She wrote a song for her sick friend – then what happened is like a fairy tale!

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Kerstin is sitting in her kitchen, a pen in hand, words and melodies in my head. She thinks of a good friend who writes the lyrics: "She is the one who always laughs." But the laughter of the friend - it's just a facade, the weiƟ Kerstin.

For in truth, the friend is sick and you is not feel like laughing. Therefore, the text goes even so:

She is the one who always laughs. Only you know: It's not what it seems, oh you cry, oh you cry, you cry, but only if you alone if you is how it is and what it is. It is not as it seems.

From the song to the girlfriend a successful party song was

These lines, so simple and so loving, you will hear today in the discos of the country - and the people celebrate and dance to them. For out of the lines that sings Kerstin Ott, has now become a real hit - a hit that has stormed charts!

Speaking to BRIGITTE Kerstin tells how it came to this surprising success - and reveals: "It is now just ten years ago that I wrote this song for my very good friend. At that time I played it for her and burned her on CD."

Because Kerstin in their homeland but was also as a DJ on the go, it has burned 20 other CDs with the song and given away in the town. She tells: "Over the years, one of the CDs has probably found their way to Berlin, where a girl heard the song and uploaded on Youtube."

"The always laughing" - the original version on Youtube:

And that was the song on the net - but what happened after that, all topped: Two DJs from the Erzgebirge, DJ Rixx alias Sebastian Seidel and DJ Ric aka Rico Einenkel, became aware of the catchy song - and made under the name "Stereoact" a remix of "The always laughing"That they turn up again invited. and a catchy tune - from the soulful guitar song a party song with lots of beat, but also get the mood of the original was!

Kerstin Ott says today: "I was already quite clear earlier that this song has the makings of a hit, but what happened there is amazing!" Because: Quick remix made his rounds on the net, found a huge following. The result: Many DJs play "The always laughing" Today in the discos of the country, there was a record deal, the song ended up inter alia on the "Ballermann Hits Party 2016" and on the new "Bravo Hits 92" be.

This version of "The always laughing" conquered Germany:

In the charts it gets ever upward

has now "The always laughing" not only conquered the disco scene: Even in the German music charts the song is taken that climbed into the Top 20! Kerstin Ott is still flabbergasted: "Madness that from my ballad a party song has become the success pleases me incredible."

And what does "Those who always laughs"So the friend, for which they wrote the song back then? Kerstin: "She has also noticed the success and is quite touched. She pushes me to continue our fingers crossed!"

We also do love Kerstin! And we are thrilled that we have managed to make a really great sadness to a super-successful song - so that the message throughout Germany is heard. Behind many a laugh hides a destiny remains unspoken.

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