to the food deprivation. He found out how important it is that the decision is made voluntarily fasting. Only under this condition that is so Huether, classifies "the evaluation center in the cerebral cortex the situation as a 'non-threatening' a" and waives the production of stress hormones.

The head comes to rest, energy is released

Instead decreases after about three days of fasting the release of serotonin and ensures internal harmonization and satisfaction. The head and the gut flora come to rest, energy is released. Those who opt for the purification, often sleeps little and feels still recovering. You feel connected with yourself, more relaxed and more open. Not only taste or smell are perceived intense, all the senses are sharpened by the Food waiver at a fast therapy.

Even those who have nothing to do with God and faith suspects in this time of austerity, why all the great religions and programs of fasting know: I need modest little for this balance and inner peace, the healing knowledge.

however, what happens when fasting in our organ systems, is controversial among experts. Fasting supporters speak of inner cleansing and purification, by fasting as medicine against lifestyle diseases such as allergies or high blood pressure. Conventional medical practitioners argue that our body is weakened if he consumes its own protein reserves, and warn of an addiction to the fasting euphoria. But now there are already the Medical Society fasting and nutrition e.V. (ÄGHE), the physician deals with the topics of fasting cure health, fasting therapy, fast walking, intermittent fasting and fasting in general.

What are the opportunities and limitations of this self-awareness?

Those who want fast, so it must be healthy and resilient. And make advance aware of where the opportunities but also the limits of this self-awareness are. One way to lose weight is not fasting, the lost weight almost automatically turns back on. With diets to fasting therefore can not be compared. Unless fasting is to consciously break to break with ground habits and replace them with healthier rituals. A Lent can also be a great way for a subsequent change in diet.

Exercise, relaxation and body care are a must

Therefore, for BRIGITTE-Fast program also includes exercise and relaxation exercises and soothing body care - not just for Lent. The fitness program can be incorporated into the daily routine also slightly thereafter. Beauty and the program helps to create quiet areas in everyday life: minutes all to myself.

eat anything, and life is easier? Not always work out that from the beginning. Fatigue, muscle soreness as in the thighs, head, back or joint pain: In the first days of fasting, the body often initially activates its vulnerabilities. "The most you have to understand as a response to health problems in the previous period", The experienced manager Fast Dorothe Bertlich-builder.

Perhaps you have already replaced some old habits with new ones before you start eating again. Be it to start the morning with a gentle movement instead of strong coffee. Or creating, small relax islands against the daily stress - instead of cigarettes and snacks.

After fasting time is particularly favorable to leave extended tracks. Because one feels strongly. Because you feel that you can live quite some time off. This force also good intentions for life after Lent are easier to implement.

Checklist: Can I fast?

Very clear: Only those who are physically fit, can fast at home. Let yourself by check from your GP on your Lenten suitability therefore always first. Who just recovered from an operation or serious illness, is pregnant or breastfeeding a child who should not fast.

In the following symptoms you should the decision for or against the fast with your doctor or physician to discuss and only under medical supervision (fast as in a fasting clinic, offered in special detox treatments and in their enschlacken with other fasting people can):

In these complaints, you should refrain from fasting:

  • general fatigue, irritability, nervous tension, tendency to depressive disorders or depression
  • Overeating or bulimia
  • regular medication (except for the pill)
  • chronic diseases such as diabetes, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, psoriasis
  • pronounced allergies
  • Heart attack risk, high blood pressure
  • Preponderance of more than 30 percent
  • underweight

Day 1 - Entlastungstag

Nutrition: Imagine slowly on the fast day one, even internally. Waives alcohol, coffee, black tea and sweets. Drinks at least two liters of carbonated water, juice, juice, herbal tea. Eat light and slightly less - just as much, until you are satisfied. Waived Greasy and meat, but there's plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole-grain rice.

Move: Makes sports as usual. Who is rarely active, should take a long walk.

Day 2 - Entlastungstag

Nutrition: No meat, fish, eggs. Menu suggestion: in the morning fruit and some cheese, potatoes and vegetables for lunch, in the afternoon a vegetable juice, evening broth with rice and some boiled vegetables. drinkingt at least 2 liters of water, diluted fruit juice, herbal tea.

Maintenance: Now, a basic bath is useful, it supports the detoxifying, d. H. detoxifying function of the skin. Bath temperature about 37 degrees, bath takes about 15 minutes. In the bath water rub off the body with a loofah sponge or brush. You have no tub? Then does it a shower peeling, the loofah can you also dry after showering use.
Move: as on day 1

Day 3 - housecleaning for the intestine


Now the fun begins with fasting. Put this day so that you can stay at home. Morning 1/4 liter morning tea, z. B. Rosemary, Weißdorntee (circulation stimulating) or verbena (Verbene-) and mint (for stimulating liver and bile). Following, Glauber thus dissipate with Glauber's salt: In order for the body can better switch from ingestion to excretion, fasting is initiated with a strong defecation. This measure reduces feelings of hunger during fasting.


