Instructions: knit headband

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Wewool Headband

Difficulty: 1 Size: Height 9 cm, suitable for a head circumference of about 55 cm Material: Soufle Austermann (100% wool), LL: 50 g = 70 m per 1 Hanks of color 13 and color 10, knitting needle needles 10, Vernähnadel

Knitting tension: 10 M x 18 R kraus stitch = 10 x 10 cm The headband is knitted 2-ply: The beige and claret-colored yarn is processed together.

Instructions for the headband:

Knit: 50 sts, knit 16 rows garter

Tip: 2 garter stitch knitted rows form a rib. So you can easily count: 8 ribs = 16 rows nä from RS: bind off all sts right, cut the thread about 20 cm long and pull it through the last stitch

Assembly: set the short ends of the tape to each other and connect, by alternately the opposed nodules and webs of the connecting edge stitches (zigzag stitch).

The top up to half of the headband fold on the front side and sew with the wool needle with 5 stitches. just fold the lower part on the back side up and sew. handle 50 cm of both threads. With the wool needle through the center of the headband sting, 5 times wrap around the narrow point, the start and end thread knot. sew up all the threads. Finished!

edge stitch First stitch stand, last stitch right (knit on wrong side row) Pattern: Stockinette Hin-R: RM, re all M, RM Rear-R: RM, re all M, RM

M = stitch RM = edge stitch = R series re = right / li = left to increase / decrease abn = ton =

Knitting pattern: Sets quot their first knitwear collection at &; Wool Week & quot; before: Wolke Hegenbarth.

Presents its first knitwear collection at the "Wool Week" before: Wolke Hegenbarth.

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