Finger Food: The best recipes for your guests

Crusty bread, mozzarella with sour cream, crisp, fine-sharp radishes and spring onions: wonderful snacks that also taste great as an aperitif. For Recipe: Bruschetta with mozzarella and radishes

Finger food - perfect for the next party

Finger food - in the word already infected the meaning: all you can eat with your fingers and why do we need no silverware. To finger food include small wraps and sandwiches, bruschetta and stuffed dumplings made of puff pastry. Not to mention, of course, delicious skewers, spring rolls and much more.

finger food is particularly suitable for the party buffet. Plates and napkins are entirely sufficient.

Prepare finger foods in the right amounts

Whether for a big celebration, a small party or a reception - finger food suitable for all events. Often it is difficult to estimate how much Eat exactly is needed. Here is crucial when you invite how many people. For a small drink in the morning often reach two to three snacks per person. With a larger celebration in the evening ten to fifteen appetizers should be scheduled because the hunger is often greater in the evening. Of course, the type of snacks is crucial: A filled with cheese snack saturates more than one skewer.

provides the finger food So meat lovers come for enough choice at their own expense, but also vegetarians and vegans. As a drink to be chilled Champagne is, in summer, a punch can be refreshing. Respect for snacks and appetizers that they do not drip, are too greasy or glue and possibly offers skewers or small little fork to avoid greasy fingers in an emergency.

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