Low carb recipes for connoisseurs

This recipe is very easy and still provide us with the full load of energy. And that too in no time: In just 20 minutes you can have rejoiced on feta parcels and a fresh salad of tomatoes, onions, basil and olives. Check it out!

Losing weight with low carb

The coveted slim figure is no accident - sport and a balanced diet are the nuts and bolts! can leave a few pounds fall diets or a special diet accelerate the desired effect. To eat low carb is one of the many ways by which you can lose weight - find out here the most important information about this type of diet.

What does low carb?

"Carb" is an abbreviation for the English word "carbohydrates"What translated means carbohydrates. In combination with "low" means this term "carb", A nutritional plan that is a low carb, therefore, is based on a carbohydrate-restricted diet. Proteins and fats are, however, permitted and encouraged.

Be the body less carbohydrates supplied the energy needed to be drawn from the existing fat reserves. Just having dinner, it will therefore be advantageous to avoid carbohydrates to promote fat burning night. count calories here so none - removal works quite simply because of the change in diet.

Diet with low carb recipes

There are various forms of low carb diets. The carbohydrate intake is usually drastically reduced as part of the diet and set the supplied daily amount with a limit. Over the diet, the supply can be slightly increased or resorted to only certain foods. However, these programs are usually very strictly aligned. 

Many of these diets are therefore in the criticism of favoring malnutrition and to be too low in fiber. This guarantees a strict low carb diet different risks that should not be underestimated. Therefore, the most important thing remains nevertheless balanced diet. However, it can not hurt to sit down and get back on low-carb recipes and cooking carb.

What foods are provided at low carb?

have a high protein content Eggs, meat, fish and seafood. These foods do not have any carbohydrates. Also vegetables and fruit fructose poor such as melon, grapefruit or avocado are suitable for low carb recipes, as their share of carbohydrates is low. Furthermore supplement Dairy products the ingredient list, as they mainly consist of protein and fat.

at nuts one must differentiate: Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts have While low carbohydrates, cashews have plenty of it. 

Foods that contain a lot of starch, are not suitable for a low carb diet. These include, for example, pasta, potatoes, bread and rice. Generally, candies and ingredients with a lot of sugar are banned because they have a high proportion of carbohydrates.

The low-carbohydrate diet does not mean a renunciation of pleasure - on the contrary: The recipes are delicious and versatile. From a delicious frutti di mare salad-up to a mini veal roulade with mushroom and truffle cream we show you here delicious low-carb recipes, which you can you eat really tired.

Even more low carb recipes

Book food without carbohydrates Alexander Grimme© Goldmann Verlag

Alexander Grimme is one of the most successful bloggers in the field of carbohydrate-free kitchen. His recipes on food without carbohydrates enjoy in the low carb community extremely popular - and so it is no wonder that he has written three books. Recently his book "Food without carbohydrates - 55 delicious low-carb recipes" appeared in which he imagines a lot of quick and easy recipes that are also vegan and vegetarian part. The book is published by Goldmann Verlag and costs 12.99 euros. Click here for the books by Alexander Grimme.

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