Mojito: We have the best recipe

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For a glass of mojito you need:

  • 6 branches mint
  • 1 lime
  • 1 teaspoon cane sugar (white and fine as possible)
  • 6 cl rum (white)
  • Crushed ice water (soda)
Mojito ingredients all at a glance© Sea Wave / Shutterstock

So you mix a mojito:

  1. give Minzzweige into a glass, leaving a twig of mint for decoration left.
  2. The lime cut in half.
  3. express the juice of both halves over the glass. For expressing a diameter surface is suitable.
  4. Sprinkle the cane sugar into the glass.
  5. Rum Pour.
  6. crush the mixture.
  7. Add the Crushed ice and top it with soda water.
  8. Mix well and decorate the glass with the remaining twig of mint.

Mojito - a drink with tradition

That we can order a mojito in almost every bar today, we owe not least the US writer Ernest Hemingway: He arrived in the Cuban capital Havana to the taste and made the drink and outside of Cuba known. According to him, even the mint species is named, which provides the typical Mojito flavor.

But even in your own kitchen a Mojito can mix in no time. This requires only white Cuban rum, the juice of one lime, fresh mint, white cane sugar and soda water.

First, mint leaves, lime juice and sugar are mixed - directly in tall glass in which the cocktail will be served. Then add the rum. Ideally, you wait a few minutes to infuse the mix. Following Fill the glass with crushed ice, or - even better - with Cracked Ice, so roughly crushed ice. Finally, pour soda, garnish with a twig of mint and then: enjoy. Delicious!

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Teaser Image: Sea Wave / Shutterstock