Here's how: Super Slim take 20 g Glauber's salt to 1/2 liter of water, normal weight 30 grams to a half liters of water, 40 g overweight to 3/4 liter of water. Glauber's salt tastes horrible, maybe give a few drops of lemon juice to. this solution drinks cool and possible delay. Within the next one to three hours done more diarrhea-like movements. If the abdominal pinch: drink tea or water, go to bed, a hot water bottle on the abdomen. Has not until the evening defecation adjusted to help with an inlet (pharmacy).

Danger: Women who take the pill should postpone taking three hours after removal. And: Who suffers occasionally from migraines or have disc problems, may Glauber under any circumstances because the rapid removal of water can increase the discomfort. Alternative: Laxoberal or passage FX salt (there are both in the pharmacy). These agents perform more slowly. The process takes here all day and not just one to three hours.


Occasionally noon vegetable stock and water. Vegetable broths can you buy organic food store produce itself either as a finished product (hefeextraktfrei!) In the reform or or. Afternoon infusions (z. B. ginger, has a warming) and water. Evening water, herbal teas (z. B. Chamomile, St. John's wort, valerian, hop, lemon balm, since they are promoting relaxation), fruit or vegetable juices.

Fruit juice drink never pure, but always heavily diluted as a spritzer, mix 1/3 juice and 2/3 water. Recommended fruit juices: apple unfiltered, grape and pear (see list). Vegetable juices are also diluted. The best of the juice with hot water in the ratio 1: 1 and then face the music like a soup rather than drinking it from the glass. You can all use in health food stores / organic food store offered vegetable juices. If you lactic fermentation juices preferred but also supports your natural bowel function.

Important: Also drink during the day in between some water! If you like absolutely no tea, can only drink water. The main thing you come to the sufficient total fluid intake of three liters: So at least 2.5 liters of water and tea, the 1.4 liters broth and juice. If necessary, d. H. If you feel dizzy and the cycle collapses, should you some honey or agave nectar to take such. As in tea. Sugar and sweeteners remain prohibited!


Glauber leaches, spoils you with the care. take for showering a particularly nurturing, not desiccating gel. Thereafter, a brush massage feels good, best lubricate the skin before. starting with a body brush on your feet the whole body with bold strokes - always towards the heart - rub. Only feet and legs, then arms, finally abdomen and upper body. Edit the abdomen in a circular motion.

The massage has a double effect: the skin is supple, circulation and metabolism are stimulated. Good for the face is a mild, soothing cream. Lie down on hand a rich hand cream. It may be that her several times now needs daily. Evening lotion thick feet and massage. The warm, relaxed and makes for a cozy feeling. The reflexology are capitalized initially knead the whole feet, then individually vigorously massaging each toe, edit the sole of the foot with his fist, then to the final again, stroke the entire foot.


Much lounging, but also take a walk. Under no circumstances go to the sauna, that would be for the cycle just now too much. Who feels good to start with the yoga exercises for fasting.

Day 4 - fasting


Morning morning tea (as on day 3 or, if a skin-cleaning effect is desired, rosehip or sage). Noon vegetable stock and water. In case of prolonged hunger instead of vegetable spoon, a rice or oat broth. bring 1 tablespoon coarsely ground rice or oatmeal with 150 milliliters of water for cooking: Recipe for 1 serving. simmer 5 to 10 minutes. Remove from heat, pass mixture through a sieve. Season to taste if necessary with herbs.

Afternoon infusions (such as on day 3, or flatulence anise or fennel) and water. Evening water, herbal teas (see Day 3), fruit or vegetable juices. Attention: Hapert it with digestion (this applies to all fast days!), You should do an enema at night or use a mild abdominal massage.


As the third day. When pimples and blackheads clean the face with a gentle cleansing cream for skin impurities such. B., also has a slightly desquamating and pore opening antibacterial with mild lactic acid. By fasting, the lips may become dry, so it makes sense to have a rich lip balm going about with calendula oil and panthenol.

Make it a nice evening, you can be proud to have already achieved the fourth day - for example, by making her out of the creaming a small massage ritual. A soothing body care with thermal water prevents it before and dry skin. by walken the skin on the thighs, stomach and arms with a slight pinching kneading. This promotes blood circulation.


Morning extensively loll, stretch and stretch in bed. Slowly sit up - so you will not get dizzy when standing up. Who morning gymnastics is used, it should continue to do so. go in the early afternoon for a walk for half an hour in the fresh air. The pace determined her all the way to your well-being. If you realize that you are fit, you can even walking or jogging slowly. from time to time make during the walk moderate lunges to stretch their legs, let arms circling in the air.

