Wedding Games: The Best Ideas

The church wedding was a dream, the wedding gifts fit, the food perfect and the music that has selected the couple will appeal to the wedding guests. All in all a fairytale wedding! What's missing is a little entertainment. At some point it will fetch time bride and groom on the stage or dance floor and say, Let the wedding games begin! For games where the freshly baked wedding couple gets taken a bit belong to many to be a successful wedding just this - and are usually a huge spectacle for the wedding party. Whether a dance games, a wedding raffle or tricky quiz questions - the possibilities are endless - for wedding games are a dime a dozen!
Often siblings or witnesses hatch a wedding joke. You are the organizers? Then you should consider her the following things:

Wedding Games: Preparation is everything!

  • Brings previously necessarily know if the bride and groom for wedding games is to have. There are people who find nothing more terrible than party games, and then it can be really embarrassing ...
  • Seek out allies, and rehearse several times the real thing so that nothing goes wrong and there are no awkward pauses or mishaps.
  • Remember: In the short and sweet. Plant depending on the game, a maximum of half an hour.
  • Important: Announces your projects on to the people who organize the festival.
  • Checked before the wedding games necessarily know if you've really thought of all utensils.

1. Category: Little effort

Clearly want to do everything as best man or relative to bring the newlyweds an unforgettable wedding celebration. Sometimes, however, remains just not enough time to organize an elaborate wedding games. No problem. Here are a few games for it are few and easy to be procured utensils needed.

Wedding Game: Leg Show

A classic that is always funny. Best of all, you can Wedding games of this type hold her without preparation - and the wedding guests are sure to have their fun.

Aim: The bride should recognize her groom - by sampling blindfolded a number of men legs.

How it works from: The bride leaves the room. At least six volunteers, including the husband, standing behind side by side lined up chairs and each represents a leg with rolled up pants on. Alternatively, the men can put on the chairs. The bride is brought in again blindfolded and must palpate the right leg.

The need her, a cloth for blindfolding.

Wedding game: marriage serviceability test

Also little effort, but a little preparation require the following two wedding games:

-> Yes-no quiz

Aim: The knowledge of the couple is tested: How good to know husband and wife?

How it works from: The two are seated with their backs to each other. Now you provides you with prepared questions to which both with "Yes" or "No" must respond by high hold one of two appropriately labeled signs.

The need her, each two "Yes"- and "No"-signs. In addition, a list of questions that can be answered yes or no. Examples: "Anne is not a morning person?". "Cooks January like?". "Is Green Annes favorite color?", Draws on your knowledge of the two and also some funny questions like "Anne is the tone in the relationship?",

-> Er You Quiz

How it works from: In this game, the bride and groom are also placed with their backs to each other on two chairs. The read aloud questions must be assigned to a partner each. For this, the couple exchanged each one of her shoes and picks per answer the corresponding feet high.

The need her, Your compiles a list of questions, for example: "Who needs the morning long in the bathroom?". "Who makes more compliments?". "Who wants to always be right?" Tip: Begin harmless. Here, too, questions come from the public naturally good at, which the couple is drawn a bit through the mud.

Instead of the shoe variant you can tinker and signs: You need two by two signs that each of the two spouses is displayed. These can be full-size photos. If you sign talent has, also funny, even painted portraits offer.

Wedding Game: The bed sheet Heart

Hart to Hart: Not every groom will be happy having to fumble with a nail scissors. But without snipping no way around this game.

Aim: Bride and groom have to rise by a sheet.

How it works from: On a bedsheet a heart painted. With nail scissors bride and groom need to move this heart to the body, cut it out of the sheets. To climb then shared through the resulting hole. Comes the bride and groom healing on the other side, the guests have a heart Be prepared. And it signed - as a gift of all.

This takes you: Sheets, pin, nail scissors

Wedding game: garter auction

Aim: Guests donate the bride and groom a lot of money.

How it works from: The garter slips the early going on the ankle of the bride, which provides the matching foot on a chair. From then hangs it from the purse of the guests on how much leg is at the end only: Men offer cash, so ride up the garter (and thus the Rock), women offer more cash to carry both back down. Five minutes, then closing and the couple has gained some euro.

The need her, Nothing. The bride must wear only a garter.

2. Category: Can there be more action?

see groan the couple and both cheering so beautiful: That's playing these games. Find best wedding games currently played with action outdoors.

Wedding Game: Auto Racing

Aim: The couple shows how good it is attuned to each other ...

How it works from: The groom must be on a funny looking vehicle, such as a tricycle or children's executor, move blindfolded through an obstacle course. He is supported by the bride with instructions.

The need her, a vehicle, objects with which it equipped the course, a blindfold. Good makes a whistle, you start with the race. As obstacles, for example, filled water buckets or traffic cones that need to be bypassed in wavy lines are. You can also undertake other guests of the wedding party who are on the course and give to the husband something, for example a bunch of flowers or a glass of water. The subject he must then give the next player.

Wedding Game: Spoon game

Whether the uncle who always has (yet) ready a blonde joke, or second cousin to the Mickey Mouse voice - no matter how different the guests at "spoon game" move it closely.

Aim: It must be rolled up a cord that connects all the guests together.

How it works from: One half with the groom, the other with the bride. Each group must be as soon as possible long under skirt or shirt: with a teaspoon, to which a cord is bound. The hooked only in the Garter (or the fly of the groom) and gradually in the underwear of all participants until all hanging on a cord - and then it's back again. Which of the two fresh dared roll up the cord at the end more quickly, though does not kick the bucket. But the winner.

