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Ax the Tax Commends Governor Scott for Freezing SunRail Contracts

Posted on 10 February 2011 by admin

(Orlando) Ax the Tax, the state grassroots organization leading the battle against the proposed SunRail commuter rail boondoggle, commended Governor Rick Scott for his announcement this evening, that the SunRail project and initial funding is on hold pending a review by his office.
Scott, who ran with strong support from anti-tax conservatives in the primary and the general election, has expressed no support for the plan during the campaign or after Scott took office as Governor.
The freezing of all SunRail contracts is yet another indication that the embattled commuter rail boondoggle will not become a reality and an albatross around the necks of Florida taxpayers for decades to come.
“The proposed $2.6 billion project has long strongly opposed by citizens of Central Florida and taxpayers throughout Florida,” Guetzloe stated.
“Rail has been on the ballot four times in Central Florida and most recently in Hillsborough and each time has been soundly defeated by taxpayers.”
Ax the Tax is launching a statewide grassroots effort to contact Governor Scott and encourage him to join other newly elected Republican governors in rejecting the 200 year old technology that proposes to carry less than 1% of the traveling public at a cost of over $20 billion in the next twenty years.    The statewide effort will be joined by the Florida Taxpayers Union; the Campaign for Liberty; The Florida Tea Party and other grassroots organizations from around the state.  Republican Governors in New Jersey; Wisconsin and Ohio have recently rejected rail funding and Scott is leaning toward deep-sixing this rail project.
Ax the Tax, founded in 1982, has helped taxpayers defeat over $47.5 billion in proposed taxes.  In 2010, Ax the Tax led the fight to defeat the proposed rail tax in Hillsborough County with 58% of the voters voting to Ax the Tax.

Doug Guetzloe
Founder & Chairman
Ax the Tax
“Over $47.5 billion
in taxes defeated in
27 years”
P.O. Box 531101
Orlando, FL 32853
(407) 312-1781 – phone
(407) 895-8331 – telefax


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