Makes the evening yoga role. The exercise brings about several things: It strengthens the abdominal muscles, stimulates digestion, relieves neck and spine, and still acts to wonderfully relaxing. Here's how: sit with their knees drawn up on the floor, the arms include the shins, forehead is on his knees. gently roll on the back in this position by inhalation. roll with a slight swing on the exhale forward again. As long as rhythmically back and forth roll, as you like it. Important: pause after every effort to retire for at least 20 minutes in a quiet room, lie down, close your eyes, aware and deeply inhale and exhale. The body needs time for its metabolic work. (Fasting yoga keep to the appropriate exercises).

From the 2nd day without any food you should help the liver detoxify, with liver pack that make it ideally during the resting phase after the lunch broth. These along fold a linen cloth again, diving to one-third in hot water, wring out. Lying down until the moist, then put the dry side of the towel on the bare belly, grab the hot water bottle on top.

Day 5 - fasting

Nutrition: Morning morning tea (as on day 3 or 4). Noon vegetable or rice broth and water. Afternoon infusions (such as on day 3 or 4) and water. Evening water, herbal tea (see Day 3), fruit or vegetable juices. Warning: it comes to diarrhea, fruit juices and vegetable juices may be diluted even more. If that does not help, juices omit only tea and water to drink.

Maintenance: As the third day. When pimples a facial steam as deep-cleansing intensive care. Evening foot massage feels good.

Move: As on the 4th day. Now most fasters are physically fitter already, Advanced modelst stand morning after rising upright and easy shake the body a number of times, wherein their mono- quiet and exhales: your movement program with exercise for waking up. Then a few minutes deep keep breathing. tense about seven seconds when inhaled all the muscles, release the exhale, relax the muscles again. Ideally, you do this exercise in front of a wide-open window to soak up a lot of oxygen. Or are you doing these yoga exercises.

Day 6 - fasting

Nutrition: Morning tea in the morning. Noon vegetable stock or broth oats and water. Afternoon herbal tea and water. Evening water, herbal tea, fruit or vegetable juices.

Maintenance: As the third day. Cold feet are a common problem during a juice fast. Here helps a rising foot bath. pour in feet in buckets diving / foot bath, lukewarm (not hot) water. Now, gradually pour in for hot water, so that the feet always get a new heat boost. Wash the conclusion feet cold, dry well, thick socks over it. Macht evening the thermal water bath amenities from the fourth day.

Move: As the fifth day. In the late afternoon or during the morning in addition a stretching exercise. With the triangle exercise their relaxes the back muscles, trained waist, leg and leg muscles and also still promotes concentration because the oxygen supply to the body is pushed. Here's how: Easy stand straddled upright, arms stretched out sideways at shoulder height. Make sure that you do not hollow back. Bends the upper body to exhale slowly to the right.

Day 7 - fasting

Nutrition: Morning tea. Noon vegetable or rice broth, water. Afternoon herbal tea and water. Evening water, herbal tea, fruit or vegetable juices.

Maintenance: As the third day. As Extra care: a scented hair treatment, which already does well during the exposure time. Who goes regularly to the sauna, it can now do so again unconcerned. Assuming you feel circulation stable. In no case more than two sauna sessions of 10 minutes. After leaving the hot space not immediately get into the cold plunge pool, but give first cold water with his hands in the face. some cream on my body well to completion. In the evening enjoy the foot massage from the third day.

Move: As the fifth day plus stretching exercise of 6 days. If not leave during the day slight dizziness, fatigue, listlessness set hanging but rouse! Only goes for 10 minutes to fresh air - even that may help to overcome the inertia and improves your movement balance. Or alternatively you doing these yoga exercises.

Day 8 - fasting

Nutrition: Morning tea as the third day of lunch vegetable or oat broth and water. Afternoon herbal tea (if you shiver, z. B. with cinnamon, ginger) and water. Evening water, tea, fruit or vegetable juices.

Maintenance: As the third day. An evening relaxation program might look like this: From placing into the tub and effervescent bath tablets under the back. Wonderful if the bubbles rise and it smells so good. bathe more than 10 minutes and not too hot, so at about 37 degrees. Then thermal water body care as on the 4th day. Then a manicure with hand peelendem oil, then cuticle care with intensive care Nagelpads.

Move: As on the 7th day.

Day 9 - fasting

Nutrition: Morning tea (as on day 3 or, if a skin-cleaning effect is desired, rosehip or sage). Noon vegetable stock and water. Or, for stomach pinching, a rice or oat broth. Afternoon infusions (such as day 3 or flatulence anise or fennel) and water. Evening water, herbal teas (see Day 3), fruit or vegetable juices.