The need her, String, spoons, newlyweds and 8 guests (in two groups)

Wedding game: sawing tree trunk

Also a timeless classic!

Aim: The couple must jointly sawing a log.

How it works from: At the registry office or the wedding venue it provides a large tree trunk. Now the bride and groom against must place the tree trunk is located between the two. Together, they now have to part with a saw the tree trunk. The bride puts on one side of the saw, her husband on the other.

The need her, a tree trunk, a Sägebockvorrichtung, work gloves and a saw.

Wedding Game: My husband can!

Perhaps you know the same Sat1 program in which the women have to assess how well their men do specific tasks.

Aim: The bride must often possible to correctly assess her husband.

How it works from: You notice the bridegroom various tasks such as: Let the hula hoop as often as you can to your hips circles. The bride must now consider: How many revolutions will create their newly wedded husband? the couple will receive one point per rotation - but only if the husband met the expectations of his bride. So says the bride: "My sweetheart creates 8 revolutions" and the groom it creates actually, there are 8 points. he creates more, there's no other business. Underestimating the bride her husband, she so away points. At the end there are small prices for the couple and that for every 10 points a. The prices may come from the wedding party, for example in the form of personal vouchers: an invitation to breakfast, 1 x apartment cleaning, 5 x babysit (if the couple has children), etc. can Vouchers put her in balloons prick the couple later may.

The need her, The utensils that needed her for the selected one of you games, small prizes, balloons.

Wedding game: chores Competition

Aim: Here it is important to prove who is the fastest finished a series of specific tasks.

How it works from: The couple is seated at a table facing each other, on the ready are the necessary utensils. Both have series or in parallel do more housework, for example: mending bicycle tube, peel a bowl of potatoes, beat egg whites by hand, sew a button. Who is the fastest gets a prize.

The need her, This list includes ingredients that you need for our proposals; of course you can you think of other tasks.

  • two inner tubes with one hole
  • two air pumps
  • two buckets full of water
  • two sets with repair kit
  • Clean Towelettes / handkerchiefs for hands
  • two shells with an equal number of approximately equally large potatoes (6-10 per piece)
  • four eggs (two per partner)
  • separate two small vessels for eggs
  • kill two bowls to egg whites
  • two mechanical Eischnee Bat for cranking
  • two buttons, needles, fabric pieces and threads
  • a funny little price: for example, a pack of batteries or an isotonic drink.

3. Category: A little mean ...

Being married is not always comfortable. This wedding games are likely to bring the wedding couple a little embarrassed.

Wedding game: taste test

Aim: The husband must prove that he has good taste.

How it works from: In this wedding joke his eyes are connected, and he is fed by his wife with a range of delicacies. he guesses all right, he gets a prize: your favorite candy, which he can return the favor. Unfortunately, all presented appetizers are not as tasty as the lips of the loved one ...

The need her, A prize, such as gummy bears or chocolate-chip cookies. For the test, about ten to 20 bowls and a corresponding number spoonful where food tastings will be served. When selecting a compilation particularly delicious and also some unpleasant appetizers offers, depending on the preference of the husband. Here some examples:

  • Delicious: Nutella, green Jell-O, gemuste banana, mashed potatoes, applesauce, vanilla pudding
  • Surprisingly to nasty: Mustard, cheese, toothpaste, raw egg yolk, effervescent powder, flour, soy sauce, curry paste, bouillon cubes
  • Also: Tomato paste, lemon jelly, skim cottage cheese, grated coconut, cinnamon, biscuit crumbs, powdered sugar

Wedding game: "personal" raffle

Aim: put the nerves of the couple to the test by personal belongings "giving away" become.

How it works from: Your question is organizing a quiz, and the prize goes to the guest who guesses a question asked. Clou 1: "Prices" consist of personal belongings of the couple. Clou 2: The questions are so difficult that no one can answer it - except in each case an initiated guest ...

At the end of the party, the couple will receive the items back, of course.

The need her, In this game, the preparation is something knifflich. Possible unnoticed and the short term you have to or a confidant steal, for example underwear, perfume, stuffed animals, a photo album or favorite CD a number of personal belongings of both partners. Furthermore, you have to think you per item each an absurd, difficult as possible question, for example, "What is the Latin name of the marsh marigold?" or "When was Andreas Gryphius' tragedy 'Papinian' premiered?", Each an initiate undergoes a proper solution before the game.

Wedding Game: Man in the morning

Iiih that burns in the eyes! And now stuck's still in your hair! Will the groom also look passable at the end of the celebration, he should at least now include in the toilet. Because: His wife puts him with washcloths, shaving cream, toothpaste and face cream to body.

Aim: The bride makes her husband "deal",

How it works from: She stands behind him, he put his head through a hole in a sheet, they further their hands by two. The now look as if they were his. While a guest of the daily routine of the groom reads (of "washing her face" to "creaming themselves") Extends another of the bride the appropriate utensils. And missed her husband a complete morning toilet - without seeing what they were actually doing. Result: one is kugelnde laughing wedding party. And a rather greasy groom.

This takes you: Sheets, utensils such as wash cloth, toothbrush etc.

We hope you were able to get you a little inspiration for your wedding games. In the end, it's funny when one has recorded the spectacle on video. So the couple has for a long time about it. Maybe it will show the film later his grandchildren and say, "Look, we then had funny wedding games!" ❤️.

Wiebke Peters