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Posted on 29 July 2009 by admin

Carey Baker

Carey Baker

Saying they are giving Floridians a chance to “fight back”, State Senator Carey Baker (R-Eustis) and State Representative Scott Plakon (R-Longwood) filed legislation yesterday to amend Florida’s Constitution to prohibit any law or rule from forcing people into a one size fits all, federally mandated health care system such as that being rushed through Congress. HJR 37 and the Senate companion legislation would preserve the freedom of our citizens to choose the kind of care they want or need.

“Today, we’re drawing the line in the sand. It is bad enough that our federal government wants to choose your doctor and ration your treatment,” Baker said. “But to do so virtually in secret and in such a rush proves that the goal is not to get better health care but to get socialized health care. Congress’ plan even penalizes people that want to pay for their own lawful health care services. That’s just wrong.”

“The federal government and its bureaucracies dictating who, when and what kind of treatment you receive is not reform at all,” said Representative Plakon. “Senator Baker and I feel it is our duty to step up and reassert the rights of Floridians, in this case protecting our citizens’ rights and freedoms to make appropriate decisions as it relates to their own health care. We believe this unprecedented power-grab by President Obama and Congress is clearly not in the best interests of the citizens of Florida.”

Plakon added historical context to this important legislation, pointing out that in 1787, Dr. Benjamin Rush, America’s foremost respected physician of his time, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, worked diligently to have the protection of “medical freedom” as a key addition to the US Constitution. Dr. Rush warned that medicine could become “an undercover dictatorship and force people who wish doctors and treatment of their own choice to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers.”

Baker and Plakon agreed that America’s health care system provides the most advanced health care opportunities in the world and that totally dismantling it is a dangerous step backwards. They went on to say that the fear of the federal government rationing care is a very real consequence of the legislation Congress is trying to ram through. Both said that efforts to improve health care access and affordability are important, but that the starting point in those efforts must start with protecting people’s freedom in choosing doctors, treatments and insurance options.

To amend Florida’s Constitution, the Florida House and Senate must pass the referendum language in next year’s legislative session with a super majority (3/5) voting in favor. Then the measure goes before the voters in the 2010 November general election and must pass with at least 60% voting in favor.
ABOUT CAREY BAKER: Senator Carey Baker has served in the Florida Army National Guard for over 28 years. Most recently, he was deployed for a year in Iraq’s Sunni Triangle during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Carey is also the owner of the nation’s oldest continuously operating gun shop, the A.W. Peterson Gun Shop in Mount Dora, Florida.

Carey currently represents Florida’s 20th District in the State Senate, which includes parts of Lake, Marion, Volusia, Seminole and Sumter Counties. He has announced his candidacy for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture (, a position that oversees the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and is one of four statewide elected members of the Florida Cabinet.

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13 Comments For This Post

  1. ann huke Says:

    Thank you for fighting for us. This health care reform is not in our interest. We need to stand up againest this. You have our support.
    Thank you Ann Huke, Polk City, Florida

  2. Mirand Sharma MD Says:

    Yes, the Federal Government health care plan is Unconstitutional. It is not a power delegated to the federal government, therefore it is defacto reserved to the State Government as articulated in the 10th amendment. We need the State Legislature to assert the state sovereignty, and protect citizens from the unconstitutional actions of the federal government.

  3. Dot Says:

    Cant thank you enough. We all need to put our foot down, this is a travisty of monumental proportion. Lets not stand still for it.

  4. Rosemary Says:

    Thank you for fighting against this crazy idea of health care reform. I’m glad I researched you and voted for you. It was the obvious good choice.
    Keep fighting for us.

  5. John Hofeditz Says:

    Thank you Carey Baker and Scott Plakon. There should be A lot more comments on this one.

  6. Michael Says:

    Great article. Thanks for sharing Heath!

  7. Cathy Says:

    To Mirand Sharma MD – My words EXACTLY.
    And I commend Senator Carey Baker and State Representative Scott Plakon for standing up for the people, and writing up legislation against this federal atrocity.

  8. T Rex Says:

    Keep the federal gummit out of our medicare!

  9. Bev Says:

    I suppose the passage of this amendment will make medicare and medicaid null and void in FL. Is that what you want?

  10. Beverly S. Hill Says:

    It is truly amazing how ignorant you people are.

    Want to kill your Grandmother????

    Take away her Medicare!

  11. Marge Hodgson Says:

    The U.S. Constitution gives authority to Federal over State law, i.e., those laws passed by U. S. Legislature vs those passed by the state legislatures. So, we could end this discussion here. But there is something more important to note. It is expected that without reform our Medicare (government run, that is) will run out of money in about seven years. Good luck! I didn’t see, in this article, Mr. Baker’s solution for that. At the present time, we cannot even afford to keep our schools afloat, so, Mr. Baker, how do you propose to sustain a Medicare-like private program for Florida, since, under your proposed legislation I imagine Medicaare will be cancelled in Florida? Are you aware that the cost of private insurance is increasing at approximately twice the rate of citizen’s pay increases. Where are people going to get the money to pay for private insurance?
    This is just another political ploy instituted by you, Mr. Baker, to muddy the waters, cause fear in the elderly and young regarding a “government takeover” of their health care. None of plans now being debated by congress is proposing to choose your doctor, your hospital, or to limit your care or benefits. None propose “death panels”. You are treating the public as if they are morons. I am sure many of them know more than you seem to know about the current problem. The problem of health care costs should have been addressed years ago before it got to this point. Mr. Baker, you are attempting to mislead the public into believeing that the statis quo is fine or that Florida can afford to solve this problem on its own. what is your plan? What will you tell the people in seven years when there is no more Medicare? You have not even attempted to address the problem of the uninsured or the underinsured whom we are all forced to subsidize when they must use the emergency room. Soon we will go the way of California and have to close our local hospitals because they can no longer afford to serve the uninsured. I suggest you get serious and try to find real solutions to our health care problems and stop obfiscating because it is the easy thing to do and you just do not have the ability to come up with a solution. I urge those with a computer to check the falsehoods in this article on If you don’t have a computer check with someone who does. You need to learn the truth.

  12. Charlie Says:

    I haven’t read too much into the health care reform bill but Federal law super-cedes state law, so this might just be a show off tactic and also other countries that have socialist health care are up higher on a list of better health than the US, last time I checked Italy’s socialist health care ranked #3 in the World far above the US health care system and they run off socialist health care.

    I think politics became too polluted once lobbyists for pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies went to lobbying. They are only trying to protect their own interest.

  13. admin Says:

    So Charlie you do not believe in the states rights that the founders believed in? So in your perspective it is not possible to a state to make its own laws only follow what the federal government lays out.

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