These are the most beautiful love stories of all time

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Popcorn, a shoulder to lean on and a beautiful love story - what could be better? Whether with the treasure or the best friends: Love movies just go deep and often occupy us for a long time after the credits. A favorite genre? We dont have. Comedy, Dance, Drama ... has everything! And let's look at a beautiful romance, then we are not ashamed, sometimes to shed one or the other tear.

Why love stories go near us so?

Because it is love that concerns us in life. Movies, songs, books ... Often it's all about the best feeling in the world. Everyone has felt love and also knows the pain that can bring her with him. In love movies we share joy and heartache with the protagonists, can empathize with their situation. Sometimes we see on the big screen also love stories we would like to see for yourself. We dream ourselves into another, more romantic world.

Distort Hollywood films the reality?

Yes, we admit it. So completely to everyday life the romance is not in romantic movies mostly. Researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh have found that people who frequently look romances, have an unrealistic idea of ​​love relationships. That can stand in the way of them in real life. We think: everything so bad! We should be able to enjoy romantic movies, but should keep in mind that it is now times Hollywood.

The stars of the romantic movies

Many great actors have been known for romantic films - or gained through them to celebrity: Patrick Swayze ("Ghost". "Dirty Dancing"(), Leonardo DiCaprio"Titanic"(), Hugh Grant"Notting Hill". "love actually"(), Keira Knightley"Pride and Prejudice") And Julia Roberts ("Pretty Woman". "Notting Hill") Are only a few examples. The jackpot for the perfect girls' night: a handsome leading man. Ryan Gosling, Sam Claflin, Gérard Butler, Bradley Cooper ... There are plenty of Schnuckel with which we would like to practice times the screen kiss. And to be honest: you are just too old ever to adore a Hollywood actor!

Love movies, love and men

If you want to convince your loved one from a love story, then it must be a FSK 18 or an adult movie! No, he should only withdraw from the crowd. While we are women as more tolerant, many men react (but not all mind you!) Allergic to kitsch and cliché. And the film must not be too predictable. Music films usually come in not so good in men. but worth it once to insert a fantasy film with love story or a pearl from the independent corner.

If ye love guided by the opinions of other people: the men and women Best Rated Romance on the film platform "Internet Movie Data Base" (IMDB) is the cult classic "Casablanca" - with a rating of 8.6 out of 10. Maybe a tip for the next DVD evening with your sweetheart. Not to be missed!

Cinema or rather be at home?

Whether comedy or drama - a've probably already noticed her cinema has become really expensive. For a ticket with popcorn and drink it's going loose 20 euros. Indeed There is also nowhere as a spine-tingling feeling like on the big screen. Love movies in the cinema? Excellent! But those who prefer to snuggle at home, may have offers like max cathedrals, Amazon Prime or iTunes Movies Online (for a fee). And who wants to rely on the good old method: There are still video stores that give DVDs!