Maintenance: As the third day. Today's luxury extra for the skin: a facial mask. Suitable ingredients are, for. B. Aloe vera (intensive moisturizing), almond oil (nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids) or cucumber (soothing and refreshing). Evening foot massage as the 3rd day.

Move: As on the 7th day.

Day 10 - set-up

Nutrition: Your now complete fasting, accustomed your body slowly back to the food intake. This must be done carefully, so the building days are so important! Dispensed with fatty foods, animal fats and coffee. Occasionally still abundant, at least 2 liters of water and herbal tea. You may also enjoy in moderation Dairy products, such as a yogurt or a glass of buttermilk. Eat cooked vegetable and cereal dishes. Eat only until you are full. Menu suggestion: Morning morning tea. In the morning a steamed apple. Noon Potato and vegetable soup. drink afternoon tea. Evenings and vegetable juice and a slice of crispbread. Throughout the day continued to distribute water, fruit juice and herbal tea.

Maintenance: As the third day.

Move: As on the 7th day. Or alternatively, these yoga exercises.

Day 11 - set-up

Nutrition: Eat gradually again more raw vegetables. Chew thoroughly! If you until the evening of the second assembly day you had no bowel movement since the beginning of the first, help by having an inlet. Menu suggestion: Morning morning tea, 2 slices of crisp bread with cream cheese. In the morning drink a lot and 1 ripe pear. Noon 3 small boiled potatoes plus carrots. mixed afternoon one organic yogurt with 1 teaspoon of sea buckthorn juice and 1 heaped teaspoon flaxseed. Herbal tea or water. Evening Raw carrot and crispbread with herb quark.

Maintenance: As the third day.

Move: Slowly move on to the usual sports program.

Day 12 - set-up

Nutrition: Morning herbal tea, to fruit, sprouted cereals, honey. Later in the morning, a first coffee is allowed with a lot of milk. Noon millet risotto, accompanied by a tomato salad. mixed one organic yogurt with 1 teaspoon of sea buckthorn juice and 1 heaped teaspoon flaxseed: Afternoon. Herbal tea or water. Evening cucumber salad, 1 slice whole wheat bread and 2 slices of crisp bread, topped with butter and cream cheese or lean cheese. If you desire to have wine, catch a spritzer, but be careful - alcohol increases after fasting much faster to head.

Maintenance: You can shake gently to usual care rhythm. But maybe you brush massage in the morning and other things so well liked that ye beibehaltet?

the needt her from supermarkets, health food store or from the health food

  • 25 liters of low sodium mineral or spring water
  • 4 liters of vegetable juice (preferably lactic fermentation juices such as sauerkraut or beetroot juice)
  • 4 liters of fruit juice: Watch for all-natural juices, nectars not buy. Citrus juices such as orange juice are not recommended because they make too much stomach acid. This also applies to multi-vitamin juices.
  • 1 glass natural honey or agave
  • Herbal tea to taste
  • Hefeextraktfreie vegetable stock for 4 liters of broth. If you vegetable cook yourself möchttn: 10 potatoes, 10 carrots, leeks 5, caraway, possibly parsley; 1 small package rice grits; 1 small package oatmeal

From the pharmacy:

40 grams of Glauber's salt and 5 Fertigklistiere or Einlaufset for self-application. Possibly. as an alternative to Glauber's salt Laxoberal or passage FX salt.


Hot water bottle, towels for liver packs, Luffahandschuh or soft body brush. In addition, for the construction of day: apples, pears, organic yogurt natural, crisp bread, wholemeal bread, lean cheese, cottage cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, whole grain millet, flaxseed, cereal, suitable for germination (from the health food store or health food store).

Proposals for the beauty program

  • "basic spa" of Bullrich's Vital
  • "Body Scrub" by Lavera (health food, health food store)
  • "Toleriane fluids" or "Toleriane Riche" (After skin need) of La Roche Posay
  • "Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream" Weleda
  • "skin oil" of free
  • "Lipidiose 2"-Körpermilch with thermal water from Vichy
  • "Cucumber Mask with Aloe Vera" Florena
  • "Aroma Deep care treatment" from Gliss
  • "Kneipp Classic Aromasprudelbad" Orange lime or lavender
  • "Wash Peeling Impure skin" Eucerin
  • "facial steam" by Dr. Hauschka (health food store, pharmacy)
  • "Foot" Scholl
  • "Magic Manicure" by Alessandro

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Production: Bénédicte Mohr Text: Eva Meschede, Sandra Schulte Expert advice: Elisabeth Müller, Fast director; Dr. Andreas Buchinger, Head of Clinic Dr. Otto Buchinger in Bad Pyrmont; Dorothe Bertlich-builder, UGB

Who writes here:

Sandra Schulte