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Home cooks know this: Looking for new ideas they keep coming to the point where you ask yourself: "What I cook today?" A vague appetite, a not precisely defined like doing something - but no concrete idea of ​​what you would serve tonight.

Since you have to decide: Is there meat or vegetarian cooking today? We eat pasta or we consider it today rather low carb? I make a salad or should there be hot food? And what can I quickly pull out of the things that I have just in the fridge? What I cook today? - A question that attracts many more questions about it.

What I cook today if I have no idea?

For these moments we have a huge recipe database with more than 7,000 recipes from the BRIGITTE test kitchen. Here you will find recipes for each day - clearly divided into different categories that you make your decision and bring a healthy change in your diet.

Daily inspiration found in our recipe newsletter. It is sent on weekdays in the morning and includes a selected day recipe, the can realize their equal in the evening. Monday through Thursday we send you also the "Quick 'n' tasty"and Beijing To that makes fast recipe ideas feel like cooking in the evening. simply select the BRIGITTE-newsletters that wish to receive it, and let it to you tomorrow with our cooking ideas on subscription taste.

What I cook today, when it has to be fast?

Times not have much time today, our quick recipes are just the thing. Whether salad, pasta, meat or fish - there are plenty of cooking ideas that in half an hour or less be implemented. So just click through our time 30-minute recipes. For a quick pasta is always time and if you want it also still operate as little effort, you can sometimes try the One-Pot Pasta.

What I cook today if I want to lose weight?

If you pay attention to your slim figure or just a want to remove the bit, we recommend you our low-carb recipes. Which are ideal for dinner and can be prepared with fresh ingredients in a snap. Because eating low carb does not mean that you have to give up taste. This is proven by our delicious salads for weight loss and these carbohydrate-free recipes. Also always a good address for those who consider what they could cook today and who want to avoid this nasty fattening: BRIGITTE diet. thanks exactly elaborated week plans the question arises - "What I cook today?" - not more.

What I cook today if it is to be simply delicious?

There are recipes that are easy always a good idea: pizza and pasta for example. There spaghetti recipes for all tastes and in our 100 pasta recipes everyone will surely find. Even chicken you can always eat actually. In our chicken recipes we show you how versatile can be poultry. Should it rather be something with vegetables? But then a look whether our vegetarian dishes there is something. Because tomatoes and zucchini are actually getting a good idea.

What I cook today if it should be something for the soul?

Do you want to rely on tried and tested you easy? Then there are the BRIGITTE favorite recipes here. These 12 favorites just go forever. And finally? Since there is soul food at its finest! Even baking is always an option.

By the way: In our forum "recipe ideas" can you share you with other users inside and users about your favorite recipes.

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Texts: Ulrike Köhler