Pressure (gerдusch) on the right ear – Help!

Hello everyone!

I have since about two weeks such a strange pulsating Gerдusch (?) On the ear. But that is not Gerдusch in the sense (so no whistle, buzz, beep, etc.) but rather as when you put pressure on the ears.

Really hard to describe, but make a surge like this when I wьrde every second. Kцnnte be the rhythm of the heart. However, this is only on the right ear.

It struck me at first especially at night when I lay in bed. Now it's also because when I sit alone somewhere. Although I also increasingly seeing to it. And the more I focus on, the more it bugs me slowly.

Does anyone have any idea what made that be kцnnte or even those experiences? I must say that I am currently super stressed (Prьfungsstress + private stress), I heiЯt stand fully energized and actually come at the moment not really rest. AuЯerdem I'm currently a lot of endurance training (running) and Diдt (Weigt Watchers). Can perhaps zusammenhдngen it?

Wьrde very happy informed about answers!


Dear Anne,

in my case, 'Gerдusch' was harmless. Ear plugs, ENT hat's gespьlt and good it was.

Hello Anni,
you are perhaps peeved or do you have hay fever? Of this can come. Then the Verbindungsrцhrchen between ear and throat closes. (Sorry, was now very ausgedrьckt unmedizinisch.)
Or kцnnte be a Fremdkцrper in the ear, which has set itself. (If you clean your ears with hдufig Ohrstдbchen, a Ohrschmalzpfropfen may form for example.)
but that's not bad both. Go best times for ENT specialist.

But it is important that you do not get too concentrate on the Gerдusch, distract yourself and try to relax. (One can nдmlich genuine self-awareness to something. I used to live on a very noisy StraЯe. At some point I started to concentrate stдndig the Lдrm. By the time I was really really trained on it stцren me through the Lдrm to read. Then walked me any car on the cookie * annoying *)


Hey Anni,
Years ago I had just months, at the end it was the Halswirbelsдule. Go absolutely times for ENT doctor who can first look for commands, whether what is wrong with the ear.

GrьЯe, Lanya

Hi Laetitia,

did not (Hay) snuff or Erkдltung. But a feel of is already like a Erkдltung, but only on one ear, or I am top fit.

But with the Ohrstдbchen true that I use almost tдglich.

Can one probably. also make yourself a little? Or something goes sometime away by itself?

But this is so, the more I think about it the worse I think. Degree because now I'm worried whether perhaps what's worse.

LG, Anni

Hi Anni83,

Lanya65 it has already written ... go necessarily for ENT and let it checked you. I think something closed for the BriCom is not suitable.

Quote by Anni83
Can one probably. also make yourself a little? Or something goes sometime away by itself?No, you must definitely go to ENT doctor !!! Attempt in no case itself somehow herumzufischen in the ear, you kцnntest your eardrums hurt!
If it is a plug or something, he just spьlt from your ear.
However, there might be a tinnitus or something like that, he'll treat you accordingly.
I had something like that sometimes. I have not gehцrt properly in both ears on New Year and had such a pressure on it and drove to the university hospital. Diagnosis: runny nose, causing it to were the Tьbchen. Therapy: Schnupfespray.

Get your so not There's Something. Relax a bit informed about the day of Pentecost!

All the best,


To the doctor I mцchte from certain Grьnden not first go ... The wдre pretty much my last alternative because my -if it but no trifle zzt actual. bring fairly negative consequences kцnnte ... Hope you have as available.

Have researched on the Internet and found that it also can spьlen ears themselves or there Lцsungen to Spьlen and ear drops. I'm going to get time tomorrow and try ...

Hello Anni,

alas, I hдtte known this, I hдtte not even answered! For God's sake, I was not but that has stopped you from a doctor's visit? Do not Blцdsinn, go to an otolaryngologist or at least to your family doctor! And do not even treat you bloЯ! but you do not weiЯt what it is. I wьrde no circumstances in your place, using any Spьlungen or something.
And if it be something bad SHOULD, then it will be better if you do not go to the doctor!
And: The worst thing is probably be kцnnte, wдre but a tinnitus. The usually heals well, but he MUST BE TREATED !!!

Laetitia, who now worries

the (own) health was supposed to be always first, whether a one "illness" just fits into the stuff or not ...

I had last summer, one evening fever and thought, oh, will probably be a summer flu, for Glьck ists yes only 1 day until the weekend because lдnger illness I can just not use it. On Monday, I allowed myself to finally ьberzeugen that a doctor must be like. But now I was kцrperlich so weak that I barely made it to the bathroom, let alone to the doctor's office. So the doc had to come with me. As it turned out, there was unfortunately no summer flu but a full-blown heavy Lungenentzьndung, thanks to this I was sick informed about six weeks, including various tests such as bronchoscopy, CT and hospitalization ....

It may just not choose - therefore prefer to have too much than too little to the doctor. I have drawn my conclusions.