tinker Advent itself – 60 instructions

The need her,

  • Copiable DIN A4 paper (120 g or 140 g, here in dark purple),
  • craft glue
  • scissors
  • sewing needle
  • ruler
  • Color matching sewing thread
  • Adhesive numbers (here in neon pink and orange)

That's how it's done:

  1. Template (see below) to the copier, to the desired size larger (here: each 2 x 142%). Then, each 8 x copy form to solid, colored paper.
  2. The crystal forms along the outer (solid) lines to cut. At all inner (dashed) lines fold the paper over a ruler upwards. So later disappear all the lines in the interior of the crystal.
  3. After all the edges are bent, the surfaces to be bonded to the tabs (the latest to be where "last" is - but first put the gift). drag the sewing needle a yarn for hanging through the tip and knotting. The numbers stick.

Do not forget:

put a (rather mild) surprise before the last cases sealing flap

The templates:

  • diamond 1
  • diamond 2
  • diamond 3

tinker Advent itself - how it works

Why not make this year an advent calendar itself? This is not only much more creative and individual than to buy an Advent calendar in the supermarket. The recipient will be happy about it.

And it does not always have to be chocolate: Our Advent, we fill with small messages for a good start to the day, with photos from your last vacation or vouchers. During Advent the imagination knows no bounds.

is anything goes and what the gift recipient happy. Mainly the small gifts and messages fit into the glasses, CD cases or in small packets which we hang on the branches. So, let's make Advent itself!

So you can fill the stockings:

  • Vouchers
  • homemade cookies
  • Christmas teas for enjoyment-outs
  • Paperback
  • joint activities
  • filled lottery ticket
  • (Love) Letters
  • 24 nice compliments
  • card sets
  • (Love poems
  • 24 jokes
  • Kuschelsocken
  • Playlist with songs that mean something to you
  • Taschenwärmer
  • bath salts
  • entrance tickets
  • massage oil
  • Childhood memories (candy, toys)
  • drinking chocolate
  • Wooden toys
  • individual tree decorations
  • Gifts from the kitchen
  • small bottles of favorite drink
  • Spices for Christmas
  • Photo Puzzle (puzzle pieces spread over each day)
  • favorite candy

A colorful mix & Match all of these ideas gives the most beautiful Christmas stockings, you've ever sent.

More ideas for homemade Advent calendar

Teaser image: Jenny Sturm / Shutterstock