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Bob Hairstyles: a classic and always trendy

Bob Hairstyles lead the league of fashionable hairstyles on for decades. Even the ancient Egyptians stood on the nearly shoulder-length pageboy with bangs deep, by the way, at that time also wore the men. The hair is then usually cut to a uniform length - frayed stages one looks in vain, however.

In the 1920s, Bob hairstyles were a so-called "Garçon cut" popular, fashion icon Coco Chanel helped the Bobfrisur international breakthrough.

And even today carry many celebrities Bob: Anna Wintour, editor of American "Vogue"That Bob made her trademark, she wears for many years a short bob with bangs. Meg Ryan broke in the nineties a hype around the frayed Stufenbob and Heidi Klum found many imitators with her Long Bob. We show you which carry other celebrities Bob.

Which hair structure I need to start the Bob also looks good?

Bob hairstyles are almost all women, not for nothing that the Long Bob has been chosen as the perfect hairstyle. Whether thick hair, fine hair, wavy or very straight hair: The Bob is the haircut that can be optimally adapted to any hair texture. In this case, the age of the wearer, moreover, does not matter - the bob hairdo is simply timeless. How diverse this haircut is, we show you in our photo gallery of Bobfrisuren above. How can style the bob different, we tell you to style in 18 species a Bob. We also show you that Bob can also function as layered cut.

Which face shape is Bob?

A wavy LOB, so a mid-length Long bob with soft waves, which is one of the hairstyle trends 2017, flatters square as well as round faces. For oval face shapes fit almost all Bob variants, including the Page section, which is strict and chin-length worn. Narrow faces with fine features can rely on the extreme variant and dare address to a brave pixie cut. We also recommend that the chin-length bob. Soft highlights or out grown fringed bangs in 70s style give the face a softer contour. 

Most Bob Hairstyles in our gallery

No wonder that hairstyles are so popular around the Bob and 2017 and are among the most fashionable hairstyles par. It simply will not get bored with them.

We show you the most beautiful variations on the bob - from pageboy to the versions supported half long. Stepped chin-length, with bangs, in color, with highlights, a fringed cut - in our photo gallery of Bobfrisuren, and more!

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