The packing list for any vacation!

extend passport to accommodate cat, buy guide? With our packing list could on holiday (almost) nothing can go wrong - no matter what you're planning.

With four clicks do you choose what you plan: Holidays with children in Majorca? Hiking with the loved ones in the Alps? City trip with the girls, business trip to Prague or backpacking in Thailand? And now your personal packing list appears, that you forget anything important. Happy packing - and bon voyage!

Whether with backpack or suitcase, with a child or friend, to the world trip, city break or for a beach holiday: Packing requires time, patience and a lot of concentration. Unless you have our packing list, which can be adapted for each trip.

Reading glasses or maybe sleeping mask? iPad or smartphone? The best way to pack everything! The packing list of BRIGITTE you forget anything anymore important.

What you should have on every trip here because you can get easily spot it not or not the policy of your medical insurance (outside Europe important!), All the necessary travel documents, credit card, mobile phone with charger cable and your first aid kit.

Packing list for summer - that should never be lacking

  • suncream
  • headgear
  • blister
  • mosquito repellent

Packing list for the holidays - that should never be lacking

  • comfortable Shoes
  • Outgoing outfit
  • ear plug
  • Map / Google Maps

Packing list for the class trip - that should never be lacking

  • Schnuffeltuch / Kuscheltier (homesickness)
  • Health Insurance Card
  • vaccination certificate
  • small Naschvorrat


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